Sunday, May 8, 2011

Call 210 : FREE FiREFLiES

Hello Son,                                            (Call 209 continues on Call 212)

Today is Mother's Day ...

1. Aunty Jessie's Text

This morning, we were getting ready for church. Mom noticed a text from Aunty J. 

1st SMS @ 7:47 am ...

She said, 

"I'm about to plug in my cell to my laptop. Let's see if his pix pop up again. :D" 

2nd SMS @ 8:09 am ... 

(We were in the car on the way to church.)

"The pic popped up again!! Together with the one I took to show u what it looks like on my screen. This is so weird."

Call 209 : Angel Greeting

3rd SMS @ 8: 31 am ...

(We were looking for a place to park.)

"Both cell and laptop have always had that pix since last May but for some reason since Disney May 1st, Awesarmah too, this particular pix keeps popping up even though it says it's a duplicate pix."

Call 209 : Angel Greeting

Reading Aunty J's text message, your mother's thoughts were centered on You as early as that first SMS. Of course, your mother had no idea that You had lined up a series of inciDANS and song - messages to ZAP her on Mother's Day today. :D

Still, she wonders too why that pix of yours, and now including the second pix (both in Call 209), are appearing on Aunty J's laptop. You must want to tell her something. Aunty Diana thinks so. We'll know soon I'm sure. 

We hear your - "It's sooooo easy ..." - that echoes through as Mom recalls that last week in the hospital, a week before You left us. You had said something, and none of us could make out what You had said. It was rather a long sentence, like You were speaking in tongues.

You said, "It's sooooo easy ..." 

as we were trying to guess what You had said. We asked You to repeat, and You repeated exactly that same sentence. No one could make out what it was, and again You said,  

"It's soooo easy ..." 

We found it somewhat strange that, that sentence we could not understand, yet "It's so easy" was loud and clear ...

So about the pix ... 

Mom thinks she hears You say, "It's soooo easy ..." as we are left here to guess why and how come and I wonder what he's saying ...

2. Parking

Justine was driving. We were late for Mass. Not because of her driving, we were waiting for Aunty C. She had to bring Kish down to pee and poo before leaving the house. Approaching the church, we noticed that the road side along side and opposite the church, were already packed with vehicles.

Dad asked your sister to turn into the shops. It was congested. Jus drove through slowly. Right and left, the parking bays were all occupied. Some cars were double-parked. Yet, towards the end of the row of shop houses, Jus exclaimed, "There!"

Mom was not surprised. 

You were clearly watching over your sister. :D 

3. Free Paper

We hurried to church. At the entrance to the church compound, a boy was distributing newspapers. 

He handed one to Dad.

Dad took the paper. 

Justine passed the boy.

Aunty Carol passed the boy.

Mom was approaching the boy. 

The boy handed a copy to Mom. Seeing that Dad had taken a copy, she refrained from accepting. Justine, at the same time called out, 

"Dad took one already."

Mom intended to walk on, but the boy ... would You believe it ... kept thrusting the paper in her direction. She shook her head politely. You would have thought that he would get the message but again, he offered a copy to her ... only this time he said, 

"Free ... Free ..."

Pause ...

Then ...

OMG ... What???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

You in your Free Extreme tee shirt in Lourdes (Sept 2009) ...


An instant image of You in your FREE pink tee popped to mind. Instinctively, she reached out to take the paper before thanking the boy. A smile appeared in your mother's face. She's pretty sure You saw that. :D

That must be her son saying :

Hi Mom ... :D

He's near, she thought happily. He must be. It's Mother's Day today. :D That easy parking spot in the crazy congestion just now was the first clue.

4. Fireflies

The church was packed. We ended up sitting outside on the left wing, which was also packed. Mom put the paper down on the side of a bench in front of her, and her handbag on top of the paper. 

Important to note here that, with her bag right on top of the paper, the headlines were not within her sight.

Mass went on ...

During communion, she picked up the paper and toss it on her seat, whilst we went to receive the host. She came back to her seat shortly after, removed the papers and placed it back on the bench. 

Only this time, her handbag was not directly on top of the papers.

Moments later, she happened to gaze down, and caught sight of the word fireflies on the headlines ...

The Selangor Times

OMG ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!!


Mom grabbed the paper excitedly and pointed it out to Dad, Aunty Carol and Justine. Dad glanced at the paper and nodded, Aunty C and Jus mouthed the OMG. It was so unbelievable seeing that word in the papers. Headlines on the front page, mind You ...

