Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call 393 : ORANGE SHOE

Hello Son,                                                                                       (continue from Call 392)


What happened from thereon was surreal.

Mom was rather tired, having walked from one end of the mall to the other, in her platforms.

She wanted to rest her feet a bit, and have a drink.

Dad suggested Coffee Bean.

Mom said okay.

We walked towards the direction of Coffee Bean.

Half-way there, Mom stopped at a shoe shop (Charles & Keith) to have a look-see. There was a nice orange pair of platforms that she'd spotted and rather liked. However, there were many customers at that material time and none of the shop assistants were available to attend to her. So she decided to have her drink first and then go back later.

We walked further on towards Coffee Bean.

Approaching another shoe shop (Nose), Mom called out to Dad to give her "a minute."

She went in, took one round, her expert eyes scanning through all the shelves from one side of the wall to the other, front to back, top to bottom, before she finally decided that there wasn't anything interesting for her feet in that shop.

She walked out ... to join Dad, who was standing right outside the entrance.

Coffee Bean was about 3 or 4 outlets away.

There was a nice comfy set of armchairs waiting for us by the side of that cafe. Mom sank down heavily and rested her head back. Dad went to get the drinks.

There was a long queue.

Your father came back with the drinks some 20 minutes later.

After sipping her hot tea latte, Mom told Dad that she was going to check out another music shop that was at the lower ground.

"You wait here ... I'll be back in 10 minutes ..." your mother said, as she stood up, swinging a small handbag over her shoulder.

Your mother went down to the lower ground ... and walked over to the music shop.

To cut a long story short, nope, that shop didn't have the Tiny Bubbles song either.

She went back up the escalator, and back to the cafe.

"They don't have it ..." Mom reported as she sat herself down, sighing loudly.

Dad said to use the male version ... "worse come to worse."

She took a few sips of her tea, and suddenly stood up, announcing to Dad that she was going to the first shoe shop (Charles & Keith) to try on that orange pair of shoes.

Dad said okay.

Mom walked out of the cafe and headed towards Charles & Keith.

For some reason, she found herself turning into Nose, that second shoe shop ... the one that she had gone in to check out before going to the cafe ...  and had found nothing interesting.

She walked in.

One Thousand Years was on at that moment.

She smiled to herself.

Ah, did she come in to hear this song? Maybe ... maybe. You're with Mom, aren't You, Daniel? :D

Another song came on after that, which Mom cannot remember what.

It was the next song after that that she heard left her gasping.

If I die young, bury me in satin ...

Omg ...

Mom grabbed her cellphone to check the time.

It was 4:53 pm.

Decode : 21

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...


You have so got to be kidding her.

Mom called Dad immediately. She heard Dad answering the call, but he couldn't make out what she was trying to say.

Lord, make me a rainbow ...

I'll shine down on my mother ...

Your mother was whispering excitedly into the phone, whispering for obvious reasons,

"It's 4:53 pm ... IF I DIE YOUNG just came on ... Can you hear it? ... IF I DIE YOUNG ... Can you hear it or not? I'm in Nose ..."

Dad couldn't hear what she was saying, let alone the song.

He was like, "What? What did you say? Speak louder ... What's that? What?"

Arghhh ... Forget it!

She typed Justine a text message. By then, the song had come to an end :

"4:53 pm if i die young came on and just ended. In nose."

Omg Daniel ... when was the last time this song came on?

It's been quite awhile since she last heard IF I DIE YOUNG.

 The Band Perry

Gosh, how amazing. There was no reason for Mom to go into Nose again. She had checked out this outlet before Coffee Bean and there was nothing good for her. What made her go in? You must have whispered to your mother.

Go in to Nose, Ma ... :D

Oh gosh ...

Oh wow ...

That was incredible ...

Smiling to herself, and feeling light-headed and somewhat breezy, Mom slowly made her way to the other shoe outlet ... the one with the orange shoe ...  singing under her breath ...  

If I Die Young, bury me in satin ...

At that shop (Charles & Keith), it turned out that they did not have that orange pair in her size.

Oh well ...

Mom browsed around the shop and tried on some other shoes. She came across a simple white platform. The sales boy brought a pair for her in her size. They fit really well. She tried to check the price tag but there was no price sticker on that pair. Nor on the sample shoe on display.

Mom took that pair to the counter. She would get that pair, she decided. It's not easy to find a pair of shoes that fit well, so when you do find one that fits perfectly, GET IT.

That's the number one shoe rule.

Chuckle ...

Unless of course, the price is so highly priced and exorbitant ... in which case, GET OUT of the shop, run run run and don't look back!

Grin ...

The cashier took her shoes and punched in the price, informing her that the amount was RM129-90.

Mom stared at the amount that appeared on the till.

Oh ---My --- Gosh ...

129 - 90

Decode : 21

Omg ... What are the chances?


Gosh Daniel. You really are with Mom this whole day, aren't You?

What a coinciDANS ...

Mom pulled out some notes to pay the cashier.

Happily, she walked out of the shop, and retraced her steps back to Coffee Bean.

Walk walk walk ...

Boy, was she pleased with her purchase.

She passed Nose .. and smiled.  

If I Die Young, she hummed again to herself.

She passed another shoe outlet (Lewre) which was about 2 outlets away from Coffee Bean. Mom found herself walking into that shop. She spotted a lower platform shoe with coral straps. Mom asked the salesgirl for a pair in her size.

The girl came with the shoes. Mom tried them on, and decided she liked that pair too.

It was RM159-00.

How often does she buy shoes anyway? Not often at all. She decided to get that pair.

At the cashier, she was told that there was a RM30 rebate which makes the resulting price : RM129.




Decode : 21

Two pairs for you, Ma ... :D


Mom took her bag and went back to meet Dad.

Boy, did she have a lot to tell Dad. :D

Talk talk talk ... Omg Omg Omg ... and then and then and then ...

"Son's really shopping with me ..." Mom finished with a big smile on her face.

Dad chuckled.

"There's just no way for me to buy TWO pairs of shoes in 10 minutes ... unless he's helping me choose ... hahaha ..." :D

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