Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello Son,

1. I'll be there for You

Mom was in the car this morning. Aunty H was driving. 

It was about 9:20 am. 

We were going to the hospital for Aunty H's follow-up check up. 

In the car, Aunty H mentioned about the front page of The Star Papers today. There was a report apparently about scholarships. As we were talking about it, Mom happened to notice the song that had come on in the backgroud ...

I'll be there for You (Bon Jovi) ...

Mom said, "Eh, hear that? I'll be there for You ... 

We're talking scholarships, and he says, I'll be there for You ..." :D

Aunty H chuckled, "I don't normally turn on the radio when I drive, but while waiting for You to come to the car just now, for some reason, I turned it on ..."

The station happened to be on 105.7. 

Mom's station. 

Aunty's time on the dashboard was not set to the correct time though. 

It showed 11:11 ... :D

Decode : 4

Mom smiled. 

Never mind that the time was not set. 

Everything's good. So very good. That wrong time was never more right. 

The imperfection, never more perfect! 

She saw her angel sign staring back at her. :D 

Mom knew ... she just knew ... 

You were gonna be with us this morning. :D

Oh yeah, You are so gonna be with us this morning ... :D

Call 43 : Angel Sign

Every few seconds, we heard the line, I'll be there for You 
as the song continued to fill the car. 

We couldn't make out the other lyrics except for :

i'LL --- Be --- THeRe --- FoR --- YoU ...

At the point of writing this entry, your mother checked the lyrics on the internet and learned that the line I'll be there for You is sung and repeated like nine times! 

So, did she get the message? 

Pause please ...

Did she ???

You kidding? 

Loud and clear ... He -- llowww ... :D

I'll be there for You

These five words I swear to You

When You breathe 

I want to be the air for You

I'll be there for You

That was some assurance ... You'll be there for her ... for Jus ... since we're talking about your sister, universities and scholarships when the song-message came on. That's your assurance for Mom. :D You'll be there for her - You'll do something. :D

Don't worry Mom, leave it to Me ...

I'll be there for You ...

These five words I swear to You ...

I'll -- Be -- There -- For -- Youuu ... 


Strange huh ... we don't remember any other songs on the radio except for this Bon Jovi one, which I'll Be There For You line was repeated like ... 

A hundred times ... :D

2. Window Jam

We arrived in the hospital grounds about 10:10 am. 

At the parking booth, Aunty H wound down her window to receive the ticket. She let out a groan shortly after. Mom turned to look. Aunty H said the window was stuck and couldn't slide up to close.

Zzzzzaaaa ---- pppp !!!!

Mom was instantly reminded about the last window - jam inciDAN when we were there at the last visit, sometime in February this year. Mom's very sure Aunty H was reminded of that too. The window had jammed and refused to close then ... You must have heard your aunty complained that, the window had been alright since the last time it misbehaved ...

Grinning, Mom said,  

"Daniel wants us to know he's with us ..."

Call 153 : Window Jam

Would You believe it ...

but the moment Mom mentioned your name, 

Aunty H said, "Ohh, can already, can already ..." 

Pause ...

Oh Wow ... 

What an awesome coinciDANS ... 

We felt your presence alright. :D

3. Hospital Shuttle

The hospital shuttle came shortly after. 

One glance and we saw the vehicle was packed to the brim. So early, and so many passengers already? There'd probably be no space for us. We'd probably have to wait for another one. :( It'd probably take a long time for the next one to come. :(

No, we didn't see You shake your head at our impatience.

Be patient la, Maa ... :D

It was kinda strange to see the fully-occupied shuttle approaching us because the last few times we were here, the hospital transport had been practically empty or with only a passenger or two. It was never this full.

The van stopped.

The door slid open. 

A man got out. 

Oh good, good ... 

Don't tell anyone but it didn't occur to your mother that people would be getting out ... tsk tsk tsk ...

A lady got out ...

Great ...

Another lady got out ...

