Sunday, August 21, 2011

Call 266 : IT'S AMAZING

Hello Son,

OMG ... 

You won't believe what happened this morning, after we visited your garden. Something AMAZING happened!

Unbelievable ...

Totally unbelievable ...

Mom couldn't wait to get home to make this call. However, she had to run some errands and get some stuffs for school. We are moving to the new school in 2 weeks time (Yikes!) and the renovation at present is not so nearly done yet. Please wave a magic wand over the school and help us to get it ready in time for Sept 5th. 

Help Mom, please Son. :D

We left the house a few minutes after 8 am to go to your garden. Upon reaching some 20 minutes later, we were pleasantly surprised to see your garden bed all neat and tidy, like how we left it the last month. Dad said it's because he secured the flowers well into the ground this time, so even the strongest wind is not able to uproot the stalks. Hah!

Within minutes of being in the garden, Mom noticed newly - formed white trail in the sky. She pointed it out to Dad and Justine. It was a clear white line in the equally clear blue sky. 

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane ...

Mom started humming the first line to the song DANIEL.

We were tidying your garden and flower bed when a few minutes later, Mom happened to look up into the sky again. The earlier trail had disappeared. Instead, she saw a plane that was flying up up up in the sky and making a another white trail in the process. 

Mom exclaimed, "Hey look at the plane. Jus, take a video."

We stopped what we were doing to look up into sky to watch the airplane draw two white arches from one end of the sky to the other ... right above our heads. It wasn't like in a distance - the airplane was flying almost vertically over our garden plot. Honestly, this is not the first time this has happened.

Did You see Justine trying to light the candles? There was no wind and the air was quite still, yet she was like shrieking here and there when her flame kept going out of her match stick. We think that was You blowing the flame off. :D

Then at one point, she lit one of the candles and then flung the match away which landed on a plastic bag, causing it to burn through the plastic. You must be shaking your head as You watch your sister in a panic, and trying to huff and puff the small fire down, from up there huh. :D

Anyway, we read God's Word for the day and said the Rosary. Before leaving your garden, Dad said a prayer. It struck Mom that this would be the first time since You left, that Dad is openly thanking the Lord for the "communication and connection ..." :D

After 19 months, Dad is FINALLY acknowledging the communication and connection. That's nice, huh. :D 

Yeah ... Too many inciDANS already ... on a daily basis on top of that ... Sign after sign after sign ... It's not possible to ignore or dismiss them as insignificant anymore. It's so obvious. 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. <3

So anyway ... 

We left your garden about an hour later. Justine had a Catechism class at 10 am. As we were driving away from your garden, HEY JUDE (The Beatles) was on the radio. You must have seen your mother trying to listen very intently to the lyrics to see if they would zap her. It's your 21st today ... something would happen, she's sure of that ... something incredible always happen on your 21st.

Always ...

Always ...

Always ...

It soon became apparent that this is not a zap song.

No ... no zap. :(

Not one bit.

Justine was happily singing along to a song that had come on next (Mom can't remember which song now). As your sister was singing, Mom soon found herself started to sing too ... 

No, not the song that was on the radio ... but the song that she had uploaded on your blog early this morning at 1:19 am for your 19th month. By the way, that wasn't done intentionally. She had just clicked PUBLISH after she finished the call - entry. A true coinciDANs. Only upon checking the blog time at the time of writing that "1:19 am / 19th month" line that your mother noticed the link.


It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may, I can never explain

What I hear, when You don't say a thing ...

Call 265 : 19th Month

So, there we were ... Dad, driving quietly and listening to the racket that Mom and Justine were making with our own individual songs. 

Chuckle. :D

It must be mentioned here that Mom sang the WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING song repeatedly in the car ... Yup, over and over and over, until we dropped Justine off at HRC.

You can't blame her la ... your mother. The song is in her head. She had after all, checked out more than 10 Youtube videos on this particular WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING song only last night, before she finally found the ones that she liked. 

Two WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING videos, she had uploaded on Call 265, and the third, she had inserted the Youtube link on the side panel of your blog ... with the words :


After we dropped your sister in church, Dad suggested we drove to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast. 

A familiar song filled the car.

Snowdrops and daffadils ...

Butterflies and bees ...


By Dana.

Mom let out a lil yelp. "Hey, this song ..."

