Thursday, May 5, 2011

Call 208 : LAWYER CHEF

Hello Son,

Wednesday, April 4

1. Alone at Home

Dad's grilling chilli-stuffed fish for dinner. 

Justine is at her desk. 

Mom's dialing up to Heaven now ... to tell You about this really cute inciDAN that happened just now. :D

So, anyway, Dad left the house in the afternoon for an appointment. Justine was in college. Mom was alone at home. 

For some reason, being alone at home for a few hours just now, triggered a smile, as she thought of that day when You kept your mother company. Yeah, about 2 weeks back. She was alone then, like now. You had made your presence felt somehow and Mom knew You were keeping her company that day, while your father was on a trip down south and Jus was away at camp. :D

Call 2oo : Orange Pillow

2. Nora Roberts

A similar scenario happened just now ... :D

The television was on at Diva Channel 702. 

A Nora Roberts' movie was showing. Northern Lights, if she remembers correctly. Mom was doing some work before the computer at the time. The sounds from the television background was for inspiration. 

Shortly after, she took a break, made a cuppa tea and flopped herself down before the TV. 

The movie had come to an end. 

Mom watched the girl in the show say, 

"Yes ... Yes ... Yes ..." to the man's supposed proposal. 

Hmm, a happy ending, no doubt. :D

3. MasterChef

As the show had ended, she reached for the remote and found herself switching to SarWorld at 711.

MasterChef was on. 

A lady - contestant had brought her dish to be scrutinized by the 3 judges. One of the judges tested her dish, and then exclaimed, 

"Who would have thought that a lawyer could cook like that?"


Did You hear that???

Excuse me? What wus that?

A lawyer??? Who cooks??? 

That caught your mother's attention alright as her food blog instantly pop to mind. She picked up her cellphone beside her, to check the time. 

It was 4:54 pm. 

Scribbling in her journal, she mentally broke down the code ... 

13 ... 4.

Decode : 4

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

No prizes for guessing who Number Four is ... :D

Call 150 : Number Four

You got your mother's attention at that point, Daniel. Mom couldn't help feeling that You're keeping her company at that moment. You would soon drop her a few zap - signs to let her know that You were / are near. 

It was truly an amazing moment for Mom ... <3

MasterChef came to an end. 

4. Radio

A preview of American Idol contestant Lauren came on briefly. It was a short clip of her singing a song, which tune is not familiar to your mother at all. Mom saw fireworks when she heard the line : 

"Turn on the radio ..."

and found herself holding her breath. 

OMG ...

What was that?

Turn on the radio???

Oh Wow ...

She checked the time. It was 5:06 pm.

No angel code there. :( 

Still she couldn't help but feel like a message was coming for her. Think about it ... First, it was the lawyer - chef call ... like getting her attention ...

Hey Mom ...

and then,

Turn On The Radio ...

A message for Mom, perhaps? How many times have You sent her messages through the radio? :D Still, it was quaint to hear that line on television - Turn On The Radio. :D

5. Jason

Mom sipped her tea ... watching the telly intently ...

The next thing that zapped her were the lines:

"Behind the kitchen with Jason ... Taste with Jason ... 

A new season..."

Was it behind the kitchen or behind the scenes, she wasn't sure. She was quite sure of the rest of the lines though. She has seen this food ad before and it has never struck her as - Listen Up!


Ohh -- kayyy ...

The time was 5:07 pm.

Still, no angel sign, she noted in disappointment. Still, she couldn't ignore the signs ...

First, Hey Mom ... 

Then, Turn On The Radio ... 

And now, Jason ...

Mom was pretty confident a message would soon make its way to her. A mother's intuition. A mother knows.

Ask any mother who has a child in heaven ...

Mom continued sipping her tea, her eyes on the telly. 

6. Idol James

American Idol James came on briefly ... like 15 seconds or so ... triggering the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow in your mother's head. A message is definitely coming for her. She could feel it.

Call 205 : James Bunny

The next thing that zapped your mother soon came. 

7. Letters from Home

A preview of American Idol Scotty came on. He was singing a country song, as usual. Nothing unusual about that. Again, the song was not familiar, but You know what?  

Mom found herself sitting right up when she heard the last line :

Letters from Home 


Letters --- from --- Home???

Our Call - Blog. Mom's eyes shot to the cell phone to check the time. 

It was 5:09 pm.

Decode : 14  

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

You must have seen your mother smiled. :D Her angel sign. 

One Four - 1 am Number 4 is a-calling ... :D

Letters from home ... how cute is that?

A call - entry by Mom on your blog ... would that be counted as a letter from home? she wondered. Of course, it would be, her heart replied impatiently. Inwardly, she found herself telling You that she would call You tonight. There're so many entries that are owing right now. So much to tell You ...

So Daniel, here's Mom assuring You that there will always be Letters from Home ... <3 ... And You ... You keep the ZAPs coming, kay?

