Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Call 227 : ORANGE CAGE

Hello Son,                                                 (continue from Call 226)
Aunty Carol came over for dinner this evening. 

Grandma is at the mall with a friend. 

Aunty C said, "I have something to show You ..." 

and showed Mom the following photo in Aunty C's cellphone. 

Aunty Carol took this photo at the Gardens Mall on Sunday 29th.

Oh My ... Is she serious?

An orange bird cage ???

Mom's eyes must have lit up, "Where did You see this?"

Aunty C said, "Gardens ... last Sunday ... " 

After her facial appointment apparently, your Aunty C was walking around at the Gardens Mall when she saw the orange cage.

Oh Wow ... 

Mom told You about her bird cage story on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th in Call 226 ... This orange bird cage means that on Sunday, when Aunty C and Mom (and Dad) were at the mall, we had TWO bird cage inciDANS. 

Mom saw one, and your aunt saw one.

Yes ... TWO ...

Two bird cages on that Sunday ...


Give her a moment please.

"E equals to am see squared" is shooting stars in her head right now ...

Call 226 : Big Prawns 

Yes Daniel, You were certainly with us that day at the mall. :D