Monday, May 9, 2011

Call 211 : RISING SON

Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 210)

Sunday, May 8

9. Grandma's Home

We went straight home. Grandma cooked curry chicken this morning and had prepared lengau (lotus root) soup in the crock pot last night. Aunty D and Chris will be leaving for the airport at 12 noon to catch their flight at 2 pm. They were at their hotel, and would be dropping by around 11 am before leaving.

In Grandma's place ...

After playing with Kish for a while, Mom said to Aunty C, 

"Eh, turn on the television ... Let's see if there's a movie on ..."

Aunty C turned on the telly. 

American Idol Top 5 (repeat) was on at that moment. 

Mom had not seen this week's Idol that was aired on Thursday, and elimination on Friday, because on both days, she was with Aunty D, painting the malls, baby pink, baby blue and baby purple ... the last one being her favorite shade. :D

By the way, Aunty D thinks You sent her the kitten to help train Chris and prepare him for fatherhood. >.< He's behaving like a parent now, she says ... he feeds the kitten ... spanks the kitten (when it jumped into their dinner - a bowl of curry) ... then sayang back the kitten later by feeding it ice-cream ... :D

Call 186 : Meow Meow

10. I Can't Live ...

The aroma of the lengau soup was irresistible. 

Mom went to the kitchen to scoop herself a bowl of soup. She intended to enjoy her soup before the telly.

She carefully sat herself down on the sofa with a large cup of hot soup. Grandma was in the shower. Aunty C came to join her moments later.

James was about to come on. There was a short clip of him sitting by himself, his back facing the camera, apparently overcome by emotion. 

He started singing  ...

No, I can't forget this evening
Or your face as You were leaving
But I guess that's just the way this story goes
You always smile
But in your eyes your sorrow shows
Yes, it shows

No, I can't forget tomorrow
When I think of all my sorrows
When I had You there but then I let You go
And now it's only fair that I should let You know
What You should know

I can't live, if living is without You ...

Aunty C said, "I like this boy. He's cute ..."

Yeah, he's cute ...

You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows ... 

Well, not anymore ... not anymore ...

Mom glanced at the time on her cell-phone. It was 10:06 am.

An advertisement came on right after James. The ad said, 

We bring you Reality Shows everyday 

except Fridays ...

From Monday to Thursday 


10:40 pm


Decode : 14  ... 

Her angel sign.

1 am Number 4.

Who is Number 4?

You tell us ... :D

Call 150 : Number Four

11. Love Hurts ...

Next, came Jacob. He was gonna sing Love Hurts.

Love Hurts?

Mom thought of her Love Hurts entry.

Call 172 : Love Hurts

The moment Jacob sang, Mom checked the time.

It showed 10:14 am.

Ohh -- kayyy ...

What a coinciDANS ... 

You certainly know how to make your presence felt ... <3 

12. Unchained Melody ...

Lauren came on next with Unchained Melody.

The theme song for GHOST. Ghost as in Holy Ghost ... as in Holy Spirit ... :D What can she say except that You must be watching Idol with us. :D

13. On My Mind ...

Then came Scotty.

Aunty C said, "Scotty's cute too. If I can vote for 2, I'd vote for Scotty and James ..." :D

How could Mom not think about You with this song? You're always on her mind ... Always ... She cannot think of a time where You were / are not. <3

14. How Many Kids?

Several ads came flashing on and off, right after Scotty. Your mother cannot remember exactly all the ads that came on, but one simple line had ZAPPED her to the core ...

"How many kids do You want?"

Pause ...


OMG ...

It could have been a line from Parenthood, she's not sure. The previews were coming on briefly, one after another .... but that line, that line, she heard very clearly.

How - many- kids - do - You - want ?

A similar line was asked of her, which comment to her reply has haunted her ever since. 

She had related the incident in Call 56 : Sharp Knife:

Your mother was at the time in second year of law school. 

It was during the summer holidays, and she was back in KL. She was attending a gathering at a friend's house. There, she happened to be sitting next to a boy (a friend of her friend's) and they had struck up a casual conversation. 

For some reason, he had asked her, "So how many kids You think You gonna have?"

Mind You, your mother could have been like, 20 or 21 at the time. Kids? That was the last thing on her mind. Who thinks of KIDS at that age? Certainly not her. However, for the sake of having a friendly conversation, strange as that one might have been, Mom had said uncertainly, 

"One ...?" 

to which the boy replied, 

"Then You must have two."


He continued, "In case one dies."

Who talks like that???

God has somehow allowed this boy to appear in your mother's path at that time of her life with that line. On hindsight, perhaps she was meant to hear that line. 


Did she say - perhaps?

Ignore her high-pitched laugh, would You please ...

Perhaps - would be the correct word to use if You were still with us down here. Now that You are not, delete that word, please.

15. The Rising Son

Haley closed the show with House Of The Rising Sun.

How perfect to end the song - messages with this song.

House Of The Rising Son? What would be the first thing your mother thought of?

Why, Heaven of course. :D

It was such an awesome Idol moment for Mom on Mother's Day. It's amazing how each song and ad that came in between, were so perfectly lined-up to zap your mother. She almost felt You were sitting right beside her ... :D

I'm right here, Maa ... :D


Every lil song reminds Mom of You ... <3 ... We miss You very much, Son ... Please wish Mama Mary a Happy Mother's Day from all of us at home ... <3