Saturday, April 28, 2012

Call 359 : TWO DIGITS

Hello Son,                                                       (continue from Call 358)
Saturday, April 21
Shortly after, about 20 minutes later or thereabouts, it started to drizzle. Gentle drops of water falling from the sky. Mom looked up into the clouds. Are You watering God's garden? :D 

Dad said to keep the candles and the camera. 

Dad went to the car to get the umbrella, and continued to arrange the flowers ... whilst Mom got the cue and ... um, started singing ...

Did You hear her? 

Could You?

Has she ever mentioned that it's quite an experience singing at the top of your lungs in a cemetary - memorial garden - especially with all the tomb stones standing attentively as your audience. 

The only thing that was missing was a mike.

Mom was sure You were singing with her.

You were, she knows ...

How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow
Birds high up in the trees
serenade the clouds with their melody 

By Kelly Chen.

Mom said, "Dans don't want us to stay long today ..."

After planting the flowers on the garden bed, we packed up. We were slowly driving down the slope, and passing by several garden plots with flowers that had withered. 

Dad commented, "And that is why we use everlasting flowers ..."

Would You believe it but no sooner had Dad mentioned that, about two seconds later, we both heard the lyrics : 

Roses are red but not forever ...

that came on the radio. A song from the Golden Years obviously.

The time was 10:56 am.

Decode : 21

Omg ... 



How perfect is the timing?

You must have whispered to your father. :D

How else then?

Gosh, what are the chances? Mom was shaking her head in disbelief. Dad had a smile on his face. As we were driving out from the memorial park onto the highway, a car with the registration plate 21 drove passed us, on our right.

Mom pointed and started to scramble for her cellphone. Where is her cellphone? Where is that darn cellphone? Where is it? Where is it?

Oh, oh forget it. There was no time to take a photo. Her mobile and the camera were at the back seat. 

Dad saw that vehicle. Yes, yes, Mom made sure he saw it. Your mother has been trained to always have a witness when it comes to things that really uh, matter.


Oh Wow ...

Before she could digest the - zap - believe it or not, a few seconds later, we saw a second vehicle with the two digit number 21 again, in front of us, this time on our left.

"Two 21s, one after another. One on the right, and one on the left," Mom announced excitedly. 

"That was definitely son telling us he's near. It's him ..." your mother continued happily.

That evening, Mom was relating to Justine about the inciDANs that happened that day. 

After listening to everything your mother had to say, your sister said, "Listen to this song ..." (which she downloaded on her cell)

Mom has not heard of the song before. No comment, please.

She googled YOUTUBE for a video, downloaded below. 


By Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

As she viewed the video, she caught sight of an image of a DEER at one point ... 

That made her sit right up.

Mom did not say anything at first, it was too random ... but a second image of the DEER appeared and she then found herself exclaiming, "Omg, DEER Jus..."

(Call 353 : Deer Pants)

Justine and Mom then replayed the video to check the times the DEER appears.

The first : 2:51

Decode : 44

The second : 3:32

Decode : 44

Omg ... both times at her angel numbers. 

Oh wow ...


How amazing ...

What are the chances?

Angel chance for sure.

You were definitely with us, we could tell. :D

Soon after, Mom heard the lines "WE ARE YOUNG" coming from Justine's cell. 

"Hey, a YOUNG song," Mom said. "What song is this?"

(Call 357 : Young Songs)

Your sister said, "WE ARE YOUNG by FUN." 

And then added, "It's right after SAFE & SOUND."

Pause ...

All YOU.

Yes, YOU.

Nobody nobody but You.

By Fun.

(continue on Call 360)