Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Call 239 : 17th MONTH

Hello Son,

Sunday, June 19

1. Car Chase

We left the house after 8 am this morning to your garden.

As Dad drove on to the highway from the Taman Desa exit, Mom saw a car with the number plate 144 passing us on the right lane. 

The time was 8:13 am. 

She saw her angel sign immediately : 444

Scrambling for her handphone, she tried to take a snapshot. 

Mom gave a yell and pointed to Dad, 

"That car! 144! Quick! Chase it! Quick!"

Dad said, "Don't be silly ..."

And that is why Mom didn't manage to get a photo. 

Daddd la ... :S

Now, had Mom been driving, she would have slammed the accelerator all the way down and sped all along the highway to catch up with the car ...

... to take a photo of the number plate. 

The eviDANS would have been in her hands now. Urgh ...

Grumble Grumble Grumble. 

When you want to get things done, you just have to do it yourself.

She saw your sign though ... 

That was clearly a morning greeting all the way from Heaven from one particular 6 foot 1 angel ... unless you've grown taller since we last You in your shuttle at the departure hall :

Hi Guys, I'm here ... :D

She hears You ... :D We're going to your garden this morning. Of course you're with us. You're definitely with us. That's for sure. Especially today. :D

2. The Best Thing

Before long, Mom caught the line : 

"The best thing about me is You" 

 that came on the radio. 

Mom repeated the line loudly in the car. This is an unfamiliar song. She's never heard of this song. She jotted it down in her journal, noting the time at 8:18 am. 

At the time of writing this entry, she checked the video. 

Here it is ...

It's time to keep it simple

Let's take a chance and hope for the best

Life's short, so make it what you wanna

Make it good, don't wait until manana

3. At the Garden

We arrived at your garden at, would you believe it, 8:21 am?

Mom exclaimed, 

"Oh wow, look at the time, 8:21 am ..." 

and showed her cell phone to first, Justine, and then to Dad. 

Inwardly, she felt her heart skipped over to yours and whispered:

"You know huh, that we are here for your 21st ..." :D

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4. Mosquito 

We began tidying up the plot. 

Justine was sweeping the place up and Dad was pulling out the overgrown weeds. Mom was deep in her own thoughts as she attended to the flowers. It's good to note that the flowers from last month were still very much in tact, so she was gonna transfer them to Grandpa's garden bed. She's hoping Grandpa doesn't mind the hand-me-down flowers. 

Does he?

Anyway, so deep was your mother in her own reflections that she startled herself when she unwittingly let out a piercing shriek as Dad suddenly slapped her on the arm, unannounced.


W-what in heavens ...

Mom turned sharply to Dad ... not amused.

Dad grinned and showed Mom a smashed insect in his palm, 

"Mosquito." :D

Pause ...

And then ...

Ee equals to em see squared ...

Mosquito ???


Call 221 : Slow Motion
Call 228 (2) : Queen Anne

Oh Wow ...

That was either You shaking your mother up, 

or Grandpa giving her a smack for the old flowers.   0.0

5. Helicopter

After we tidied up the place, we sat down and read God's Word for the day. Then we said the Rosary. We were on the 4th decade of the rosary beads, when we heard a faint sound of a chopper. It grew louder and louder by the second ... and it looked like it was heading our way.

Mom stopped her Hail Marys and burst out, pointing as she did so,

"Eh, helicopter ... look!"

Oh Gee ...

Oh My ...

Oh Wow ...

The chopper flew noisily at close distance RIGHT ABOVE us. 

This would not be the first time a chopper flew RIGHT ABOVE us and at close range. 

Let that be clear.

OH --- MY --- GOSH ...

Mom had gotten the camera ready when she first heard the sound ... and had to practically tilt her head far back as she positioned the camera towards the sky ... 

Honestly, the camera was in a horizontal position.

Call 32 : Noisy Chopper

After the helicopter disappeared, Mom said in utter amazement, 

"The helicopter came when we were saying the 4th decade. 

That's definitely Daniel. He wants us to know he's near ..."

Dad and Justine had a happy smile.

Honestly, the sky space is unlimited, there are no boundaries, no end no beginning ... the helicopter could have been anywhere ... 

She repeats, anywhere ... 

Yet the chopper chose to fly RIGHT ABOVE us ??? 

Had there been a long rope tied to the chopper, it would have touched, grazed and sweep over your garden plot. 

Yes, seriously. It was RIGHT ABOVE us. 

How cute is that?

Besides, the flying object could have appeared when we were sweeping the plot and tidying the place ... but it didn't. We might not have noticed it then. It had to make a statement, an entrance, like when we were all in focus ... and spending reflective time ... 

Indeed, we all had to stop what we were doing to look at the sky ... 

at the 4th decade on top of that. 

Now, what's that about?

Hi Dad ... Hi Mom ... Hi Jus ... I'm here !!! 

See me soar through the sky ...

I'm as free as a bird ... :D

She's sure You must have been yelling out.

Awesome ...

Totally ...

6. For Those Tears I Died

We continued our rosary after that ...

Then, we sang the hymn FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED.

This is the song Mom sang to You at your Farewell, the song that kept us strong during our darkest and most challenging moments, especially the last 4 months after we returned from Lourdes in September 2009.

Also, when we went to buy your flowers on Tuesday June 7, a stranger had reminded her of the Holy Water of Lourdes. 

Call 235 : Whitening Toner

And Jesus said, "Come to the water ..."

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This time, when we came to the verse:

"And in You I'm free ..."

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

Mom had felt a deeper sense and meaning of the word. 

There was like a warm twang in her chest. 

Somehow, today, she sees this free word in a new light.

With fresh eyes. 

Clear eyes. 

Perfect vision eyes.

She could have sung this song more than a hundred times, 

but it was only today that she had felt the -- ZAP.

The quiet ZAP.

The knowing ZAP.

The peaceful ZAP.

Blink Blink Blink ...

We felt your presence very much, Daniel ...

How wonderful that everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3

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