Dad said, "Son's saying, this is your song, Mom ..."

This is the song she had taught her 6 year old kids as part of their class performance in November 2009. Mom had no choice but to attend the concert that year. That was 3 months before You left us. During that concert, Aunty Carol came to baby-sit You. Along with your sister.

Is this the ZAP song, Daniel? Mom wondered silently.

She took out her cellphone and keyed in the time. 


It was 9:34 am.

All kinds of everything remind me of You ...

sang the singer, Dana, so very sweetly.

Yeah Son ... It's so true ... 

All kinds of every single thing, remind Mom of You ...

Honestly ... all kinds ...

Dad turned into Brickfields. The coffee shop was nearby. 

However, Dad couldn't find an empty bay to park the car. It's Sunday ... Shouldn't Sunday be a lil more relaxed in the congestion area? Meanwhile, Mom was filled with nostalgia as she sang along with Dana.

Dad started shaking his head at all the filled up parking bays. Suddenly, mom received a little enlightenment and she found herself saying, "Son wants me to hear this song till the end la ..."

Dad grinned. His frown soon faded. Slowly, he drove on, turning into every nook and corner to find an empty bay. The song went on and finally ended. We had still not found a place to park.

Then, quite unexpectedly, a familiar tune came on next, and Mom found herself holding her breath. 

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

The lyrics of the song filled the car.

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart ...

W - what ???



Mom literally jumped in her seat. The time was 9:37 am.

Decode : (19) (8)  44

She smacked Dad's arm and reacted like she had won a lottery, 

"OMG, do you hear that??? DO YOU HEAR THAT??? WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING ... At 9:37 ... That's 44 ... OMG, I've been singing the song the whole time. Son's responding to me! He's communicating with me! I can't believe it!!!"

It was unbelievable !!!

What are the chances???

Mom went on, "This is the song I uploaded on his blog this morning. He knows ... He knows I was listening to this song the whole nite last night ... OMG ... I can't believe it! Son's communicating with me! He's talking to me ..."

Dad had a big smile on his face. 

It was surreal.

She continued, "Today is the first time You thanked God for the communication and connection. You see? He's letting You witness the communication first hand. You know I was searching for a good video for this song last night (Yes, Dad heard all the YouTube videos that Mom was checking out) ... and just now, after we left his garden, I was singing this song ... over and over ... OMG !!! I can't believe it. You see how he gets my attention? He gives me the ALL KINDS first. Then, when I'm in focus, the ZAP comes. That's why You cannot find a parking. You're not supposed to find a parking. Can You imagine if You'd found a parking? We would have parked and miss this ZAP. OMG, I can't believe it, I can't believe it... "

You must have heard your mother going at one thousand words per minute. It was so amazing.

So darn amazing.

OMG ... It really was so incredibly amazing.

The song ended at 9:40 am.

Decode : 4

The song started and ended on her angel number. What more could she ask for? It's so obvious ...

Mom honestly couldn't get over it ... During her noodles, Dad had to hear and rehear it again and again as she repeated the inciDAN over and over and over ...

Oh My Gosh ...

Seriously, what are the chances???

After our breakfast, we drove to church. Initially, Mom wanted to go Chinatown to get some ribbons for Teacher L ... and uh, skip mass this week. However, Dad took the wrong turning, and we ended up in church.

Dad was like, as he missed the turning, 

"Aiyah, should have taken that road ..."

Mom felt You had something to do with that. You read her thoughts.

Take Mom to church, Dad ... :D   

You must have whispered to your father.

Eyes down cast, cheeks burning with shame ... Mom's guilty as charged. She was in a hurry to get home to call her Son ... after that awesome ZAP ... Surely God understands?

It was in church when she suddenly had another enlightenment

OMG, she had mumbled to herself. 

Leaning over to Dad, she whispered, "I told him to go borrow a mike from God so we could sing the song together ... He was singing with me just now ... He was singing with me ... OMG ..." Mom mouthed the last word slowly.

Call 265 : 19th Month

Yes Daniel ... That was super amazing. 

Truly ...

Try as they may, they can never define ...

What's been said between your heart and mine ...


Happy 19th Month today, Son ...

We must do this again, we must ... 

Sing together ... 

Today is just awesome! :D

Truly, with God, nothing is impossible!