Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Call 206 : MOTH TALK

Hello Son,                                                                (continue from Call 204)

Friday, April 29

1. The Moth

This morning, whilst Justine was dressing up, Mom was preparing a breakfast shake for her. She almost dropped the shaker when a little something suddenly flew up to her unannounced, before heading up to perch near the Crucifix.

W - what was that?

Mom looked.

It was the orange moth.

It's still here? Mom grabbed her camera which happened to be on the cabinet. Last night she had wanted to take a photo of the moth with its wings open. It had refused to cooperate then.

Well, let's see if it cooperates now ...

Mom took the first shot. 

The moth then fluttered down and perched against the fountain cabinet. Holding the camera in focus, she slowly moved herself forward towards the moth. 

The moth was very still.

Mom muttered, "Open - your - wings, - please ..."

The last thing she expected to see was the moth obeying her instructions. She was so surprised when the moth slowly spread its wings. :D

Did You see that? 

OMG ... 

You mother never knew she could umm, communicate with insects... :D

The photo is blur because your mother's hand was shaking 
probably, out of excitement, when the moth obeyed her. :D

Man O man, wait till Dad hears about this ... :D

Mom quickly took a snapshot. The moth was very still with its wings opened wide. You must have seen your mother clumsily trying to change the camera settings because she was unsure whether it should be on "macro on" or "macro off" ... flash on or off. 

To be safe, she decided quickly that she had to take a few shots at a variety of settings.

Gooooood moth ... 

Stay still ... 

Don't move ...

She found herself mumbling under her breath ...

Justine had come out then from her room. She stood by the side to watch Mom take another two shots. Then, the moth slowly, like in slow motion, closed its wings.

Don't close yet ... 

Not yet ... 

No No No ... 

Aiyahhh ...

Show's over ...

Justine said, "The moth opened its wings for a long time dee ..."

Yeah, okay ... alright ... :( Good thing You made sure Mom has a witness. Dad will find it hard to believe when she tells him that the same moth he had taken a photo of last night, had opened up its wings for her to take another photo this morning. :D

On hindsight ... You know, Mom cannot believe she was talking to a moth. Why, it actually listened to her when she asked it to open its wings too. 

Honestly, what a coinciDANS. :D

2. The Center

Later in the morning, Dad finished his coffee, stood up and said, "I'm going to the Viva center."

Mom asked if he was meeting someone. 

Dad said No. 

No? Then why are You going, Mom wanted to ask but Dad had already gone to the room to change.

Mom called out, "I'll go with You ..." She will prepare the draft of her next newsletter then.

In the car, Mom asked again, if Dad was meeting somebody. He said No. He didn't have an agenda and there was no appointment. He finally said, that he'll catch up with the management staff about company's plans for May.

The scenario was very normal. Mom did not suspect that anything out of the ordinary was about to happen. 

Neither did Dad.

In the car, as we were driving to PJ area, Dad said he'd take Mom to a kopitiam that his brother used to go when he (his brother) was in University some 30 years ago. 


Ohh -- kayyy ...

It was supposed to be famous for its beef noodles and curry mee, Dad said. Mom's never been to that coffee shop. It was kinda strange that out of the blues, Dad thought of the coffee shop that his brother used to go to 30 years ago.

That was not a normal occurrence, that suggestion, and that should have told Mom that something equally out of the ordinary would soon happen. :D 

So anyway ...

We arrived at the center. Dad dropped Mom off first before parking the car. Mom walked in, plonked herself on to a sofa chair, and picked up The Sun papers.

Shortly after, Dad walked in. He put down his backpack on a chair. Still standing, Dad exclaimed, "Hey, that's S ..." pointing to a car that was driving pass the center.

Mom asked, "Are You supposed to see him?"

Dad said No, but he continued that the timing couldn't have been better because he wanted to give Mr S some information about the Ozonizer.

A few minutes later, Mr S walked in. 

After the initial greetings, Mr S was seated down with Dad. They were soon engaged in a discussion. Probably about the Ozonizer, Mom thought. She left them be and was soon buried in her work.

About an hour passed ...

Mr S bade us good day and left. 

Dad shook his head, "Tsk tsk tsk ..."

"Why, what's wrong? What happened?" Mom asked.

