Saturday, April 14, 2012

Call 356 : TWO WORDS

Hello Son, 

Something awesome just happened at noon time today.

Wait wait wait ... before Mom tells You about that, she must mention about another awesome inciDAN that happened in school yesterday (Friday, April 13).

Oh, hang on ... before Friday's inciDAN, let Mom remind You first that on Wednesday, April 11 ...

She had told You about the DIESEL inciDAN in Call 352 : Easter Hope ... and ... she had mentioned about the deer inciDAN in Call 353 : Deer Pants ...

Deer and Diesel inciDANs ...

Clear, so far?

So anyway, on Friday (yesterday) in school ... we had a Show & Tell session. The theme was brown. The children were supposed to bring something brown to share in class. 

Would You believe it but a 6 year old girl brought a deer head gear?

Omg ...

Honestly, what are the chances of your mother seeing a deer two days after she told You about it? 

No chance.

Mom saw that brown head gear first thing in the morning. 

One of the boys was wearing it ... but she didn't "get it" then. 

You're slow la, Maa ...

It wasn't until after school at 12:30 pm, when the girl happened to pass the registration desk that Mom called out to her.

No, not because of the head gear ... 

... rather, because the girl had not been in a good mood and was unusually uncooperative in class that morning. She dragged her feet and walked towards your mother, holding her brown head gear in her hand. 

Your mother, at that time, had no idea it was a deer. 


She gave Mom a hug.

Mom asked, "What happened today? Where's the happy smile? What's wrong, huh?"

The girl gave a pout before answering, "I'm tired ..."


Oh, alright then ...

Mom took up her camera that was on the desk and said, 

"Here, put on your animal head gear, and let's take picture. Give me a big smile ... I want to see a big smile ... Go on, put on your animal thingy ..."

The girl responded, "It's a deer la ..."

Time stood still for a good two seconds.

Quickly, Mom reached out for the head gear, checked it over before pulling it over the little girl's head. 

OMG, it IS a deer.

Your mother's pulse must have been racing. 

Omg ...

A deer ...

Like - a ... DEER ???


That was surreal.

You really know how to zap your mother, Son.

Anyway, this morning (Saturday) ... 

On the way to school to drop Maid R for her to do some cleaning, we stopped at the red lights. 

On your mother's left, she saw a vehicle with the number 


A smile appeared on your mother's face. She took out her cellphone and snapped a photo. That was probably a :

Good morning, Ma ... :D

She heard You.

Boy, You would have thought that was it, but no. It wasn't until Mom downloaded the photo that she got a further zap zap zap. 

OMG ...

She had only intended to take a photo of the 4440 car. 

The one on the left. See that?

However, she had somehow also captured the number of the bus on the right.


Decode : 21

Not only that, but HeLLoOooo ... 

Would You please take a look at the time on the dashboard?


Decode : 44  21

OMG ... All her angel numbers first thing in the morning. How amazing. Mom definitely felt your presence, Daniel. Everywhere your mother is, there You'll be. 

Thank You, Son ... for always letting Mom know that You're right beside her.

So anyway ...

Later, back in the condo about 11 am or so ...

A new parent came with his son. We met at the lobby downstairs, and made our way to the poolside. He had come to register his kid, who will be starting school the following Monday.

We talked for a bit, signed some forms etc etc etc ... 

It was then time to go home. 

As we were walking pass the cafeteria, the little boy said he wanted to eat. 

The father replied, "We're going home now. We'll eat at home ..." but the boy insisted he wanted to eat "there" (the cafeteria). The father tried to coax his son to go home, but the boy refused and stubbornly insisted he wanted to eat "there."

Mom said it was okay, and that she had the time, and let's order something for the boy since he was hungry. 

We took a table and sat down. He called a plate of noodles for his son. Whilst waiting for the food, the father asked, 

"How many children have you got?"

Mom said, "Two ..."

He asked, "How big are they?"

Mom replied, "Oh, they're big ... they're in college ..." 

Surely there is a college in heaven. Where else would You learn how to zap and send angel signs down to your family at angel time? You can't fool your mother. There is definitely some kind of a heavenly higher learning institution up there. 

Anyway, it was easier to just brush the issue aside, then to go into awkward explanations. Oh, I have two children but one lives in heaven. Or, I have two children but only one lives on earth. The other one lives with his, uh, real Father.

As You can see, there is no easy way to explain the situation.

Hah ...

Ya Ma, Hah... :D

Whilst feeding his son, the father said at one point, 

"He likes the Diesel song. It's in his I-Pad. If I can extract it, he will listen to it over and over ..."

H-huh ???

Mom echoed, "Diesel?"

The father said, "Yes ..."

Mom spelt it out, "D - I - E - S - E - L?

He said, "Yes, you know THOMAS is a train ..."

Oh, oh yes, Thomas ... and Diesel ...

Diesel ...

Omg ... what are the chances of Mom hearing this Diesel word? That was unbelievable. 

Mom should have checked her time right at that moment, but she forgot. She was too overwhelmed, You could say. 

How could she not?


On Wednesday April 11, she told You about the Diesel and the Deer inciDANS, and yesterday, she was zapped with a deer, and today, diesel.

Two word zaps ... 

Two, so she cannot ignore. 

She can't even if she tried.

OMG ... What have You got to say, Son? 

That was You. Mom knows. 

Nobody nobody but You. 

That was really awesome, Daniel ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...