Sunday, May 22, 2011

Call 221 : SLOW MOTION

Hello Son,

Wednesday, May 18

Dad and Mom went to your garden on Wednesday morning. 

We would be up north on Thursday and back home by Friday night. The following day Saturday, Dad would be in Jakarta. Saturday, being your 21st. 

So, we decided to visit your garden on Wednesday.

We dropped Justine off at college that morning, and drove to the garden. We were arrived about 8:30 am. 

It was quiet and peaceful at the flower garden that morning. 

No unusual inciDANS. No orange caterpillar ... no white trails ... no special buzz ... nothing. Nope, nothing that zapped. Oh, unless You count Dad's comment that there were no mosquitoes that morning as something out of the ordinary. Grin. 

Yeah, unlike the month before, when the place was swarmed with those ... those ... b-blood-sucking insects.

By the way, blood-sucking is not a bad word ... :D

Dad said, "You see? You said You didn't like the mosquitoes, so Son cleared the place before You arrive ..."  

Did cha? :D

We left your garden about an hour later. Dad wanted to send the car for service as we were traveling outstation the next day (Thursday).

In the car, no ZAP songs came on the radio. :(

We were driving out of the Memorial Park, when Mom's handphone rang. The time was 9:38 am. It was a relative.

The relative was complaining, "bla bla bla ..." which Mom is not sure and was not sure then either, but she thinks it's a sign from You. Check the angel time of the call. 

Decode : 21

Mom remembers replying, "I'm not sure whether we should do that. I just came out of Daniel's garden and You're calling me to tell me all this ... ..."

Anyway, will tell You about this when the transaction is complete. At the point of writing the entry, the status is uncertain. After that phone call, nothing else happened. Which means, at the end of the day, in her journal on the day she visited her son's garden, the page is largely blank, except for that phone call.

Mom told Dad, "I think he wants to tell us something about that phone call ..." but what? To pursue or not to pursue? We left it at that. Mom knows that when the time is right, it will be clear what the relative should do ... and it would be the right move. :D

Moving on ...

That night at home ...

Dad, Mom and Justine were having our dinner. We were eating before the telly. Jus was sitting on the carpet with her plate of rice on a small table. Mom was sitting on the sofa. Your sister was right in front of Mom. Dad was sitting on your mother's right. 

The next thing that happened, happened in slow motion for Mom, 
if there's such a thing. 

Mom had a full view of Justine and saw everything that happened, to the split of a second. Mom saw a small insect fly in through the window, and headed to your sister. Jus tried to avoid it, her hands flew up in the air, and at the same time, sent her plate flying in the air ... Dad reached over to try to catch it, but he missed and the plate landed on the carpet, with all the rice and contents scattered on the carpet.

Uh -- oh ... O.O

Mom saw. Mom said nothing. Mom continued eating. 

No reaction. Not a word came from your mother's mouth. Dad went to the kitchen to bring out a broom and dustpan. Mom watched them both picking and sweeping up the mess.

As Mom watched them, she was somehow reminded of two similar food-dropping ZAP inciDANS which happened on your First Year Anniversary. The runaway sausage and the confetti rice inciDANS.

Call 125 : Runaway Sausage
Call 126 : Confetti Rice

Hmmm ...

That must have been You making your presence felt by zapping your sister. You must have whispered to Mom before that, 

"I'm about to make a mess, Mom. Not Justine ..." :D

Honestly, it was just strange that Mom had no reaction, your parents realized later when they did a uh, post mortem. 

Under normal circumstances, You would expect an instant:

"Aiii - yohhh Justine ..."

at the very least. 

The thing is ... 

only three days ago on Sunday 15th, Justine was with your three friends at a mamak stall after church activities. Mom (at home) had sent her a text and asked who she was with and your sister had replied back with three names. 

Mom saw the names and commented, 

"Woah, you're with all his people." 

Two of them were the boys who had the runaway sausage and confetti rice encounters, she had smiled to herself as she recalled that moment. :D

So, as You can see, although those food-dropping inciDANS happened some 5 months back, You had cleverly reminded your mother about them ... so she would connect Justine's inciDAN to those inciDANS when it happened. :D 

All the 3 food-dropping inciDANS, if You notice, happened on the day we visited your garden.

Boy, you're good. Honestly, we don't know how You do it, but we all agree that you're good, Son ... You really are. :D 

We felt your presence that night ... <3

Yeah, with the major mess on the carpet, we felt You close. :D

The next day, Dad commented again about last night's inciDAN, except this time, he used the word "in slow motion." Dad said he saw yesterday's inciDAN in slow motion.

Mom pounced on the word. 

Yes, she had emphasized, she saw it in that way too - in slow motion. Every single split of a second moment, she saw. 

Yes, she did. 

Mom knew exactly what Dad was saying. We couldn't understand how a plate flying in the air and dropping on the floor could be viewed in slow motion, but that was exactly how we saw it.

In slow motion ...

Mom did not want to say it at first, when it happened last night, because it had sounded ridiculous, even in her head. How could You see something happening in slow motion, in real life? 

Honestly, it was like watching something from the telly.

Surprisingly, Dad brought it up this morning. You must have whispered to Dad to bring it up.

Can You imagine Dad saying, 

"Actually, I saw last night's incident in slow motion ..." 

before he proceeded to explain. It's good that we both saw the same thing. We both saw last night's inciDAN played ... frame by frame.

Honestly, this has never happened before ... :D

We didn't know then, but this would be the beginning of several inciDANS that would soon happen the next few days until your 21st on Saturday. :D