Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call 222 : DAN RED

Hello Son, 

Thursday May 19

1. RAV 4

This morning, Dad and Mom were driving up north. 

We were on the way to Bangsar to pick up Aunty H. She would be traveling with us. In the car, Mom was telling Dad about all the ZAPs in the movie JUST GO WITH IT. 

Call 217 : Movie Signs

"bla bla bla ... can You imagine that ... postman ... he's got it all figured out ... even at that age ... he's got it all figured out ... blink blink blink ..."  :(

Her voice broke ... for some reason. She was quite overwhelmed with raw emotion at that moment. 

He's got it all figured out ... 

Did cha really ... got it all figured out ... even at that age?

We stopped at the red lights, at the McDonald's corner in Bangsar.

Dad said, "Rav 4."

Mom looked. There was a blue Toyota Rav 4 (4WD) in front of us. The lights turned green a short while later. As the vehicle in front moved forward, the number plate came to your mother's sight.

6661 ...

Pause ... for just a moment ...

Triple Six???

"Aww ..." Mom said, pointing to Dad ... 

"Look at the number."

Mom's number ... June 66 ... her birth month and year. 

Don't You bother calculating now. Her age stopped at 33, she told You remember? That is still the rule  ...

Mom told Dad, "He knows I'm talking about him ..." :D

You do, don't cha? 

It could have been any car in front of us at that time, but it had to be a RAV 4. Her angel number. And the 666? That was quite likely a cheery greeting specially for her from her son all the way from heaven:

Hi Mom, it's Me ... :D


It was 10:09 am when we arrived at Aunty H house. The first thing that Mom noticed was the matching colors that we were both in. Apple green and black. Like there was a dress code for traveling. :D 

We were soon on our way ...

Drive drive drive ...

After a while, Dad drove into a petrol station. Mom spotted a monster truck with the word SUNNY right about the registration plate. 


The time on the dashboard showed 10:50 am.

Decode : 4

A smile appeared on your mother's face. You must have seen that. She recalls the photo Justine and You took with a monster truck during our trip to the USA in June 2004. 

The SUNNY word reminded her of Call 204 : SONNY SONG

4310 ... That's 44 in angel code ... :D

3. If I Die Young

At 12:02 noon, as the car continued to eat up the miles, a text message came from Aunty Jessie in the States. 

She said, "must watch idol ... Lauren is singing Dans song ..."

Your song? 

Mom asked right back, "Which one?" 

Fall For You? 21 Guns? If I Were A Boy? etc she wondered.

Aunty J beeped back, "if i die young ..."

Ohhh ...

Mom instinctively scrolled down to check the time of the text.

It was 12:05 pm. 

Decode : 44

Excuse her for beaming like a Cheshire cat. :D This song always reminds her of your assurance that you're safe and happy with our Lord Jesus in heaven :

Lord, make me a rainbow
I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with You
As she stands under my colors

Call 56 : Sharp Knife

4. My Life Would Suck ...

Aunty H and Mom were chatting about this and thats, when Mom heard the song My Life Would Suck Without You in the background. 

The time was 12:13 pm.

Mom said to Aunty H ...

"First, If I Die Young ... then, My Life Would Suck Without You..."

Grimace ... That sounds about right ... :(

Yeah Son, our lives sure suck without You ...

suck suck suck ... :S

5. Ipoh Break

After dropping by the Viva center, we drove to Ipoh town for lunch. 

In the car, as we were leaving the center, BETTER MAN came on the radio. 

The time was 1:22 pm.

Decode : 14

Yeah ... Lord, I'm doin' all I can, to be a better man ...

We stopped by Ipoh for lunch. The coffee shop we normally go to was closed today, so we went to the one next door.

We walked into the cafe and found the first vacant table right in front. There was a crack right across the middle of the table surface which looked quite unsightly. So Dad walked on to the next table, pulled out the seat and sat himself down. 

Now why was Mom not surprised when she saw the table number?

You must have reserved that table for us, huh ... :D

6. Don't feel like doing anything

We were back in the car at 2:07 pm. Mom remembered Aunty J's text about Lauren singing your song, and took out her cellphone to forward that text to Justine.

Your sister replied, "Ooh ... cool ... awesome ... " :D

As Mom was writing out another message to Jus, she heard the lyrics of the next song that came on ... 

Today I don't feel like doing anything ...

She had to smile. 

How perfect the timing was. As always. You knew Mom was talking to Jus, huh. Only a few days ago, your mother heard Justine singing this line whilst doing her homework (at home) ... and Mom had specifically asked her, 

"Did You just sing - today you don't feel like doing anything???"

Jus had laughed and said "Yeah, it's from a song la ..." :D

There's an actual song with the line, today I don't feel like doing anything

Yeah Mom, this is the song ... :D

Oh Wow ... was about to publish the entry when "Today, I don't feel like doing anything"
came on Justine's radio. Mom checked the time. It showed 8:44 pm. :D
Justine's still singing it. You hear her?

What d'ya know? 

Someday, somebody's gonna compose a song that goes ... today I feel like doing something ... :D Your mother has to say - Your communication skills are quite, quite commendable. :D

7. Somebody's Watching Me

We were reaching Tambun area ...

when SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME filled the car. 

Mom glanced at the dashboard. The time was 3:47 pm.

Decode : 14

She found herself looking out of the window and gazing far far far away ... at the puffy white clouds that were floating lazily in the sky. Her heart let out a sigh ... that she thinks could have traveled skywards and all the way to heaven to reach her son ...

Her - 1 AM NUMBER 4 - was watching her alright ...

He is. Of course. No question. She knows. 

It's a Mother - Son thing. <3

8. At the Mall

We soon reached Butterworth. 

There was a meeting at the Sunway Hotel that evening at 8 pm. You have been to this Sunway Hotel. In fact, there is a picture or two in the family album, of You with Justine taken with Uncle C at the lobby of this hotel. We were attending a relative's wedding then, if Mom remembers correctly. 

As it was still early, we decided to chill out at a nearby shopping mall. Dad drove up up up to the parking floor and found the first available parking he could find at level 4

Note the orange color too. :D

But of course ... :D

Aunty H spotted that in fact.

Mom said, "He's saying Hi ..." :D

You were, weren't You?

We had tea with a plate of yummy sandwiches at a nice cafe. 

 Aunty Hayley and Dad ...

Uncle N and his daughter A, joined us a bit later. We had a nice time catching up. They left an hour later. 

Aunty H and Mom went to the household department ... just browsing around. There, your mother stumbled upon a range of ready made curtains with the brand name:




Red Daniel???

Zap Zap Zap ...

Mom instantly thought of your photo album folder she had saved in the home computer as : 

Dan Red 

which consisted of photos taken of You in a red tee with Justine on her birthday 2 months before You followed Jesus home. You sure know how to make your presence felt, huh Son ... 

First, the Orange 4 and then the RedDan ... 

TWO inciDANS at the mall ... 

Oh, say no more ... 

That's a definite clear sign that You were / are with us.

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