Hmmm ... We don't need that big a space, Son ...

A grandmother got out ...

Say, You're not getting everyone out, are You? 

A hospital staff got out ...

Oh -- kayyy ...

The shuttle was now quite empty, with more than enough seats for Aunty and Mom, and another lady. :D

Nice going ... >.< 

4. Angel Greeting

At the open clinic, Aunty H took a number.

She showed Mom. 

It was I - 32.

Ai  --  Three  -- Two ...

Three Two? 

No angel sign? 

No angel code? 

No morning greeting? :(

The waiting area was packed with people. We normally sat on the seats against the wall. Today, those seats will all occupied. Mom spotted 2 empty seats among the packed area. They were on the second row, facing the television. 

We walked there and saw down. The moment we did ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Instantly, your mother saw her angel numbers on the number-boards against the wall.

Call 43 : Angel Signs

OMG ...

"Look at the board ..." Mom said cheerily.

Oh Wow ... What are the chances of seeing her angel number appearing right at that moment? In 4 separate boards too? That ZAP was quite precious.

1 am Number 4 ... :D

Call 150 : Number Four

That was surely there to zap her and get her attention. Mom couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. You were literally calling out :

Hi Mom ... Hi Aunty ... I'm here ... :D

She could almost hear it ...

Almost ...

We most certainly felt your presence at that moment, Daniel ...

It was awesome ...

5. Orange Lid

We were done around noon time. Aunty H went to get her prescription. Mom watched her as she waited. She couldn't help counting her number of medicated creams ...

Then she saw a large tub with a bright orange lid.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

The other containers had white lids, and were much smaller in size. 

This tub is enormous and it came in your orange color?

Yes, it has to be this gigantic to make an orange statement ...

An angel statement ...

Mom measure it against her cell-phone. It was about 9 cm in diameter when measured against a ruler. Just to show You how loud that ZAP was. :D

Did You see your mother smile to herself? 

So your style ... the moment we got in ... ZAP ... 

The time we got out ... ZAP ...


Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Oh, what a wonderful day we were having ...

6. Text from Aunty Jessie

We were walking out of the clinic, when Mom's cell-phone beeped.

A text message from Aunty Jessie in the States.

She said :

"Omg. I plugged in my cell to my laptop n it asked me the same question again. Would u like to import the following duplicate photo? 3 times now with that same picture. Why not other pictures? It had to be the one for his plaque with the orange tshirt. I even clicked on apply to all duplicates n it still came on today. So cute lah ... 3 days now ... amazing ..."

Mom checked the time of the text. 

It was 12:20 pm.

Decode : 14

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

1 am Number 4 ...

Who -- is -- Number -- 4?

Chuckle ...

By the way, if You watch the movie I AM NUMBER FOUR
You will hear the name DANiEL ... DANiEL ... being called right in the beginning of the movie - at the beach scene. Your favorite place coinciDANtally.  

(Mom's owing You this entry ...)

You must have whispered to the producer's ears to name the boy Daniel. How else to ZAP your family otherwise in a show that is already called I AM NUMBER FOUR? A thousand and one names and this name was called? At the beginning of the movie? That certainly got your mother's attention right from the start. 

Come on, You definitely had a hand in that ... :D:D:D

Mom knows ... :D

It's too awesome not to be an inciDAN that is intercepted by an angel. Don't You think? :D  Have You anything to say? At all? :D

Aunty J said that she has 419 photos in her cell-phone and it was only recently, on MAY 1st to be exact, that this inciDAN of your photo appearing with her new batches of photos, started.

Mom's gonna side-tracked a bit here ...

The only picture that Aunty Jessie (right) sent of her and cousin at Disneyland (May 1st).

 Orange Tigger ... :D


Of course, Orange ... :D

You must be pointing the two ladies out to your angel friends :

"There! My Aunty J and Aunty C ... 

with Tigger ..." :D

Background of Aunty J's text :

Email dated May 3 @ 12:26 pm from Aunty J ...

