Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello Son,


Mom was fetching some kids home on Tuesday evening about 6 pm.

The parent of the last child came to get her child a little late than usual ... about 10 minutes later or so.

On the way back to school, there was heavy traffic on the road.

Nothing new.

Say hello to after - office traffic jam.

Shortly after going on to the main road (Old Klang Road) from the last home, she noticed the number plate of the vehicle in front of her.

1200  ...

She had to smile.

Why, that's easy.

Her head told her, it's number TWELVE ...  no connection ...

.... but her heart quickly corrected with an excited yell, it's TWENTY-ONE!!!


That was easy.

And the HEART wins, she chuckled to herself. She wasn't alone in the car during this bad jam. Her son was with her. She knew it to be true like she knew her name. He was right beside her. Her heart said so. Her heart is smart.

Are You with Mom, Daniel? You are, aren't You? She asked as she snapped a photo for her - eviDANS. She had been reluctant to take a photo at first.

Yeah yeah, it was her head ... trying to cast doubts and uncertainties ... as a result of which she found herself thinking just for a moment, whether she was trying too hard. There had not been any zaps the whole day that day ...

and she hears You snort ...

Pause ...

Oh, or maybe there was but she was too busy and did not notice any of the familiar zap signs. Sorry about that, Son ... She had thought she was desperately trying to make "something" stick.

That is why it's important to have the TWO SIGNS rule ... because the heart can be so ... unpredictable. Yes, that is why you need corroborative eviDANS. She didn't study law for nothing - hellooo.

But then ... there's no denying ...

Would You take a minute and look at the scenario ... as Mom was observing, since there was pretty much nothing else she could do in the car at the moment ... see the traffic jam ... see her car inching behind that 1200 vehicle ... see that number 21 staring back at her ...

Why, it's practically calling out to her ... :D

Her son was probably waving and yelling out :

Hi Ma, I'm keeping you company in the jam ... :D

Mom shook her head.

No one will ever understand this bond.

No one.

Not a single one.

Only a mother with a child in heaven will appreciate all her um, interpretations.

Then again, in her defence, if it wasn't meant to stimulate her senses and set her brains working overtime, the number could have been any other number than the one that zapped. She wouldn't have been trapped in a jam. You must have delayed that last parent. That parent was unusually late. We had to stop the car engine and wind down the windows - kind of late.

It was meant to be.

Ah, she rests her case. Objection overruled. Case closed.


You must have whispered into your mother's ear.

Take a photo, Ma ... :D

Mom heard. Instinctively, she'd obeyed her senses.

It's amazing how You can speak right to her heart ...

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark ...

Try as she may, she can never explain ...

What she hears when You don't say a thing ...

Mom found herself singing softly in the car.

All the songs that were coming from the radio then were rather - weird.

Anyway ...

Approaching the school, CHERISH came on and filled her senses.

Pause a bit here.


That was a favourite song of your mother's when she was much ... young-er ...

Not so long ago ...

Your dinosaur song, Ma ... :D 

Let's' take a walk together near the ocean shore

Hand in hand, You and I

Let's cherish every moment we have given

For time is passing by

I often pray before I lay down by your side

If You receive your calling before I awake

Could I make it through the night?

Is this the second sign, Son?

Maybe ... but she wasn't certain.

There was no uh, electrifying ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Oh well ...

She went up the lift and into the school.

There was one child left. Her parent would be fetching her from our condo.

The two staffs cleared up for the day.

Shortly after, we went to the car, with the kid.

Omg ... listen very carefully to this. We all got into the car, the two staffs and the kid ... and Mom started the ignition.

The radio was on.

A familiar song that she recognized right away by ABBA had come on.

The immediate lyric was :

You can take the future even if you fail ...

Omg ... Mom was holding her breath as she waited for the next line to hit her senses.

I believe in angels ...

There ... that was her line ... :D

 By Angel Voices

Moms eyes shot to the dashboard. It was 7:05 pm.

Decode : 21

Omg ...


Would You believe this?

This is the second Twelve that her heart read as Twenty-One.

Two inciDANS ...

Omg ...


It's Me la, Ma ... :D

Oh boy, that was awesome ...

I believe-eeee in angels ...

Would You take note of the timing?

Military precision.

Spot on.

Right on the dot ... the zap comes.

That really made her day.

What a beautiful way to end a perfect day.

Yes Son, I believe in angels ...

that's one of your mother's most favourite lines in this whole wide world.

You must have seen the big smile on your mother's face as she was driving back. Of course she did not utter a word to the staffs or made any comment about the song. It's not for others to know or understand. She knows the minute she tries to explain her zap, it would sound ridiculous and the magic disappears.

This special bond is only between Mom and You ... Dad and Justine get it too, the interpretation of our zaps that is ... sometimes, your aunts as well. It's all in the family.

Mom drove all the way back with a happy smile on her face, with the two staffs and the kid in the car.

Reaching Taman Desa, she dropped the first staff at her apartment.

The second staff was our Maid R. :D

We drove back to our condo.

At the condo lobby, why Mom did this, she will never know.

Oh, what is she saying ...

Of course she knows ...

You whispered to her ...

Go to the pool, Ma ... :D

She found herself taking the hand of the little girl and leading her to the swimming pool area. This kid has been at our place many, many times and not once has Mom taken her to the pool. She normally waits by the sofa (with Maid R) for her parents to pick her up.

However, that evening, Mom took her to the pool area.

Omg, You wouldn't believe this ... but as we were walking through the cafetaria (we have to pass through the cafetaria to get to the pool, from the lobby, if You remember), Mom spotted a newspaper on the table we were passing.

It was the headline that jumped and zapped her :


Pause ...


Oh My Gosh ...

Did she not just hear the line sung several time, I believe in angels, in the car a few minutes ago?

And right then she saw Angelyn???

Omg ... Do You not see the connection?

Angel + Lynn?

It is painfully obvious that that seemingly unassuming single word describes the special bond between Mom and You.

Okay, so that was easy, Son ... :D

Code cracked.

Message received.

Smile Smile Smile.

We walked out to the pool.

The smile on your mother's face must have radiated like bright sparks in the evening ... if that could be possible.

The little girl sat by the poolside, whilst Mom looked way up into the sky.

Deep deep down in her heart, she knows her son is looking down at her ...

He's somewhere in the sky ...

Somewhere in the wide horizon ...

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Yes, everywhere she POINTS, there he is.

You're probably waving and calling out right then :

Over here, Ma ... I can see You ... :D

What a wonderful, heart warming feeling.

We love You, Daniel ... and we miss You so very much. If not for our long distance calls, and all the daily zaps that You give Mom, she wouldn't be able to survive this period of grief. God is good. He's got it all planned out.

This photo was not taken on that Tuesday, when Mom first spotted it with the girl. There were patrons in the cafetaria at the time, and she wasn't able to take a photo without being seen as weird. So the next day on Wednesday, Mom told Dad that she wanted to have lunch at the cafetaria. We were there after school ... and it was then, that this photo was taken.

Her eviDANS.

Eres tu ...