Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hello Son,                                                (continue from Call 348)

After the two song zaps, Mom carried on with her work with a perpetual smile on her face. She's owing several entries, she knows ...  she knows.

Wait wait ... be patient ... :D

So anyway, as Mom was half way through preparing her draft on Call 348, she had stopped at one point, to find some images to upload on to certain paragraphs ... as she normally does. 

Nothing unusual about that. 

At the same time, she was transferring some photos she had taken during the week on her mobile to the desktop of the computer.

Got it so far? Two things were happening at the same time. She was looking for images and importing photos from her cellphone to desktop.

Soon, she was viewing the photos in the folder. Mom remembered with a smile at this particular photo :-

 Taken on Thursday, 29/3/2012 at 3:13 pm.

Our car is the grey one on the extreme right.

The BIKE inciDAN on Thursday, March 29 

Dad and Mom were in the car.

Dad had stopped in front of a bank, and double-parked as the area, including both lanes on left and right, was fully-packed with vehicles. As soon as Dad got out, the driver of the car that our car was then blocking (read that line slowly and picture that carefully ... Can? Got the picture?), came to get his vehicle. 

Mom had to climb over to the driver's seat to drive our car out of the way. She could have reversed and waited for the man to get out, and then drive into that bay, but she decided not to. The lane was very narrow and it didn't look like she could turn our car in to the bay at her angle without leaving a scratch or two on the vehicles on the right and left of her. 

Ha ha ha. Don't let Dad hear that. His streak of humor does not extend to scratches on the car, You notice? 


Anyway, we were not gonna be there for long.

So, Mom released the brakes, and slowly drove forward. Almost immediately, she noticed a vehicle coming out of its parking slot, two cars in front of her. 

She had to smile. Such an impossible time to find a parking, and yet, a car had to move out to leave an empty bay for your mother. Why, the empty bay was just right there in front of her nose ... eyes .. she means eyes.

She slid the car in and as she did so, noticed a motorbike with the number plate:  

MAA 2210.

Oh My Gosh ...


Decode 1 : MAA 14

Decode 2 : MAA 21 two times.

Hi Maa, it's me ... :D

However way she looked at it, she saw YOU YOU YOU.

Nobody nobody but YOU ... :D

On top of that ... OMG  - YAMAHA ???

As in like : Ya    Ma,    Ha!

Is that You, Daniel?

Ya Ma ... Ha, here's a parking spot for you. :D

Oh boy ... That was awesome. 

At the same time, after Mom drove into the bay, she couldn't help but noticed immediately the vehicle right in front of her eyes :-


Mom saw an instant :

4     24    14

24 in front of her. 21 behind her.

Why, that's easy. Who else can it be?

And a large huge A?

So many clues ...

A for Angel, of course. :D

Dad appeared just then. Mom had opened the car door, popped her head way out, with her body still strapped under the seat belt (can you picture that?) to take a photo of the motorcycle, and Dad was like, 

"What are you doing?"

Mom had to like shoo Dad away, "Move aside, move aside, I'm taking a photo of that bike ... move aside ..."

Dad did not move aside. He was not that cooperative that day and was hurrying Mom asking impatiently, 

"What are you trying to do? There's a car waiting ..." 

(waiting for us to leave the bay).

Anyway, Mom finally managed to capture a photo of her 


Ya  Ma,  Hah! :D

Grin ... 

So, that was the bike MAA 221 inciDAN that happened on Thursday (March 29th) afternoon. 

Okay ...

Now go back ... go back would You please, to Saturday March 31st evening, when Mom was looking for images as she mentioned earlier. 

Tsk tsk tsk, why so complicated one ...

You wait ... everything is just kinda connected.

Mom came across this anime photo of a girl looking at the moon. That image kinda reminded your mother of herself, she has to admit ... staring at the moon, talking to the moon, crying to the moon etc.

She clicked on it (Yeah, Dad said you have to click on the image first before dragging it out on to the desktop, did you know that?), and was somewhat surprised to see the number 0221 on the bottom left of the image. 


Two two one???


OMG ...


What are the chances???

(continue on Call 350)