Sunday, July 22, 2012

Call 390 : FRUIT SHOP

Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 389)


We left the mall about 5 pm or so.

We were fetching Justine from the condo for dinner.

Your sister wanted to have crabs that day.

Dad suggested Fatty's Crab.

We had not been to that restaurant for many years. It was at this place that You first discovered the pleasure of pounding your crab with a small food hammer and having the bits and pieces splatter everywhere.

We arrived at about 6 pm.

The place was already quite crowded. Of course there was a table for us.

Are You kidding? It's your 21st. We're celebrating together.

Dad ordered crabs, chicken wings and satay.

We will always miss our family meals together, Daniel. :(

After dinner, we drove to school to pick the maid before driving back to Taman Desa.

Mom said she wanted to get some fruits for juice the following week.

Approaching the shops, your mother suddenly heard a familiar music that had come on.

Oh ---- My ---- Gosh ...

She pumped up the volume.

Justine said intially, "What song is this?"

The first lyric hit the air. Mom sang out loud.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane ...

By Wilson Phillips

Oh My Gosh ...

The time on the dashboard showed 8:08 pm.

Decode : 4444


How awesome


How awesome

Omg, how awesome ...

Mom said aloud, "Eight O Eight ... Omg ... I sang this at the garden this morning ..."

Justine intercepted, "I sang first ..."

"Oh yeah ... You started with the one line ... What line was that?"

Your sister replied, "Daniel, You're a star ..."

"And then I sang, Daniel is flying tonight on a plane ... and You asked whether it's flying or traveling ..." continued your mother excitedly, recalling the event that enfolded this morning.

Justine was like, "Yeah yeah ..."

Gosh, Dad, Mom and Justine were there at the garden - we all heard the conversation - and now we were hearing the song together in the car. It was surreal.

What are the chances?

Angel chance.

Omg ...

The mood in the car was an incredibly all time high. :D

Dad parked in front of the fruit shop.

Mom said, "Don't turn the engine off yet ..." and continued singing along until the song ended.

Your mother said, "You see ... all the white trails I saw this morning ... 4 before the garden, one at the garden ... then Justine and me singing DANIEL at his garden ... we only sang that song, we didn't sing anything else ... and now at the end of the day, we all hear the song together ... If we had reached here one minute ago, You would have turned off the engine and we would have missed the song ... Omg ... "

What a perfect close to a perfect day.

The song ended. Mom had a big happy smile on her face. She got out of the car. Maid R followed her. Dad and Justine remained in the car.

As Mom and Maid R were walking to the fruit store, Mom said, "You asked me this morning why I took the photo of the white lines in the sky? That was my son. He sent them. You heard the song in the car? We sang that at his garden this morning ..."

Maid R smiled and nodded ... she understood.

Oh, the feeling at that moment was just incredible.

It was the knowing ...

The knowing that You are with us all the time ...

The knowing that the signs and the zaps are from You ...

The white trails ... the garden ... the jeans ... the 1234 I Love You ... and now the song Daniel in the car ...

Omg ...

Thank You, Son ... for being with us all the time ...

We love You very much and we know You're right beside us all the time ...

If we forget, remind us.

Again and again and again ...

God is so good to us ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...