Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call 392 : BAD BOY

Hello Son, 


After our call on Call 391, Mom said to Dad, "Okay I'm done ... all done ... We can go now."

She needed to go to the mall to check the music shops for the song Tiny Bubbles. The one that is sung by a female, not by Don Ho. His version is very slow. It's for school purposes. Justine and Dad have been trying to get it on the internet but they couldn't find it. Mom heard the female version on one of the youtube videos.

We walked to the car.

In the car, Dad started the engine. The radio came on.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was on.

Dot 26

Mom pointed to the time excitedly, "Omg ... Look at the time ... 12:12 pm ..."

That is like 21 ... two times.

Omg ... Will You still love me tomorrow ... this song will always bring her back to that day when she read your sms right before your very first brain surgery. See Dot 26 in Orange Dot Blog.

Her words came out in a rush as she tried to explain to your father that she had just told You about the twelve / twenty-one (12 / 21) zaps that morning in Call 391 @ 11:43 am, about half an hour ago.

"He's responding to me ... Can you see that? Omg ... "

How amazing ...

You really did get Mom's call, didn't You?

You know exactly what she said, don't You?

Oh Wow ... What are the chances?

We arrived at the mall. Dad pointed out to the overhead parking indicator ...

FULL ...   FULL ...   400 ...

"Son's with us that's for sure ..." Mom said with a smile.

Dad chuckled.

We walked to the first music shop.

Upon checking with the shop assistant, Mom was told they didn't have that song. Their selection of hawaiian tapes were only a handful.

Walking on, Dad suggested we had some lunch.

We went to Carl's Junior. Mom got us a table whilst Dad went to get the food. He came back shortly after with this table number :


71 ???

Decode : 44


You're with us, aren't You, Daniel? Of course You are ... Mom smiled to herself.

We had our burger and our high-caloried fries ... with lots of ketchup. :D

After a quick lunch, we strolled to the next music shop.

Nope, they didn't have the song either.  Mom walked out. It was at the entrance that she noticed a large poster. Yes, a large poster that spoke to her. She hurried back into the store to get Dad. Pulling your father rather impatiently by the elbow, she marched him to the poster.

"Look ... Look at the poster ..."

Dad looked ...

Mom was like, "Omg ... I'm telling You, Son's talking to me ... He's zapping me ... Look, so many zap words in one poster ... Lana ... you remember his dance partner in kindergarten ... Daniel is handsome, but he doesn't behave (she mimicked the child's complaint) (Of course Dad remembers) ... 14 countries ??? FOURTEEN ??? Then, video games ... no need to explain that one ... he's number one in video games ... then you see that ... born to die ... Omg ... BORN -- TO -- DIE??? ... All Son ..."

Dad took them all in with a half-smile.

At the point of writing, Mom just noticed the word BAD on the singer's fingers.

Omg ...

You've got to be kidding ...



She remembers your BAD BOY tee shirt. Aunty J from the States sent that BAD BOY tee shirt to You among other stuffs for Christmas one year.

Here You are with Justine, You in that BAD BOY tee.

Oh Gee Wow Daniel ...

What an overwhelming moment ...

We took the escalator down.

Walk walk walk ...

Dad walked in to the SAMSUNG shop. As he was talking to the salesboy about some speakers, Mom's attention was drawn to the large screens that were playing colourful images along the wall.

She was looking at images of sacks of spices at that material moment.

Wow ... would You just take a look at the vibrant colours?

Mom couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

She stood there just watching the different colours of different spices. A few seconds later, the spices disappeared, and the image that came on was a statue of a human-sized angel.

Omg ...

What are the chances ???

I'm here, Ma ... :D

She found herself staring at the screen as the camera moved from bottom of the statue, to the top.

Gosh, honestly, what are the chances?

Just as that angel image came on abruptly, it disappeared just as abruptly, and was replaced by images of African boys playing ball at a poverty - stricken environment next.

Dad signalled to go.

Mom couldn't contain her excitement at the angel zap and told Dad excitedly, "I told him this morning, I believe in angels ... Just now on the screens, right after the colourful spices, a statue of an angel came on ... Omg ... for only like 10 seconds ... Omg, what are the chances? First, they were just showing spices ... all kinds of spices ... then suddenly the angel appeared ... Omg ... He's really with us today ..."

Dad grinned.

Mom was still chattering away when we walked into the next shop selling cameras and speakers.

Her eye caught the center display. She found herself bending forward to peer closely to admire the fine details of the craft. Mom asked the shop assistant if she could take a photo. He said yes, go ahead.

It was when she was focusing to take this shot when she suddenly noticed the figurine on the right side.

Gasp ...

Omg ... 

Today, honestly, it's all about the 12 / 21 zaps. You really did get Mom's Call (391), didn't You? Mom called out to Dad to go over to her side.

He did.

Dad too was fascinated by the railway station display.

Mom whispered, "Look at the right side ... the boy ... wearing orange ... number 21 ... Omg ..."

Let's zoom in ...

Must she remind again that although the head sees the number 12, the heart decodes it to be her secret angel number 21. :D Yes, and that's what decoding is all about. Hah!

Take a look at the beca (trishaw) ...

How cute is that?

Look at how tiny the fruits are ...

 Here's Dad posing for a snapshot  ...

(continue on Call 393)