Friday, May 27, 2011

Call 225 : HELLO CAB

Hello Son,

This morning, on the way to college, we were trailing slowly behind this car. Traffic was slow for some reason and we were behind this car for quite a while. 

Mom found herself doing some mental maths before blurting out excitedly :




"Daniel is saying HI to You, Jus ..."

Your sister grinned and nodded. This morning, she is wearing your ring around her neck. Mom had commented, as she has not seen it the past few weeks.

Turning into Brickfields area, the song:

Today I don't feel like doing anything ...

came on the radio. 

"Eh, your song ... Your brother is giving you your song, Jus ..." Mom said with a smile. Then ...

"OMG, look at the time!" Mom pointed.

It was 7:52 am. 

Decode : 14

Station 95.8.

Decode : 4

Truly, 1 Am Number 4 is with us ... :D

Justine was singing along happily. It really is amazing how You guide us step by step and introduce new zaps ...

Call 222 : Dan Red

The song nicely ended just as we turned into the entrance of the college where your sister normally gets off. The song was really meant for her, and she had to hear the whole of it before getting out of the car. 

On the dot timing ... which reminded Mom about the Wind Beneath My Wings which ended right on the dot at Aunty H's gate ... last Friday 20th.

Call 224 : Holy Croissants

Hmmm ... TWO on - the - dot - timing songs??? 

A definite clear coinciDANS ... :D

Mom reversed the car and drove out. She had just turned left at the traffic lights when a red cab smoothly cut in, right in front of her.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

O --- M --- G ...


Awww ... Hello Son ... :D ... Mom said aloud.

You must have seen your mother scrambling to get her handphone out of her bag to take a snapshot. Honestly, she has never seen a HELLO at the back of a cab before this. 

Dad said the same thing ... when Mom told him later at home.

It sure is good to feel You near, Daniel ... :D ... 

Mom said to Dad, 

"He's so cute ... First, he gets our attention with the car ... then he says Hi to Justine with her song at his angel time ... and then right after that, he sends a HELLO cab to me ... How cute is that?"

OMG ... Honestly, how -- cute -- is -- that???

Very cute ...

Very very cute ... :D

Call 180 : Hello Jason

Mom arrived home about 20 minutes later. She went straight to the computer, turned it on, checked your blog and the entry posted yesterday (Call 224 : Holy Croissants). Sipping her hot coffee, she noted some errors on the entry, made the amendments ... 

Everything was as normal, as normal could be.

Then, some 10 minutes later, believe it or not, but your mother heard children singing in a distance ... the sound was coming from the primary school nearby our condo ... and OMG, guess what ... the children were singing :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Mom called out to Dad, 

"Hear that? Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

Dad heard it. 

Mom was speechless after that ... but not for long.

Oh Wow Son ... 

Yesterday, your mother had called You on  

Call 224 : Holy Croissants ...

Under subtitle : 

(10) Wind Beneath My Wings

she had specifically said :

"A sad sigh escapes ... and slowly travels upwards through the interspace between mother and son to reach heaven's gates that's ...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

Knock Knock ..."

The children singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow sure felt like You were giving your mother a response. A hundred and one songs they could have sung, but they had to sing this one at that particular time???

Would You just check out the immaculate timing? 

Your mother was on your call blog, doing stuffs to Call 224 ...when that song came on. Had she driven to the shops to buy breakfast, or go home but do housework instead of getting on to your blog, and in particular Call 224, she would not have made the connection. 

Not only that, but You had specifically called out to her with the HELLO cab.

It's like You were responding ...

Hi Maa, I heard the knock ... :D:D:D

How incredible is this? OMG ...

Thank You Lord, 

for this beautiful Mother and Son bond. <3 

It's totally amazing ...

Thank You Son ... Mom cannot believe You just gave her a response all the way from heaven. :D 

Call 195 : Believe, Mom