Dad said, still shaking his head, 

"S actually came to the center to pick up an Ozonizer. He already wanted one. He came here yesterday to order and the counter girl told him that she would contact me to bring a unit over, but the girl didn't call. Good thing I have a spare unit in the car."

Mom repeated, "She didn't call You?"

Dad shook his head. It must have slipped her mind.

"Did S call You? How did You know he'll be here?"

Dad replied that Mr S did not call him, the counter-girl did not call him, and that he had no idea that Mr S would be coming to the center that morning, let alone that Mr S wanted an Ozonizer. It so happened that there was a unit in the car. Can You imagine, Dad asked, if we were not at the center, and Mr S came, thinking he could collect his unit, and the counter girl would have to say that she forgot to inform Dad ... 

Hmmm ... 

Not so nice, not so nice at all ...

Closing his folder, Dad said, 

"It's funny that I wanted to come over this morning ..." 

Mom said, "It's Son ... He must have whispered to You ..."

Go to the Center, Dad ...

Yes Daniel, that's the only explanation. Either that, or it was a coinciDANS ... :D  Honestly, when the timing is too perfect, it's a definite angel-assisted inciDAN. :D 


Think about it ... 

Had we gone to the center directly from the house, without the detour, ie, without having our breakfast first, we would have been at the corner coffee shop instead, the usual place, when we arrived at the center. We would not have been at the center itself. Dad would have definitely missed Mr S.

That unusual suggestion to go to a kopitiam that Dad's brother went 30 years ago ... that was part of the plan, wasn't it? Just to keep the timing good. 

Dad said, "Thank You, Son ..." :D

Did You hear that??? :D

3. Electric Guitar

We picked Justine up from her college at 2:30 pm.

Your sister told us that they had a powerful session during the Christian Fellowship session just now. She was wearing a long-sleeved sweater. The end of the sleeves were damp. :(

Mom asked, "Any ZAPs?"

Jus said, "Daniel's electric guitar was on stage ... black one ..." 

Yeah, You would definitely make your presence felt during a session like that. 

I'm right here beside You, Jus ... :D

4. Nice Parking

Jus wanted to have her favourite flour noodles. She took over the wheel and drove us to the pan mee eatery. If You remember, the parking at this place is normally horrendous, but Justine was driving, and Mom was quite sure You'd prepare a nice and easy spot for her to park the car.

Approaching the coffee shop, your sister weaved through the congestion. 

Like a pro. 

Were You impressed? :D 

Dad was like, "Slowly ... slowly ... not so fast ... SLOWLY!" 

You must have seen your father cringing. Hehehe. There were vehicles parked on the left and on the right side of the narrow road, with just enough space for one car to pass through, in a two-way lane. 

Yup, it was unnerving alright.

Turning into the coffee shop lane, we were all very aware that both sides on the left and right were fully-parked with vehicles. We could see the stretch from one end to the other. 

Mom was confident though. "Just go straight," she said.

Approaching the pan mee shop, we spotted a nice parking on the left ahead of us, 2 shop-lots away from the eatery. Oh good, the parking on the left is easy to get in. The bays were angled at a position where your sister only needed to turn at an 11 o'clock - angle, and drive right in. :D

Easy peasy. 

Thank You, Son ... <3

5. Born This Way

After a delicious lunch, we walked back to the car. The radio was on. A song was coming to an end. The next song that came on, would You believe it, was :


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Born this way???

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard. 

She pointed out, and exclaimed, "Look - 4:00 pm ..." 

You must have seen the happy grin on your mother's face. 

Her angel sign. 

Who is Number Four?

Call 43 : Angel Sign
Call 150 : Number Four

Who else? Only two days ago, on Wednesday, You had zapped us with this song. :D

Call 202 : Lady Gaga

Jus nodded and grinned. We felt your presence, Son. 

What a feeling ... :D

Mom said, "He knows we're going home. He wants to zap us and let us know that he's been with us today. The electric guitar, the parking ... he's right beside You, Jus ... "

Jus grinned as she sang along the Gaga Lady.

Yeah Son, we all had an inciDAN today ... 

Dad, Mom and Jus ... :D

You are near ... We could feel your presence ... :D You are always with us, aren't You? All the time, each and every day ... 

Thank You Jesus for that. <3

What a feeling ... :D

Honestly Son ... 

What -- a -- feeling ... <3