"I was uploading some pictures I took on my cellphone just now and look what came together with my pictures taken yesterday (in Disneyland)? This picture is more than 1 year old and it somehow appeared with my new batch of pictures and when I clicked on it, it says it was taken on May 1, 2010, a year ago yesterday for his plaque ... isn't that weird ... also the day Awesarmah was killed ... may 1st ... definitely a notable day ..."

Mom read that email about 11 pm that night on May 3rd.

OMG, what a coinciDANS ...

3 hours before that, during dinner time, Dad was commenting about Awesarmah ... Mom said, "It's taken them so long to track him down? Daniel must have helped them ..." :D It was just something she said in passing. We even laughed about it. She forgot all about that until she read Aunty J's email. Your photo was dated May 1st, your aunt said. Of all the dates that could have appeared in the 365 days in 2010 - it had to be May 1st. Did Aunty J have to connect that date to Awesarmah? Mom was not aware of the exact date that man was killed before that. What are the chances? Honestly, what are the chances of Mom making that remark during dinner and then 3 hours later, she reads about your May 1st connection. Mom couldn't help decoding the nine-eleven incident ...

9 11 2001      ...        Decode : 15 (4)

Oh Boy ... She's not sure how to respond to that. Not only that, but it was reported that "the entire ground operation only took 40 minutes" apparently. 40? Not 30 or 50 or one hour 10 minutes? ... Nope, it was strictly, just - 40 ... Oh- kayyy ... noted. Now, DELETE from the memory and EMPTY the trash please. 

7. Orange Connection

Where were we? 

Oh yes ... Aunty H and Mom were heading out of the clinic to wait for the shutter to take us to the car park.

How cute is it that Mom was zapped by the orange lid, and moments later Aunty J sent a text to tell her about the photo of You in your orange tee shirt. How awesome ...

Would You just take note of the timing? Had she received the text the next day or even say, 2 hours later, she might not have made the connection. Here, she saw the orange lid, she felt the ZAP, she pointed it out to Aunty H, and when walking out of the clinic, her cell-phone beeped ... for her to read about You and your orange tee.

Oh --- My --- Gawd  ...

What an incredible coinciDANS ...

Honestly Son, OMG ... 

8. The Cab

We were waiting for the shuttle. It was about 12:30 noon. Something strange happened here. After waiting for a while we kinda felt like the shuttle was not coming. 

Maybe it's lunch time, we thought ...

We decided to take a cab. 

It was weird ... so weird, that all the cabs that passed us, were occupied, and the ones that were not occupied, did not stop for us, despite Aunty H flagging them down.

It was almost 1 pm when we next checked the time. We had been waiting for almost half an hour. What's going on there, Son? 

Finally, the we saw the shuttle approaching. There were other people who were waiting for the transport as well, moved forward, to get ready to board. 

We couldn't believe when the shuttle, which was empty by the way, drove straight by, and did not stop for us. 


What's going on? 

The shuttle did not stop. More than 5 cabs had passed and not stopped either. Aunty H looked all flustered and annoyed.

Mom couldn't help but explain, 

"It's lunch time. Daniel must be having his lunch ... " :D

Would You believe it but the moment your name was uttered, 
a cap appeared and stopped for us. It was barely 5 seconds later.

Aunty H noticed that too. :D

Oh Wow ... in the beginning of the day, the car window was jammed. Mom mentioned your name, and the next thing we knew, the window slid right up. 

The cab appearing after your mother said your name, after a series of weird events, is the second inciDAN. Yup, like Mary and Elizabeth. One inciDAN could have been unintentional, but two ... two screams :

I'm right here beside You ... :D

We hopped into the cab. Mom took out her cell-phone and took a snapshot of the cab number (inside the cab). 

Aunty H asked, "What are you doing?"

Mom replied, "The sign ..." 


14 13 


Her angel sign ...

Hah, does she know her son or what! :D

That was a precious moment ... <3

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