Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call 353 : DEER PANTS

Hello Son,                                            (continue from Call 352)

Saturday April 7

Mom was brought back to the present when she saw the song lyrics that had flashed on the wall.

As the deer pants for the water ...

So my soul longs after thee ...



OMG ...


Flashback to Thursday, April 5

2 days ago in school ...

The children had gone back except for the day care kids. Mom had walked over to the 6 year old class. There was a girl at the table, with a reading book opened on her desk. 

As Mom approached, she heard the teacher say to the 6 year old girl, "Go ask teacher K what is the meaning of deer."

Mom said, "Deer? There ... like Bambi ... Bambi's a deer ..."

The teacher added, "Like Sang Kancil ... Go, go ask Teacher K (for mandarin explanation)." 

The girl left. 

Soon after, your mother went out of the class.

Back in church

Reflecting back, that deer inciDAN was kinda strange, don't You think? Had she stepped in the class one minute later, she would not have heard the deer conversation. She was only there for a minute, two the most.

You're with Mom all the time, aren't You?


As the deer panteth for the water ...

Water ...

Only God knows how this seemingly insignificant water word can be so connected to You.

Dot 23 : Fluid

Mom sat there quietly in her seat. 

It's so random, this deer song. 

What are the chances of her hearing this word 2 days ago? Of all the animals in the world, from A to Z, it had to be one that starts with a D ... on top of that, it had to be a deer

It could have been a ... a dog, a duck, a donkey, a dolphin, a dinosaur even ... but no, it had to be very specific - a deer.

OMG ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ... :D

Truly, God has given us a way ...

Just as she wondering if there would be a second sign - for reinforcement - the lyrics for IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE - appeared on the wall.

OMG ...

That did it.


Aiyoh Ma, is it so difficult to believe that I am with You? 

Here, In Moments Like These ... :D

Mom can almost hear You. It's not difficult, no ... it's just that, it's too amazing sometimes. 

Mom's overwhelmed - every time.


Your family sang FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED and IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE in the hospital two weeks before You left. Mom will relate the hospital story in your Orange Dot Blog when the times comes. For now, suffice to know that we had sung both songs repeatedly and continuously for about an hour.

So, how could this song not ZAP her?

OMG, this hymn so zapped her that night, her chest had hurt,  her lips had quivered and her vision blurred at one point, as she recalled the last moments of your time with us. 

So close ... so close ... and yet so far. 

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