Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello Son,


We were going to church. Dad went to get the car.

Mom waited by the fountain at the lobby on the ground floor. Justine and the maid were on their way down from the condo.

As your mother was sitting there, she was suddenly alerted to a tiny white feather that was kinda fluttering on the tar ground towards her before resting quietly and perfectly still.

Mom narrowed her eyes at first.

Was that a feather?

A white feather?

Omg ...

Last Monday, in school, Mom had found a tiny white feather as she was going into the lift. She had stopped to take a photo, wondering if there would be a second white feather.

In school on Monday ...

Half an hour later, a 6 year old boy came with a pink box and said, "Teacher Lynn, X broke the box."

Mom recognized the pink box instantly.

Why, only that (Monday) morning, X, a 5 year old boy, had come to claim a prize from the treasure chest for completing another 10 reading books. Mom had specifically told him that he was not to open the gift until he has shown it to his parents.

As Mom was trying to fix it, she spotted the word ...


A white feather just now ... and then ANGEL ...

Ah ...

That's easy. No prizes for guessing.

Eres tu ...

Back to the fountain this Sunday morning ...

The white feather was fluttering from her left side to the right, and finally stopped just as she spotted it.

See that?

Mom walked forward and peered at the tiny white thing.

Oh wow ...

It kinda looks like the white feather she discovered in school on Monday ... and so pearly white. 

Here's your second feather, Ma ... :D

Thank you, Son ... everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

Truly ...