Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello Son,

Sunday, April 8

It's Easter Sunday today. 

A reminder to us that Jesus is ALIVE and because of His resurrection, we can no longer die but have eternal life  ... because ... 

We -- are children -- of the resurrection. 

Say that with attitude, please.

Yup, Mom remembers that sermon, the first Easter without You with us, where the priest had drummed that line into her head. He obviously succeeded, since she still remembers it. Hah.

That entry is somewhere in the blog - but Mom has no time to look for it now.

On Saturday April 7 ...

Mom and the maid R, were in school ... Maid R was cleaning and mopping the floor. Yes, the maid has finally arrived and boy, is there a story to tell about the maid. Ah, but that can wait ...


Anyway, about 2 pm, Mom told Maid R that we had to go get some lunch. Justine was in the house and was waiting for her food.

So, we stopped whatever that we were doing, went to the car, and drove to the food court. It's been awhile since your mother went to the food court. Your sister had said she wanted hor fun (rice noodles). 

Mom walked over to the hor fun stall and made her order. Then, she walked to the back of the court, and bought mixed rice for Maid R. After that, Mom walked back up, to a pan mee (flour noodle) stall, and ordered a packet for herself. 

While waiting for the pan mee to be ready, your mother walked over to the hor fun stall, which was some 10 walking steps away from the pan mee stall, and asked, "How much?"

The man replied, "Finished shopping?"


He repeated, "You finished buying your food? Going home now?"

Mom said, "I'm still waiting for the pan mee ..."

The man remarked, "Oh, you get that one first. Only when you are ready to go home, I will prepare your soup for you. Otherwise the soup will be cold."

Pause ...

Oh gosh ... what was that? 

All her life of buying food at the hawker, this would be the first time any hawker-man cared about the temperature of her soup. 

Mom offered a smile and a "Thank you ..." and walked to the pan mee stall. 

Your mother stood there and watched the girl prepare her noodles. Mom called out and said, she didn't want her noodles too spicy. 

The radio at the stall was playing. 

It was a Michael Jackson song. 

Mom was not really paying much attention to it.

Her packet was soon ready. As the girl handed her the packet of noodles, Mom took a few steps forward, pulling out some notes from her purse at the same time, when she suddenly heard the song lyrics in the background :

You are not alone, I am here with You ...

OMG ...   

Quickly, she pulled out her cellphone and saw the time.

It was 2:35 pm

Decode : 4

Oh gosh ...


She found herself walking over to the hor fun stall with a big smile on her face. She was not alone. Her son's reminding her.

I am here with You ... :D

At the hor fun stall, Mom said, "I'm going home now ..."

The man nodded and started packing up her soup. 

Handing over the packet of noddles to her, he said, "RM8 ..."


RM8? Your mother thought incredulously.

For a packet of noodles?

When was the last time she bought a packet of noodles at the hawkers that cost that much. Even RM6 would have been expensive for a small packet of hor fun at the hawker's. What could he have put inside? 

Then again ... heLLooooo ... EIGHT ringgit?


Like  44?

Mom reached into her purse and paid the man with another big smile. :D

You're near ... Mom knows. 

Mothers know these things. Don't ask how they know. It's a God-given intuition natural to mothers only. 

A kind of umm, super-hero power.


Ya Ma, Hah ... :D


That Saturday evening ... 

Justine, Mom and Maid R attended mass at 7 pm. 

Dad was outstation.

The church was packed like sardines, and so we went up to the air-conned room (to witness the celebration through the projector screen). You must be shaking your head, huh. 

No, strictly speaking, we were not late. 

Just that everyone else was very, very, very early that day.

It was freezing cold in that small room, which could hold about 100 people or so. Mom found herself shivering as she sat there in the - ice-box. How many times has she told herself that she must bring her wrap everywhere she goes? You just don't know when you're gonna need it.

Like now ...

Brrrrrrr ... 

How was your mother gonna enjoy, let alone survive, the 3 hour mass like that? Yes, tonight the mass was gonna be long.

Would You believe it but a few minutes later, a lady came to the front and made an announcement, ushering everyone to another hall located one floor above where we were.

Oh, mom was glad to leave the place and found herself welcoming the stuffiness of the corridor outside the room ... but then, the second hall was also air-conned, she grimaced to herself. 

You could say her joy was short-lived.

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