Sunday, July 15, 2012

Call 386 : HALF FULL

Hello Son,


It's night time already. A whole Saturday just flew by ...

but not without You by our side every step of the way.

Yes Daniel ... You're always with us, always near, always here ...

Always Son ...

It's incredibly amazing ...

How You remind Mom daily ... daily ... gawd yes, DAILY ... that You're right beside her is just super-amazing.

This Saturday morning, Dad and Mom took a drive into town.

We parked the car in an open air parking place, and walked into the streets of China Town. Mom wanted to get little umbrellas ... oh, You know, the ones that we use for dance purposes ... and thought she might find them in China Town.

She did. :D

She bought 8 little ones ... of different colours with different floral pattern and oh, they're so very cute. 

Anyway, she was at a friend's toy shop at the material time and had picked several items for the school's OCCUPATION week ... toy sets including doctor, fireman, construction worker, soldier, beauty consultant, homemaker, carpenter, policeman career kits and some rather endearing tambourines. Dad remarked nostalgically that You've played with all of them before at one point or rather in your young life.

Yup, even the beauty set ... complete with your mother's high heels ... both You and your sister, and we have the photo in the album somewhere.


Dad and Mom went for breakfast whilst the toys were being packed. Mom wanted to take Dad to this nice kuey teow thng coffee shop just down the road from where we were at.

We walked along the five foot pathway.

Then we came across a luggage shop, which BLOCKED the pathway across, as a result of which, we had to make a detour and walk out on to the main China Town street.

The moment we stepped on to the street, Dad pointed out to a tee shirt that was hanging at a mobile stall by our side, "JACK DANIELS."

Mom turned to look.

You must have seen her smile all the way from heaven.

Mom said cheerfully, "You see, there's a reason why that shop blocked that way ... We have to come this way to get zapped." :D

We walked to the kuey teow thng coffee shop.

Arriving there, Mom frowned.

Strangely, the place looked different ... and it wasn't open for business as usual.

A worker nearby said, "Sudah tutup." (closed down)

H-huh? How long has it been since she last came here?

Long ...

Very long ...

Perhaps about a year ago ...

Dad said, "Never mind ...We'll go for the beef noodles ... It's not far ..." which shop was further further further down and across the road ... and walk on a little bit more, please.

No not far ... not far ...

Not far at all ...

Huff huff pant pant ...

And the beads of perspiration on her forehead gleamed like shiny little pearls in the glistening sun ...

Tsk tsk tsk ...

Mom saw You shaking your head ...

Not far at all, she tried to convince herself ...

I can almost see it, that dream I'm dreaming but

There's a voice inside my head saying

You'll never reach it

Every step I'm taking

Every move I make feels

Lost with no direction

My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying

Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain

I'm always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Aint' about how fast I get there

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


 By Miley Cyrus

We finally reached the coffee shop.

Ah, that's a good song, no? We should consider singing that for our graduation finale.

What do You think?

We stepped into the coffee shop, and saw immediately one empty table in the fully-occupied place.

The last time we went there for the beef noodles was right before we visited your garden last month.

Mom said, "Son knows you want beef noodles ... Hahaha ..."

Dad was like, "Ma, I know you guys want beef noodles la ..."


Since the last time we were there, we have been talking about the noodles.

So anyway, our noodles came ... and so for the next few minutes, we were slurping away on our food. :D

After the nice noodles, we slowly made our way back to the toy shop.

We stopped to buy a drink and some fruits, before arriving at the toy shop some 10 minutes later.

Mom spotted some large trucks under one of the shelves, and added 3 bulky vehicles to her shopping list : cement truck, excavator and a dumpster. What fun will the kids have on OCCUPATION week this week.

The bill came out to RM143.

Decode : 44

A smile appeared on your mother's face.

She's sure You saw that.

You're near, she knows.

We had 4 large bags to carry to the car.

Yeah, walk walk walk ... in the light of the Lord ... (hymn)

We reached the car, Dad dumped everything into the boot, and we drove off. Mom wanted to go to the departmental store next to check on concert outfits - the store of which was not far away, by car that is - and so Dad drove there.

Upon reaching the open parking area, there was a sign that said "FULL."

Dad said, "Eh, full ..."

Mom said, "Just drive there ..."

Dad repeated, "It's full ..."

Mom replied impatiently, "Just drive there la ... See the car in front ... 2122 ... "

Decode : 21

Smile ...

You're near.

Mom did not take a photo. It was too random and it happened too fast. Just as soon as she pointed it out to Dad, the car turned abruptly to the left into the underground basement parking ...  Oh, we were so not going there. It's ... it's ... haunted.

Dark and eerie ...

Dad drove toward the parking booth ... and stopped at the FULL sign. There were limited parking bays in the small parking area. You could see in one glance that every bay was occupied. Then, would You believe it but we saw one car reversing and driving out.

Hah. Did You see that? Does she know her son or what?

The parking attendant removed the FULL stand sign and signaled to Dad to park "over there."

Dad said, "Nah Ma, one parking bay for you ..." before driving in.

A song was on ... but we were not aware ... until Dad drove into the bay, and was about to stop the engine when Mom heard the line :



The time was 12:33 pm.

Decode : 21


Instinctively, Mom smacked Dad's elbow to get his attention ... hehehe ... and to stop him from stopping the engine.

I HAVE A DREAM was on ...

"I believe in angels ... " Mom sang out.

She continued, "I have a dream ... Just as you parked the car ... I believe in angels ... and look at the time ... C'mon on, Son's talking to us ...It's so obvious ..." :D

Yes, it is ...

Dad grinned.

After the zap, Dad switched off the ignition and we got off the car. We did not wait till the song ended. We did not need to.

I BELIEVE IN ANGELS ... had come on just in time.

Meant to be.

Thank You, Son ... Of course, we believe in angels. That's easy. How not to? It's more difficult not to believe.

Dad said he was thirsty.

Across the road was a McDonald's outlet.

We walked across.


Mom went to the first floor to get us a table.

Dad appeared a few minutes later with 2 hot coffees, a sundae and a large pack of fries.

Your father complained about the sundae and said that it looked miserable.

Half a cup full ...

Once upon a time, we remember clearly, the sundae filled up the same plastic cup.

Not any more ... not in Malaysia anyways ...

Half the cup, half the satisfaction ... and that's why Mom doesn't bother to order sundaes anymore.

So anyway, we were done with our drinks and fries. Dad was scrolling and checking his texts on his cell.

Mom clicked onto her mobile to check the time.

It was 1:11 pm.

Decode : 21

Smiling, she showed the cell to Dad.

"Son's so with us ..." she said happily. You must have whispered to Mom.

Check the time now, Ma ...

We walked over to the departmental store.

Fast forward ...

(need to get ready for church now)

At the counter with the things that we bought, the bill on the till showed ...

Omg ... would You believe it?

Mom whispered to Dad at the cashier, "Look at the amount ... triple one ..."

RM 101-10

Decode : 21

Oh my gosh ... 

What are the chances?

Angel chance for sure.

That's You with us on Saturday morning.

Definitely You, Daniel ...

Eres Tu ...


At the point of writing this call entry, Dad is on whatsapps with Aunty J (USA). She says she's at the shopping mall and she sent this picture.

Mom almost shrieked then, "Omg ... I just wrote about beads of perspiration and gleaming like pearls ... and now I see jewelers ... Son's zapping us ... "

Yes Son ...

That's You ...

What are the chances of Mom seeing this photo, and writing this entry at the same time?

No chance.

Eres Tu ...