5. Flashback ... to dinner time last night (Saturday) ...

Aunty Diana was telling us about her cat, how it came to them,  how it had jumped into a bowl of curry one day, how it's eating 3 cans of tuna now etc. :D Then she showed us some scratch marks the cat made on her leg.

Call 186 : Meow Meow

Then, Aunty Carol related about Pooch, her friend's cat while studying in Russia. She said that Pooch would catch moths, play with moths, imprison the moths with her paws, and finally, eat the moths.

Moths Moths Moths ... she had said. 

Yet, right after her story, Mom commented :

"I can't imagine how a cat eats fireflies ..."

There was a brief pause before Aunty C said, 

"I said, moth. Didn't You hear me say moth ... catch moth, play with moth, eat moth? I never once mentioned fireflies ..."

Hehehehehehehe ...

There was laughter all around the table.

Justine added, "That was so random ..."

Aunty D, Chris, Grandma and Dad were at the dinner table and all of them heard your mother's fireflies' remark.

What made her say fireflies, she's not sure. She was right there sitting opposite Aunty C at the dining table and had heard everything Aunty C said about Pooch. How and why she brought up fireflies in that conversation, she cannot understand. It was totally unconnected.

Oh well, she had shrugged to herself. 

Never mind ... 

She was born this way

Call 202 : Lady Gaga


Really, that is the perfect song and a really good excuse for all strange and unexplained behavior. 

Excuse me, but I was born this way ...

6. Back at Church ...

So, last night, Mom uttered this word fireflies completely out of the blues and this morning, she sees the word? OMG, what are the chances? You must have whispered that word to her last night.

Did You? :D

Your timing's good ... She only saw that fireflies word after communion, when mass was coming to an end. 

Can You imagine if she had seen that word right in the beginning of Mass? She would have been a distraction to others ... Yup, she would definitely have gone hyper and all ... :D

Mom must confess that she was pretty overwhelmed by the ZAP moment. She was staring at the headlines and finding herself basking in sheer joy, when she received yet another uhh, thunder-lightning ZAP!

The big bold print that read : free

Oh My Gosh ...

Honestly, what are the chances of seeing the words fireflies and free ... both words that would zap your mother ... at the same time? Two ZAP words on the same page?

No chance ...

Angel chance ...

A definite coinciDANS ...

No other word for it ... :D

It was You ...

Nobody, nobody but chiu ... :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

Two ZAP words, two inciDANS, like Mary and Elizabeth's good news ... :D

7. Pussycat

After mass, we walked back to the car. 

You must have heard your excited mother speaking in tongues the way she was rambling on at one thousand words per minute.

Omg ... bla bla bla ... can you believe it ... bla bla bla ... fireflies ... bla bla bla ... omg ... bla bla bla ... free ... of all the words in the world ... bla bla bla ... same page ... bla bla bla ... it's him ... he's near ... he's making his presence felt ... it's definitely him ... bla bla bla ...

In the car, Justine drove out of the shop-house area and onto the main road.

Jus turned on the radio ...  

Don't Cha (Pussycat Dolls)  

came on and filled the car. 

The station was at 95.8.

Pause ...

Wait a minute ... 

Pussy --- cat??? 

Weren't we talking about cats last night? Now, we're hearing a song from Pussycat Dolls? :D

It really does feel like you're in the conversation with us, Son ... :D

You really do know what's going on, don't cha? :D

8. Born This Way

Don't Cha soon ended.

Aunty C and Mom were chat chat chatting at the back of the car. The next song came on. Your mother couldn't believe her ears when she heard the intro music ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

She pointed towards the radio ...  quite speechless ...

Aunty C said, "You like this song too? Yeah, this song is nice ..."

Mom glanced at the dashboard. 

The station was at 95.8.

Decode : 14 44

The time showed 9:44 am.

Quickly, she pointed and called out loudly, 

"Born this way, nine forty-four ... see that?" 

Her angel sign.

Call 43 : Angel Signs

She wanted to make sure she has at least a witness. It was too incredible, the signs that were zapping her. Everyone saw. :D Everyone, being Dad, Justine and Aunty C.

Honestly, what are the chances???

It was awesome. Totally awesome! :D

Born This Way ...

She had thought of that Lady Gaga entry (Call 202) for only a moment last night at dinner after everyone at the table laughed at her unexpected fireflies remark, and today, she is hearing it in the car ... and right after Pussycat Dolls too ... pussycats being the topic of conversation last night ...

Oh wow ... You really were with us during dinner, weren't You? Why, of course ... We were celebrating Mother's Day - what did she expect?

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

Incredible ...

You must be saying :

I heard You, Mom ... :D

It was awesome ...

(continue on Call 211)