Saturday, August 13, 2011

Call 259 : MOM's DRINK

Hello Son,                                           (continue from Call 258)

After an hour or so, we left the hypermart.

Mom said, "Let's go to PappaRich ..." for a cuppa coffee. 

Or in her case, milk - tea - less sweet.

Mom was thinking about the cafe along Old Klang Road. However, Dad drove to a different branch which was nearby the hypermart. We parked the car and walked inside. 

When we were seated down, the waitress passed us two large menus. Mom flipped it open and noticed that the images in the menu had changed. The pictures are larger and much nicer and there are new additions.

After admiring each page, she finally turned to the beverages, and when she did, she couldn't help but gasp!

OMG ...

middle row, second mug from left ...

Mom only orders one and only one drink from this cafe for as long as she can remember. Iced milk tea. 

Her iced milk tea used to carry the code K29

Believe it or not but her favourite drink now bears the code D44.

OMG ...

D44 ???

What are the chances??? 

Mom pointed that out to Dad. 

Chuckling, Dad said, "Your son knows which is your drink."

Wow Daniel ... That's super amazing. 

We are not sure if this menu has changed for all the branches or for this particular branch only. Heck, it's awesome either way.

How special for Mom ... 

Her favourite drink ...

D44 ... :D

We went to fetch Justine from college at 12 noon. 

Oh yes, Jus said at home later that, she too has a story to tell. Apparently, her class mates and her were supposed to pick a number for their jersey and because she was absent the past 3 days, everyone else had chosen their numbers, leaving one number behind for her.

Number 21. :D

How's that for a power story? :D

That afternoon, Mom walked over to Grandma's place. 

Halfway there, she spotted a small whitish - grey feather in her path. She looked around her and noticed that the pathway had been swept and was clean. Not a single leaf or insect was on the pathway, as far as she could see, except for the feather.


Call 178 : Manga Message
Call 128 : White Feather

She bent down to pick it up. 

This morning, before we left the house to college, Mom had spotted a similar tiny whitish - grey feather on the edge of the window in the kitchen. She had seen it but had kinda ignored it. She had not felt the ZAP then, to be honest. She left it there on the window but had not attempt to discard it.

Are You kidding? Of course she wouldn't throw it away. She just wanted to have a second feather inciDAN. There must be TWO feather zaps ... for her to take the inciDANs seriously. :D

Like Mary and Elizabeth's baby inciDAN.

It was a perfect feather. She had put it carefully in her pants' pocket.

on the pathway ...

Unfortunately, she forgot the feather was there and had later stuffed her cellphone into that same pocket. That's the main reason why the feather in the picture above looks the way it does.

Traumatized. Hah.

She's not able to smooth the feathers back into shape. 

Oh well ...

 kitchen window sill ...

First the song WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL, then the D44, and now the two feathers???

Come on, it's so easy ...

You're definitely near ... :D

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