Sunday, August 28, 2011

Call 268 : MOON TALK

Hello Son, 

Tuesday, August 16

This morning, Mom was in school. Grandma called to say she needed to use the car. Dad had taken our car on a trip outstation, and Mom was driving Grandma's car that morning.

So, as soon as your mother could, she slipped out of the school, jumped into the car to drive the car back to the condo. 

It was only a 2 - 3 minute drive at the most from the school to the condo, as You'd know. Yet, during that brief period, there was a 2 liner preview of ABBA's song Angel Eyes that came on the radio. 

Only 2 lines :

Look into his angel eyes

One look and you're hypnotized

Couldn't find a nice picture of a boy - angel with big eyes. 

This will have to do. :D

Of course, Mom's eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

It was 9:39 am.

Decode : 21

21 ...

What a perfect sign. You're with Mom, she can tell. The timing was just too angel perfect. Had she gone to the car like 5 minutes later, she would have missed that line. The line that zapped her only the day before. :D It came on for  brief 5 seconds only. She was so meant to hear it.

Call 267 : No Emergency

That afternoon, after school, Mom walked over to the shops opposite the school to buy a loaf of bread. She went to the grocery store nearest to the school. Everything was as normal as could be. She picked up a loaf and went to the cashier. 

You must have seen your mother standing behind a customer, who was paying for his goods. Mom stood there in line, looking around the small shop. The man in front of her soon left, and she took a step forward before placing her bread on the cashier table-top. 

The cashier boy was wearing a vibrant RED tee shirt. It was so very red and bright that you just had to LOOK AT IT. 

And she did.

As she was looking at his tee, she suddenly noticed the word SON in white, thin font print, on the left chest side of his shirt. 


She narrowed her eyes to make sure she was seeing it right. 

SON ??? 

On the boy's tee shirt ???

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Who prints the word SON on a tee shirt?

Mom immediately pulled out her handphone. 


Like Bones ...  the crime drama television series.

She wanted to snap a photo for eviDANs for the blog. However, as it turned out, she couldn't. The boy was standing right in front of her. How could she snap a photo of him? 

She avoided eye contact, as she thought of asking, 

"Excuse me, can I take a photo of your tee shirt?" 

How weird would that be?

And so, the mobile remained in her hand ...  and her plan unexecuted.

As the boy was attending to her, she continued to look at the SON word. She soon noticed there was another word on his right side. However, he was facing her at an angle and she couldn't read it.

Hi Son, you're here with Mom, aren't You? Her heart had silently called out to him. Even at the store, You make your presence felt. :D

He soon turned to her ... facing her like uh, chest to chest ... 

She caught sight of the other word MOON.

Pause ...

MOON & SON ... 

OMG, how weird is that? 

Mom recalls Justine strumming on her guitar and singing TALKING TO THE MOON a few weeks ago.

At night when the stars lit up my room

I sit by myself

Talking to the Moon

Trying to get to You

In hopes you're on the other side

Talking to me too

By Bruno Mars.


It was later that night, when Mom was thinking about the earlier Moon & Son inciDAN when she suddenly realized that ... 

Hey, shouldn't it be Moon & Sun ... and not Son???

She was quite, quite, quite sure she saw SON and not SUN ... Of course it would make more sense if the word on the tee was SUN. Still, Mom was very certain the word she saw was SON. She had after all been staring at the word, and had it been SUN, she wouldn't have felt all zapped and overwhelmed.

Unless ... the tee shirt was somehow crinkled or even folded, at the crucial part of U, making it looked like an O. 

No, it can't be. She was pretty certain it was a clear SON. That's why she was mesmerized. Can't You tell?

Mom told Dad about it and said that she wanted to go to the shop again first thing in the morning. Justine asked why. Mom said she was hoping that same boy would wear the same tee shirt and this time, she would ask if she could take a photo of his tee shirt. 

Justine exclaimed, "Eeee Yewww ... Grose ... You want him to be wearing the same tee shirt tomorrow?"

Grinning, Mom said "Yup." :D

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