Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello Son,

It's Saturday today ...

Mom drove the maid to the school this morning.

On the way back, YOU RAISE ME UP came on the radio.

A glance at the time on the dashboard brought a big smile to your mother's face.

9:14 am.

Decode : 14

That's like a loud

Hi Ma ... :D

all the way from heaven.


Yes Daniel ... Mom heard.

That was like a respond to her thoughts this morning as she uploaded the song ALWAYS THERE on your facebook this morning before going down to the car.

You know I'll never leave you

You can find me everywhere

In the morning light, the evening star

I'm always there

The kids in the van have been playing your cartoon disc LAND BEFORE TIME this whole week.

Yes, Mom has been hearing the song FRIENDS FOR DINNER each day as she sent the children home. Yes Son, Friends For Dinner. Dad and Mom will always remember how You used to sing that line Friends for Dinner. You would say :

Fliends for Linner. :D

On Thursday 9th, Mom was sending the day care kids home in the evening.

There were only 2 kids to be sent home that evening. 

Dad had put on a different disc that Thursday morning.

When it started playing, the girl said, "I don't want this tape. I want Land Before Time ..."

The boy echoed, "I want Land Before Time too ..."

Mom had to smile.

Yeah, even she wanted Land Before Time. :D

Land Before Time has been playing in the school mpv since Monday, which means the children have been watching the video and listening to the songs for 4 days ... including Thursday.

Yup, 4 days straight.

For 4 days, Mom has been listening to your version of FRIENDS FOR DINNER ... always feeling a bit melancholy when that song came on. What she would give to turn back the time and freeze the moment ... but then she knows You wouldn't wish for that to happen ... now that You're free ... and have Jesus and Mama Mary by your side.

So anyway, the cartoon was playing.

Mom drove quietly, listening to the cartoon and the chatter of the two children behind her.

After dropping the first child home, we were driving back towards the school. The second kid lives on the opposite end of the road she was on. Something awesome would soon happen. Mom just knew it was YOU.

The evening after-  office jam had started.

It was after 6 pm then.

The cartoon was on. It was quiet in the car except for the DVD. Mom was thinking thinking thinking ... and her thoughts carried her far far away to - somewhere over the rainbow. As we were approaching the school, she turned to the lane that would allow her to take a right turning to the school.

Picture this.

4 lanes on the road. Lane 1 and 2 (on the left side) was the main road, that she was supposed to go on to drop the second kid. Lane 3 and 4 (on the right side) would take her to the right and back to school. There was a set of traffic lights at that junction. Mom was on lane 4, extreme right, at the traffic lights. There were like seven cars ahead of her.

The boy at the back seat called out to her.

Surprised, Mom turned to look behind her, and he gave her a wide grin.

Oh goodness, she was supposed to take the straight road (Lane 1 and 2) towards the boy's home. She had forgotten. She was on Lane 4, extreme right, about 7 cars from the traffic lights. She groaned. Looking at the congestion of vehicles around her, it would probably take 10 to 20 minutes for her to take the right turn and make a U turn further up. She was running late as it was.

The boy's parent would be waiting.

Mom remembers very clearly that about the same moment, she heard the lyrics :

Always there, someone you can count on to comfort you ...

Immediately, she found herself thinking about Bruno Mars COUNT ON ME :

You can count on me, like 123, I'll be there ... 

Mom has in fact uploaded the song a few times on your blog. 

Wait ...

Wait for it ...

Something awesome was about to enfold right before your mother's eyes.

Yes, she should have known she could count on You.

The light turned green.

Being on the 4th lane on the extreme right, it was not possible for her to make an attempt to drive straight on, without causing a commotion. She had to turn right. However, for some reason, the vehicles on her lane were not moving. She watched the cars on Lane 3 (on her left), move forward one by one ...

The first car moved forward and turned right.

Followed by the second car.

And the third car etc.

When the car beside her (on her left) moved forward, Mom suddenly found herself holding her breath for some reason. You must have whispered to her.

You must have.

The car behind the vehicle beside her continued to be stationary after the car in front of it had driven off.

Mom looked at the left side mirror. That car was still not moving. Neither were the cars on her lane. There was a gap for Mom to quickly slide in and follow that lane, before carefully taking the straight road (instead of right) ... in a dangerous manner ... if You get what she means.

You must have whispered : Switch to the left lane now, Ma ... Now!  :D

because she suddenly found herself swerving to the left, on to Lane 3. By the way, her signal was not on. Everything happened so fast. She had not intended to switch lanes in the first place. Why that car was stationary, she will never know. At the same time, tt was only after she was safely on Lane 3 that the vehicles on Lane 4 started moving.

Omg ... honestly ... that was surreal.

The switch had happened so quickly and so smoothly, like it had been orchestrated.

Yes, by an angel. Mom knows that was your doing, Daniel. There was no way she could have done what she did without an angel's help. She arrived at the boy's home right on the scheduled time.

How amazing. Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad and Justine when she got home. She had to draw out the lanes and the traffic lights and cars, to relate the inciDAN to them properly.


That was amazing.

It was like, a traffic angel had suddenly appeared to direct the cars to create a space for her to get onto the correct lane ... and mind you, this happened during heavy traffic hour.

Honestly, that was super incredible.

Thank You Son ... Mom can certainly count on You, that's for sure. :D

Will write again a bit later. Need to run some errands.

Love you, Son ... be good. Keep the zaps coming. :D