Saturday, April 14, 2012

Call 357 : YOUNG SONGS

Hello Son,

Have to tell You about these inciDANs that happened a day after Easter. :D

Monday, April 9

This morning, on the way to school,  


came on the radio.

The time on the dashboard showed 6:51 am.

Decode : 21

Oh Wow ... Mom must say she was really surprised to hear the song on the radio. Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young ... You don't ever hear this song on the radio. No ...  the radio station only play this song like, once a year maybe. 

This is a very very very old song ... 

Another one of your dinosaur songs ah, Ma ... 

Mom can almost hear You say. :D

Your mother was introduced to the song during her college time in 1984. Note the year. Do your calculation. 

See all the angel numbers?

4 4 4 4 4 


Hmmm, 1984 ...

That was the year when Karate Kid (Daniel Larusso) 

and Together in Electric Dreams were also out. 

Tsk tsk tsk Ma ... Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus ...

Isn't it funny that your mother is able to remember the YEAR of these songs? Who would have thought that her favourite songs that year would turn out 28 years later to zap her in a way that would help connect herself to her son in heaven? How incredible is that? 

Gosh ...

Truly, everything's been planned out nicely by the Lord.

Anyway, that song is from a movie (Streets of Fire). Mom doesn't remember the story, only the part where Diane Lane sang the song. That's her only favourite part. Big time favourite.

You know that now, don't You?

Here, take a moment to watch the video ...

Movie : Streets of Fire

Say a prayer in the darkness 

for the magic to come

Hmmm ... the song. Was that a zap? Mom couldn't be sure. It was too coinciDANtal. If it was, there would be another sign ...

After school that day, Mom fetched the children home. 

After sending the last kid, she was on her way home, when WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW came on the radio.


Dot 26 : Botak

Mom glanced at the time. It was 1:11 pm. 

Decode : 21

She remembered the time of the song this morning. 

6:51 am. 

She had thought to herself at the time ... 111 ... before she saw the instant, clear bright 21. :D


By James Durbin.

You must have seen your mother smile from ear to ear. 

Was that her second sign? 

Apatosaurus, Maa ... :D

Of course it was ... The song had come on when all the kids were out of the car, and she was all alone driving back to school ... There were no distraction, she was so meant to hear it ... 


That evening, after we had locked up, and was driving back home ... FOREVER YOUNG filled the car and her senses. 

It was 7:18 pm.

Decode : 4444

Your mother's first thoughts were ... 



YOUNG ... Like - again? 

Spinosaurus, Maa ... :D


This morning's song was also a YOUNG song.

What a coinciDANs ...

Young and Young ...



By Alphaville

That night, Mom received a text from Aunty J in the States. The time of her sms was 9:42:04 pm. 

Decode : 44

She said :


Hope your weekend was a beautiful one ..."

Yes, Aunty J would be celebrating Easter on her side then. 

Mom replied: 

"Hapi Easter ... 

Always gud to be reminded that bc of Jesus, 

Dans is alive n kickin' ..." 

Aunty J replied back, but not immediately. 


She said :

Awww ... You'll never need to worry abt dans anymore. He has the best accommodations in the greatest of all paradise in heaven ... we will get to join him some day. He got express tix just like dad n trace ... we have to move on and live our lives n make the best out of it until we meet again n i know u r trying ...  


Mom found herself scrolling down to check the time of the sms. 

A smile broke out when she saw the time recorded as  

11:01:10 pm. 

Decode : 4

Did You whisper that msg to Aunty J, Son? 

You did, didn't You? :D 

Would You just check out the time? 

That time was just too perfect. Gosh, unbelievable. You must have seen your mother stare at her cellphone for several um, seconds. Mom went to bed thinking about her two YOUNG zaps and her Easter message. :D 

Tuesday, April 10

The next day, after picking the children and fetching them to school, your mother soon realized, some ten minutes later, that she forgot to fetch one kid. 

The last one. 

Oh dear, he would be waiting with his mother at the condo.

Quickly, she hurried to the car. 

She jumped into the car. As she turned on the ignition, would You believe it but the lyrics of IF I DIE YOUNG (the song was half way through) came on immediately. 

Mom was startled. 

Omg ...



Another YOUNG zap???

The time was 8:37 am.

Decode : 144

Oh boy, how quaint ...

First, she had :

Tonight is what it means to be Young ...

Then, Forever Young ...

And now, If I Die Young ...

OMG ... Somebody pinch her, please.

Mom was speeding all the way to the boy's home, thinking aloud and with a big grin : 

You really are with your mother, aren't You, Daniel?

You really, really are.

What are the chances of her hearing all the YOUNG songs at all the right time? Had she gone down to the car just two minutes later, she would have missed the song. 

Omg ...

It was incredible ...

The Band Perry. Smallville

Mom reached the boy's condo. His mother did not seem to mind that she was late that day, probably thinking it was the traffic that delayed her. 

So anyway, we were on the way back to school.

Drive drive drive ...

Think think think ...

Smile smile smile ...

Just as we were about to reach school, Mom suddenly spotted this car in front, which zapped her.

Omg ...

JES 3396 ...

Omg Omg Omg ...

Aunty Jessie's sms last night ... 

3396 ...

Decode : 21

Omg ... 

You're referring to Aunty J's sms, aren't You? You want Mom to take notice of Aunty Jes' sms, don't You? Oh gosh ...

It's true what Aunty J say, Maa ... :D

Pause ...

Gosh, that moment for Mom was unbelievable. 

We arrived in school. Mom parked the car. 

Before getting out, Mom quickly read Aunty J's sms again. 

Okay Son ...

Yeah okay ...

Mom got your message, Son ...

How incredible, how absolutely incredible, that You are able to zap your mother ... and on a daily basis.


And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is what EASTER is all about. Thank You Jesus for conquering death and for saving us ... because of the cross, we will not die in vain but have eternal life. We certainly look forward to the day when we can all be together again. Keep a journal, will You please? :D 

We love You, Son ... 

Keep the zaps coming.