Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Call 240 : GOOSE BUMPS

Hello Son,                               (continue from Call 239)

Sunday, June 19

7. More Signs

The time on the dashboard showed 9:32 am when we pulled away from the garden. Justine was at the wheel.

How perfect. Mom could not ask for more.

Her angel sign : 14

1 Am Number 4 ...

Now and forever ...

Call 150 : Number Four

When we arrived earlier, the time had clearly shown her your presence at 8:21 am. 

Indeed, in the beginning, there was YOU. 

In the end, there was YOU. 

In the middle, there was YOU YOU YOU. :D

That's like a really good Karangan (Composition) ... 

There's the pendahuluan (introduction), penutup (ending) and isi (substance). 


If Mom didn't know any better, she would have thought Mom and You were engaged in a conversation of some kind. 

The one that is felt and not heard. 

The heart to heart kind. 

A special connection.

The one that only a mother and child would have ... as God intended.

The Bond. 

Code : Double O Four

004. :D

8. Brunch

We drove to a noodle restaurant that was nearby. 

It was about 10 am.

Dad pointed to an empty spot in front of the eatery. 

Justine parked the car easily. Thanks for reserving that spot for us, Son. You know, we do notice that every time, your sister is at the wheel, she gets a really easy spot to park the car.

You really are watching over your sister, aren't You, Daniel? :D

 Wish You were with us, Son ...
That empty seat beside Justine ... that's yours ...

 Did Mom ever mention that her angel number 4 is hidden in our car number?

Go do your math and you'll see. :D

9. Award Presentation

After brunch, we were on our way to Federal Hotel in town.

Your sister's tuition center was having an award presentation and photography session at 11 am. The radio was on, and a song was coming to an end. 

The next song that came on was : ONLY EXCEPTION.

Call 22 : Only Exception

Mom was all smiles when she commented how perfect that that song came on as we were on the way to the award ceremony. 

"Jus, your brother is telling You, that ...

You -- are -- the only exception ..."

She sang the line. Grin. :D

Your sister nodded and gave a victory face. 

Picture that look, would You please? :D

It was priceless.

Dad drove and dropped us at the hotel lobby, while he went to park the car. Mom was still under the ZAP influence and was like, all hyper and excited over the coinciDANS, remarking over and over that:

"Of all the songs, this one has to come on. Can You imagine that? He really knows what's going on. He's talking to You, Jus. He's really talking to You ..." :D

Yes, You were.

It's pretty obvious.

Can You spot your sister on the second row, 6th from the left?

Justine and her friend received an award for 11 As (including English 1119 apparently) ...

Hence, the pose with the number 11 ...
By the way, our angel number stares back from the background ... :D

Notice that?

10. Because You Loved Me

After the award presentation, the parents were invited to have some light refreshments at a hall downstairs. We made our way there. Mom took a small plate, filled it with two pieces of tiny spring rolls and a mini curry puff. She walked over to a side table, and got herself a cup of tea.

Before long, a familiar song came on and filled the large hall. It was the second song after we came in to the function room. 

The time was 11:56 am. Decode : 4

For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

click on title to view video


Aww ...


Your mother is sensitive enough to know that she was meant to hear that song. Yes, sensitive and not thick-skinned. Take note. She had mentioned to You before that every mother would love to have this song dedicated to her ... when You asked why she was teaching this song to her 6 year olds (Class 2009). 

Your mother was standing near the amplifier. 

You could say she received extra impact when the rich and clear voice of Celine Dion came through the speakers and vibrated in her heart. Dad was with Mom. That was special, Daniel ... It brought Mom straight back to the time when You asked her the question: 

"Why are you teaching your kids this song?"

You do remember why huh ...

After basking in the glory of that beautiful song, the next song that came one was another pleasant surprise. It was another one of Celine Dion's song, which led Mom to comment to Dad that:

"This must be a Celine Dion album ..."   

11. Power Of The Dream

Oh My ... 

Mom showed Dad the time. It was 12:01 pm.

Decode : 4

POWER OF THE DREAM used to be one of her favourites. 

She has totally forgotten about this song. This is a power song. It was only a few days ago that your mother was trying to think of a good song as a background music for her kindy video and had not been able to come up with anything suitable. 

When the first line hit the air :

Deep within each heart ... 

There lies a magic spark ...

... she had felt instant goose bumps and knew immediately, she had found her song. Why, POWER OF THE DREAM is just perfect for her video!

Woah Son ... Look at You ... 

First, You get your mother's attention and then, You give her a suggestive message :

How about POWER OF THE DREAM, Mom ? D:

click on title to view video

You really are helping Mom with the video, aren't You?

Thanks Son ...

This song is perfect. Honestly. First class. Had we come down a little bit later, even 10 minutes later, we would have missed it. How perfect the timing was. Mom was so meant to hear it. Because You Loved Me was the second song that came on after we entered the hall. And Power Of The Dream was next. :D

12. It's All Coming Back To Me

Would You believe it but the next Celine Dion song that came on was IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW

Mom couldn't help but chuckle when she heard it. 

She said to Dad, "Seriously, it's all coming back to me now ..." 

Hehehehehehehehe ...

How cute. 

Yes, it's true. It really is coming back to her now ... all the memories. Mom really felt your presence ... Despite our impossible distance, it had certainly felt like You were / are very near and that we were / are having a conversation ... :D You really are watching over us from where You are ... aren't You, Son?

click on title to view video 

Note the feather at Time 0:17 ... :D

That's her angel time 44 ...

Call 178 : Manga Message

The time was 12:05 pm. 

Decode : 44 

Would You look at that? A feather appearing at her angel time on the video and that afternoon? Two angel - time?

In fact, all the 3 songs had come on at her angel time. 

Oh Wow ...

What are the chances? 

Seriously ...

How awesome ...

Here's your sister posing with a lion at the back entrance of the hotel.

Which reminded your parents of this photo below, that you both took in Genting Highlands.

Justine was about 4 years old, and You 3 ...

Dad said he remembers asking you to ROAR LIKE A LION before he took this photo ... 

Obediently, You did as Dad asked.

Truly, it's all coming back to us now ... :D

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