Sunday, July 22, 2012

Call 388 : 30th MONTH

Hello Son,


Saturday 21st was your 30th month in Heaven with Jesus and Mother Mary and all the angels and saints.

The day before on Friday 20th, first thing in the morning ... yup yup yup ... FIRST zap in the morning happened when we were in the car.

Dad was fetching Mom to school.

The second he turned on the engine, the song RING RING came on and filled up our senses.

Ring Ring ... Why don't you give me a call ...

Omg ...

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

What are the chances ???

Honestly, what are the chances of us hearing that the moment the radio came on?

Mom sang along, "Ring ring, why don't you give me a call ..." before blurting out excitedly, "Omg, Ring Ring ... Son's asking me to give him a call, can you see that? He knows I've been trying to write the daily entries this week ... " but didn't and couldn't as she was just too tired at the end of each day after school.

Mental and physical exhaustion.

Sigh ...

Mom spoke out loud, "I must start taking AgeGuard again ..." AgeGuard being her anti-aging pills.


Don't You laugh.


So anyway ... on Saturday, Mom fetched the maid to the school for her to do her cleaning  as usual.

As we were walking to the car, that was parked outside the condo, this white trail in the sky greeted her. :D

Taken at 8:12 am.

Mom found herself smiling to herself.

Yes Son, we are going to your garden in a bit. Dad and Justine are getting ready.

Then, Mom saw a second trail in the sky ...

Smile Smile Smile ...

You must have seen that, huh?

Oh, it's so important to have that 2nd sign. :D

It's a definite :

I'm here la, Ma ...

She took another photo.

 Taken at 8:12 am.

Maid R saw your mother taking the photos and asked, "Why Ma'am?"

Mom shrugged and gave her a quick smile ... but did not offer a reply.

What could your mother say?

That's my son ... He knows we're going to his garden today ... It's his 21st today ... ???

No ... she couldn't say that ...

It would sound ridiculous ...

It's a Mother - on - Earth and Son - in - Heaven thing ... :D

For that reason, she has the right to remain silent.

Pause ...

Actually, You know what - the maid would have understood ... her baby is in heaven too. 

Then, Maid R pointed to a 3rd white trail that was beginning to form in the sky, "There's a third one there, Ma'am."

Mom looked and wondered for a moment why she did not see the third trail in the first place.

Hmmm, maybe that one's not for her (Mom) ...

Maybe, it's for Maid R ...

She reasoned quietly.

Was she right, Son?


 Taken at 8:14 am.

We drove to school.

On the way there, ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO came on the radio.

A quick glance at the time told her that it was 8:27 am.

Decode : 44

Mom found herself smiling. But of course. That song wouldn't come on that Saturday, for no reason.

That song reminded her of the time when we were at your garden many months ago, the time when we wanted to bring Kish (Aunty C's dog) to the garden too. Mom had related the inciDAN in one of the call-entries on the blog. It would take time to look for it so she's not gonna ... look for it.

Arriving in school, Mom went up with the maid to gave her some instructions as to what she had to do that day.

Then, she came down to the car about half an hour later (it was a long list of instructions) ...

and boy oh boy ...

Would You believe it ... but there was a 4th white trail in the sky right across the sky before her.

Omg gosh ...

4 trails???

What a coinciDANS.

Mom could almost feel your excitement.

Yes, You went to heaven with all your emotions.

Emil's mother told her that some time ago. "When they go, they take their emotions with them ..."

That made perfect sense to your mother.

Your mother has been able to feel the whole YOU on the other side.

You're still the same ... happier of course, carefree definitely ... and always by our side. :D

Taken at 8:51 am.

Mom drove back to the condo, but not before sending Dad a text telling him that she was on the way.

Arriving at the condo, Dad and Justine were by the fountain lobby.

They got into the car.

Mom wasted no time in relating about the 4 white trails ... and reminded that the day before on Friday, RING RING was on the radio when we started car.

Justine was like, "Aiyoh, do you have to sing that? It's in my head now ..." :D


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