Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call 352 : EASTER HOPE

Hello Son,                                           (continue from Call 351)

Saturday, April 7

At the much larger hall, we were ushered to the rows of chairs towards the right, at the front. Mom slid into the second row from the front, and heard Justine groaned, 

"Why must we sit so right in front?"

So, nobody would block our view. 

The front row was empty, by the way.

Mass soon started. 

In between the standing up and down and kneeling and responding and singing, Mom thought of the DIESEL inciDAN that happened the night before ... 

... on Friday, April 6.

We had attended Good Friday Mass the night before. 

Dad was with us. We were in that same hall, being uh, not early enough to get seats in church. Don't You shake your head, mister.

Dad had walked up to the third row from the front, that had 5 empty seats. We seated ourselves down.

Mom, Dad, Justine, Aunty C and Maid R.


The moment, Mom sat down, her attention was drawn to the tee shirt of the boy sitting directly in front of Dad. 

She found herself staring hard. 

All of sudden, a message flashed in her head.

OMG ...

Mom leaned over to Dad and whispered, "Son's talking to me. Do you see the message?"

She pointed a finger at the back of the boy. 

Dad looked but did not return any - EUREKA expression. 

She didn't expect Dad to get the message behind the motor oil. Mom took out a pen and a piece of paper from her handbag, before scribbling quickly:

D   DIES   Easter   Lives

OMG ...

Of course, that's the real meaning of Easter. 

Eternal Life. You're assuring your family once again, that because of Jesus, we can no longer die but live forever in Christ. 

That was surreal. That hall was a large place, with 500 chairs or thereabouts. Yet, Dad had to choose this row where a message lies for your mother? Gosh, that was so meant to be.

The letter D - was like boxed up and in red - how much more dramatic can it be? How could it not get your mother's attention? 

Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. 

That really was awesome. 

An Easter message for your family. 

Jesus is alive today ... and whosoever believes in Him, though he dies, shall live forever ...

The Easter Hope lives on.

You must know by now that Easter is somehow celebrated differently by your family since You left. We used to buy little gifts and bunny chocolates and eggs to celebrate Easter. 

Now, Easter's a quiet time at home, with Grandma's delicious roast chicken. We're just immensely grateful that God sent his only Son to be tortured and crucified on a cross, just so we could have eternal life. 

Gee ... Can You imagine if God had not done all that? 

No, Mom cannot imagine that ...

Thank You Jesus for saving us ...


(continue on Call 353)