Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call 355 : EASTER ZAP

Hello Son,

Easter Sunday, April 8

This morning, Justine and Mom went for Easter mass in the morning at 11:30 am. Dad was outstation and would be back by noon time.

So anyway, mass started. 

Soon, believe it or not but IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE came on ... again.

Mom checked her time. 

It was 11:41 am.

Decode : 2  4  1

A big grin appeared on her face. 

21 and 24 ... 

Why, that's easy ...


Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

(departure and birth dates) 

So anyway, after mass, we went to PJ for lunch. The place looked congested eventhough it was a Sunday. 

Justine complained, "How are we going to find parking?"

In the middle of replying, 

"Your brother will find one for you ..." 

a car signaled to leave its bay on our right side, about three parking bays in front of us. 

We both saw it, but we did not say anything because there were two cars in front of our car, and we weren't sure if either one would drive into the bay. 

Neither did. 

Hah. Alright!

"You saw that?" Mom turned to your sister with a big grin.

Park here, guys ... :D

Jus was like, "Uh huh ..." :D


We walked over to the coffee shop. The patrons had spilled out into the five foot walk way ... which probably means, all the tables inside the coffee shop were occupied.

Reaching the entrance, Mom asked for a table inside the restaurant, remarking that outside was too hot. The waiter signaled us to go in, and led us to a table.

Oh, good good ... there was a table then.

Justine and Mom exchanged a secret smile when we saw the table the waiter brought us to. 

 Your sister was on the left, and Mom on the right side of the table.

Table 13?


Yesterday, during mass, we had the hymn 

IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE and after that, 

when we went to makan, we had a table 13 too.

Oh Wow ... 

A double zap for Easter.


Awesome ... :D

We felt your presence, Daniel. 

You were definitely with us.

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be.