At the point of writing, Mom's just checked the lyrics of Scotty's song on the internet. Came across the 5th verse and thought it appropriate to write it down here :


Dear Son, I know I ain't written

But sittin' here tonight, alone in the kitchen

It occurs to me

I might not have said, so I'll say it now

Son, You make me proud ...

That would be the exact words that Mom would like to say to You right now. :D 

Son, You make us proud ... :D

8. Angel Timing

The message is delivered ...

Dad walked in the with a small bag of groceries.  

See the angel timing? He didn't come home before or during the song - that would have distracted your mother. No, there was no distraction. All was quiet at home, except for the telly. Meant to be. Mom was so meant to heard those lines, and the warm-up signs leading to the message. She could have been on the wrong channel, or at the wrong place, or the wrong time. 

You must have whispered to her, to be at the right place at the right time, to listen to the song-message. 

How incredibly awesome ... <3 

Your mother was totally star-struck ... :D

Dad had bought some Indian Rojak and Cendol for tea. Justine was parking the car in the basement.

Mom was soon telling Dad how You were keeping your mother company this evening. :D Justine came up a few minutes later. Soon, we were having our rojak in the living room before the television.

Mom was soon telling your sister about the song signs and how You made your presence felt. 

9. 1st Helicopter

Just then, a helicopter flew past our condo. Being on the 10th floor, we saw it flying past our window. 

Mom pointed out to Dad and Jus.

"A helicopter," she said excitedly. 

Call 86 : Sky Show

Note the timing. 

The angel timing. 

Right after she finished telling Dad and Justine about the inciDANS that happened today, the helicopter slowly appeared into sight.

Dad nodded. Justine saw it too.

When the chopper was directly in front of the window, Mom checked her cellphone-time.

It was 5:38 pm.

Decode : 44 44

OMG ... How amazing ...

"He's here with us," Mom said. For that brief precious moment, it really did feel like we were all together. 

All 4 of us. :D

10. 2nd Helicopter

We were enjoying the rojak and the cendol, when we heard the sound of a second chopper. 

Mom said instantly, "One is isolated, he's giving us two. Two chopper inciDANS. Like Mary and Elizabeth." :D:D:D

You're good, Son ... with all the eviDANS ... :D

You must have seen your family looking out of the window at the moment. Just when the chopper was right in front of our eyes, Mom glanced at the time.

It was 5:45 pm.

Decode : 14

Oh Wow ... even she did not expect the perfect timing. 

Two choppers ... How awesome ... 

Believe Mom ... :D

Call 195 : Believe Mom
Call 193 : True Colors

There was an undeniable sense of joy experienced by your family at the time. It is hard to describe but the feeling was just light and happy. Mom felt like she could have --- floated. :D 

You were definitely making your presence felt. 

You're always near, we know that, always ...

Two choppers ... Oh Wow, she couldn't ask for more ...

11. 3rd Helicopter

Mom could not believe her ears when she heard the sound of a third helicopter a few minutes later. 

OMG ... honestly ... You're spoiling us, Son ... :D

Here's another one, Mom ... :D

You must be on a fat cotton cloud somewhere with a remote control. :D Grandma bought you a remote controlled chopper, remember? You never really got to play with that. It's still here in the cupboard somewhere ...

Anyway, we waited till the chopper was right in front of our view before Mom checked the time. 

It was 5:57 pm.

Decode : 44

Oh Gee Wow ... 

Would You look at the perfect angel timing? She honestly did not expect that. Three choppers at three perfect angel timing?

What an incredible coinciDANS ... :D

Mom thinks You must have sent those 3 choppers to each of us, Dad, Mom and Jus. You did, didn't You? :D  

It's so strange that all the 3 choppers happened to fly past our window - view. Sometimes, we hear the chopper sound, but it's flying above the condo-roof top, and we don't actually see it.

This one? OMG, this one we saw ... all three of them. 

Within 20 minutes, we saw 3 choppers flying past our window at our angel time ... :D ... right after Mom told Jus about the inciDANS of today too. The choppers were definitely from You. :D 

By the way, Dad said Mom mentioned the word helicopter so many times in this entry that Prince William might just stumble upon your blog, since he's a helicopter pilot. :D Chuckle. Dad thinks Prince William might just send Mom an invitation to Buckingham Palace if that happened ... 

An afternoon tea with Kate ... :D

Why, that would be just lovely ... <3

Hehehe. Grin.

Wouldn't be able to compare with your afternoon tea with Jesus with Mama Mary and all the other angels up there though. :D

OMG, You wouldn't believe this ... 

but after writing the above paragraph, about your afternoon tea with Jesus and Mama Mary ...

Dad asked,  "Do you want me to make you a cup of tea?" 

OMG ... What a coinciDANS ... 

You must have whispered,

"Make Mom a cup of tea, Dad ..."

Thank You for that last ZAP, Son ... :D ... 

You really are near, aren't You? You know exactly what Mom is writing in your call-blog, don't You? 

Justine would say here, "Awesome-ness ..."

Over to You, Son ... <3