Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call 394 : MAMMA MIA

Hello Son,                                                                           (continue from Call 393)


It was almost 6 pm.

We were supposed to meet Justine and a friend of hers for dinner.

Your sister picked Italiannies. Dad and Mom slowly made our way there.

At the restaurant, Dad asked for a table for 4.

Mom spotted on the glass wall at the entrance the sign RM12++  and  RM21++  for ... she can't remember now for what, but could have been for beer.

It was the number 12 and 21 that caught her attention. :D Can You blame your mother?  

The place was pretty much empty, since it was fasting month and it was still quite early for dinner - being 6:15 pm. Mom walked in like she owned the place, and asked if we could sit there ... or there ... or over there (with cushioned seats).

Unfortunately, the manager said no, they were reserved.

He showed us instead to a table for 5 people.

Mom was not impressed.

The chairs were solid hard wood - no cushion.

How uncomfortable.

She pointed to another empty table for 4 with a cushioned bench and asked, "How about that one?"

The manager said again, "It's reserved."

Mom responded with a note of sarcasm in her tone, pointing at the same time,

"All these tables are reserved?"

There were about 10 empty tables with the cushioned bench that we could have taken.

The man said, "Yes."

"Really?" She asked in disbelief ... as she took special efforts to make sure her displeasure showed clearly.


Why are You not helping, Daniel? Mom sent a telepathic message to You.

Dad said, "Never mind la ... Let's sit here ... It's a bigger table ... "

Grudgingly, Mom sat herself down. She put her purchases on the empty chair next to her. Oh, just as well. An extra chair for her shopping bags. Justine and her friend took their seats.

The dining plates were piled neatly on top of one another on the table. Dad started to distribute them. There were 5 plates, since it was a table for 5.

Dad commented as he held out the 5th plate, "Put this one there (by the empty chair beside Mom)."

Mom spoke in low tones to Dad, "For Son ..."

Dad smiled, "That's why we have to sit here ..."

But of course ... You'd be with us during dinner time. You have made your presence felt the whole of that Saturday. You'd definitely be with us during dinner time.

We had a really nice meal.

When we were done with our food, Dad called for the bill.

The waiter presented the bill :

Decode : 24

Mom had to smile.

24 ... 21 ... both You ... your date of arrival and departure.

No wonder we had to have a table for 5. You were definitely with us during dinner, Daniel.

What a fun day at the mall on Saturday, Son ... :D

Fast Forward to back home ...

It was past 10 pm when Mom put on the DVD entitled, Mamma Mia.

Grandma had recently bought 4 DVDs and Mom had borrowed them for the weekend. The DVDs included Mirror Mirror, The Iron Lady, Aung San Suu Kyi and Mamma Mia.

Mom put on Mamma Mia.

She wanted something light and fun ...

Mom was enjoying the movie with her fruits and yoghurt, singing along at the song scenes. Dad was at the computer. Everything was as normal as could be until toward the ending of the movie when Pierce Brosnan said, "I am a divorced man who have loved you for 21 years ..."

At that point, your mother's ears pricked up.

21 years ???

She jumped up from the sofa to grabbed her cellphone, that was beside Dad.

It was 11:14 pm

Mom showed Dad the time, "11:14 pm ... That's 21 and 24 ... Omg ... What are the chances?"

Angel chance ...

Eres tu ...

Mom continued watching the ending of the movie.

As the Sophie girl started to sing I HAVE A DREAM, Mom suddenly realized that this is the song that has the line, "I BELIEVE IN ANGELS ..." 


I have a dream, a song to sing  ...

To help me cope with anything ...

If you see the wonder of a fairytale ...

You can take the future even if you fail ...

I believe in angels ...


Mom pointed to Dad the time on her cellphone, right at that angel line. 

Omg ... Would You believe it?

Dad looked. The time showed 11:22 pm.

Omg ... How incredible.

Decode : 21   21

21 two times ...

I'm right here, Ma ...

Omg ... How perfectly awesome that we ended that day with the song, and in that manner.

Honestly, what are the chances?

It was surreal.

All You ...

Nobody, nobody but You ...

Eres tu ...

Thank You Son for a wonderful day ... and for letting Mom know You're with us all the time.

Keep the zaps coming.