Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 388)


At the flower garden, the first thing Mom did was to check the sky ... like she were a weather reporter.


Having seen the 4 trails this morning, she couldn't help but wonder if there might be a trail of some sort in the sky above your garden plot.

Oh ... Oh, wait a minute ...

Isn't that like a white trail? A plane must have flown past several minutes ago ...leaving a thin white trail in the sky above us. Mom took a picture.

You must have whispered to her to take all those white trail photos that Saturday ... because by night fall, something awesome happened and boy, was she glad she had all her trail eviDANS. :D

Taken 9:24 am at the flower garden.

We were tidying up your garden. 

Dad was planting the flowers and Mom was giving You a facial ... your cold hard procelain photo that is. 

Justine posted a message on your facebook. 

They, she tried to check on youtube for the song that was on as we were on the way to the garden. Your sister said it was a new song, and kept saying, hey, it's a nice song. Mom didn't have any opinion on that until she heard the word "angel" sung in the song somewhere and decided she too likes the song.


Mom said, "Hey, why don't You post that song on his facebook?"

Justine replied, "Cannot la ..." and explained that the lyric says 

"It's too cold outside for angels to fly ..."

By the way, the title of the song is A TEAM.

Anyway, at one point, Justine sang out loud, "DANIEL, YOU'RE A STAR ..."

in the tune of the song DANIEL ... which prompted Mom to start singing the song too,  just as loud.


Daniel is flying tonight on a plane ...

sang your mother, as she tidied up your plot.

Your sister interrupted, "Flying or traveling?"

Mom stopped.

Oh yeah ... it's traveling ...

Your mother started again ...

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Oh and, I can see Daniel waving goodbye

God, it looks like Daniel

Must be the clouds in my eyes

At the "cloud" line, Mom found herself thinking about Aunty D's cloud inciDAN.

That was a totally incredible inciDAN.

See Call 377 : Cloud Sign

So anyway ...

We left the garden about an hour later.

Dropping Justine off at the condo, Dad and Mom drove on to town to have beef noodles ... again.

Yeah, Dad was craving for those noodles.:D

After breakfast, we went to Gardens Mall. Justine said we had to watch DARK KNIGHT. Mom wasn't really into Batman stuffs as You'd remember, but this coming week, our theme in school is SUPER HEROES ... and so she thought she had better get in touch with all the super hero ... umm, excitement.

Arriving at the mall, we went to the cinema to get tickets.

There were several shows that day, but tickets were sold out for all the shows ... except for seats on the first row nearest to the screen.

No tickets?

Serious ah ?

Dad said, "Your son knows you'll be sleeping in the movie la ..."

We didn't take the first rows tickets.

We're not that desperate. :D

We went instead to PappaRich to have a drink.

Mom ordered her usual D44 Iced Milk Tea and Dad had an iced coffee.

Whilst enjoying our drinks, Mom asked Dad to post a message on your facebook. She didn't have the time to do it that morning.

When it was time to go, Mom said to Dad, "Let's see if it's the same guy is at the counter ..."

The last time when Dad went to pay at the counter (Mom was at the table), the words :  

Hi, I am Daniel

had appeared on the screen of the till. Dad told your mother about it later.

This time, your mother followed Dad to the counter.

Yes yes, it was the same guy. He punched onto the keyboard.


955 ...

Decode : 44


Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

We browsed through some shops whilst making our way to Jusco.

We were at the household department. Mom bought some aromatic candle in a glass cup for our next visit to your garden. There was a 50% discount on the candles. That was nice. She bought 2 sets. There were two candles in one set.

Then, Mom went down one floor to the children's department.

Whilst on that floor, for some reason, she found herself strolling to KIKO children's wear section. Since You left us, Mom has not gone there, although she has passed the section from time to time. Today, she found herself spending several special moments nearby the corner where the jeans were displayed on shelves. There were some open boxed-like containers with tee shirts and Mom had casually picked one up ... to admire the color ... and to reminisce ...

Flashback ...

You will remember that Mom had asked You to try on a pair of jeans ... at that corner.

Not in the changing room, oh no.

She was helping You to change just by the KIKO shelves. There were no people around that area at that particular time. You had stripped to your underwear before trying on those jeans. She cannot remember exactly how old You were then but You were at the age where You could take off your pants in public without feeling embarrassed. Chuckle.

Your mother will always remember that incident because right after that, she realized that her pink handbag was missing.

She had left it on one of those open box containers (what do You call them anyway?) (should have taken a photo), nearby where we were, and had left it there when she spotted the jeans.

To cut a long story short, she had hurried to the customer service with You running by her side, to report her missing handbag. How relief was she when she was told that a customer had handed in a pink handbag a few minutes ago.

Her handbag was safely returned to her.

With that, Mom and You went back to the KIKO section, picked up the pair of jeans and went to the payment counter.

Memories ...

Memories ...

Memories ...

Mom found herself staring at that corner ... and wishing ... wishing ... she could turn back the time ...

With a heavy heart, she slowly walked away.

She must have taken about 10 steps away when she was suddenly alerted to a familiar music on the overhead PA system.

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Are you kidding?

1234, I Love You ???

Omg ...

Mom grabbed her handphone to check the time.

It was 2:44 pm


Immediately, Mom texted to Dad :

244 hear d song. Im at the plc where i bot jeans for dans

Dad replied with a smiley.

There's only 1 way 

2 say 

those 3 words 

4 You-uuu

I Love You

Plain White T's

Yes Son, that's easy ...

Mom felt your presence throughout the song.

She lingered around the area, listening to every word that was sung.

That zap made her day, Son. Thank you for that.

You do remember that jeans / handbag incident, don't You?

Isn't it funny that Mom had to lose her handbag that day all those years ago? She probably would not remember the jeans incident quite so distinctly, because that wasn't the first time your mother made You try on clothes. However, that was the one place she lost her handbag. How could she forget that? She was meant to remember that inciDAN somehow.

Mom wanted to get a Batman tee shirt. She soon spotted some Superman tees hanging on the promotional stand. Mom walked over. It was about 20 steps away from the KIKO section.

Mom called Dad.

He appeared shortly.

She coyly showed him the Superman tee shirt.

Dad asked, "For who?"

She mumbled, "Me ..."

"Isn't this for children?" Dad asked with a laugh.

"Yes yes ... but I think I can wear this ..." She insisted impatiently.

The adult sized tee shirts are normally too long. The kids' size was just right.

Dad said, "Go try it la ..."

Recoiling in mocked horror, she replied "No way, I'm not going to try it here ..."

What would the sales girls think?

Your mother ended up buying 3 sets : one Batman and two Superman tees.


Aiyoh Maaa ... tsk tsk tsk ... :D


(continue on Call 390)