Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hello Son,                                  (continue from Call 234)

Tuesday, June 7

6. Cab Zap

After the coach station, we drove to town. Mom suggested we buy some flowers for our next visit to your garden on your 21st, since we still have time before fetching Justine at 11 am.

On the way out of Bangsar, it suddenly began to drizzle, out of the blues. Mom looked at the time, pointed excitedly to the dashboard, and exclaimed: 

"9:21 am ... See 21? How gentle rain is the rain ... 

Justine sang this song for him on his 21st (in February) ..."

Call 160 : 13th month
Call 156 : Valentine Song

As we were enjoying the song, Mom happened to spot a cab with the number plate 1400. She sprang forward excitedly. Mind You, she was driving ...

You must have shook your head as You saw your mother all kan-cheong ... like she was in a police - chasing - car - crime - scene, aggressively pointing her finger at the cab :

"Eh there! Cab 14 ... In front ...Take picture quick! Quick!"  

Dad wasted no time and took 2 snapshots. :D

You know, it is only upon uploading the photo onto the blog now that your mother notice there is a second cab on the right with her angel number 14 ...

Oooohhhhhhh ... la la ...   O.O

Two cabs with Number 14 ...

Now how did Dad to that? Mom asked Dad about it. Dad said he didn't notice the second cab. He was focusing on the cab on the left. 

Strange, huh? If he were focusing on cab 1400, then shouldn't that cab be in the center of the photo? An angel must have somehow whispered to him to capture both cabs, that's for sure. :D

Take a bow, please, Daniel Phua ... :D

Yes, yes ... Mom knows it was YOU who helped Dad, Son ... 

It's so obvious ... Just take a look at the glaring clue ... 

HBA ... Helped By Angel ... :D

How awesome ... :D

Not only that, but look at the other clue on the cab on the left ... 

HWD ... Daniel Watching from Heaven ... :D

How about that? Two clues? 

How much more obvious can this get? :D

That's a definite ZAP and a CONNECTION !!! :D

Like You said it would be ... in the papers this morning ... :D 

Today, is all about getting zapped and getting connected. 


Honestly, two song - cab zaps in a short period of less than 20 minutes. How not to feel your presence, Daniel? Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... :D

Thank You Jesus for that ... :D

7. 4 Wheel Drive

We were approaching the shopping complex. Following the line to the car park, Mom soon spotted a 4WD and called out, 

"Eh, 4 by 4 ... Take picture of that ..." :D

Dad said, "That 4 by 4 means 4 by 4 la ..."

Pause ...

And Dad's point is ... ???

Mom replied impatiently, 

"Never mind, it's counted, it's counted. Quick take ..." :D 

Hehehehehe ...

Dad looked like he didn't know what to do with Mom. She shrugged. If she wasn't meant to see it, it wouldn't be right in front of her face in slow - moving traffic ... 

Besides, her angel number has appeared THREE times in the past 10 minutes or so. 

Hellooo ... Isn't that trying to get her attention? After all, today's all about getting zapped and getting connected whatttt ...

Her son had said so. :D

8. Pussycat

In the car park, believe it or not, but for some reason known only to You (and God of course), we took an awfully long time to find a parking bay. It was strange and quite unusual ... especially when we were just talking about You a few minutes ago when the 4 X 4 was in front of us.

Mom drove around the car park, like 3 times ... 

Gosh ... She can't remember the last time she had to drive round and round and round the car park, looking right and left, here and there, high and low, around every nook and corner, just to find that every bay was taken. There was just no empty bay. Not at all. It was so darn queer. 

Then quite unexpectedly, she heard the DJ announcing a few songs that would be coming on next, and one of them was ... 

OMG ...


Mom almost shrieked, "Eh, What's New Pussycat!"   

She had just uploaded the video onto your blog the day before (Monday, June 6). She's never heard of this song being mentioned before on the radio. Awww Son, Mom was so meant to hear that, huh. You know right, that she had uploaded the video of The Idol Boys with Tom Jones on your blog the night before. 

Call 230 : Spiderman Zap

Moments later, Dad spotted an empty spot. 

Mom was so so so not surprised. 

A zap and a connection alright. :D


9. Flowers

At the departmental store, Mom went to the flower section. There was a large area filled with everlasting flowers that were on promotion. :D How nice. 

First, Mom picked a dozen of pinkish roses and put them all in her basket. Then Dad came and said the orange and white lily pads were nicer. So, back into the box went her pink roses. She carefully chose the lily pads and filled up her basket. 

Before long, she noticed a much much much brighter orange and white small flowers of some kind. Having seeing those, the lily pads suddenly looked dull and unattractive. She emptied her basket and filled up her basket with the fresher (?) and brighter flowers. She didn't know the name of those flowers. She'd have to check the name on the internet later.

Dad came by and exclaimed, "Wow, very nice, very bright ..."

Smile ...

10. Whitening Toner

We were at the toiletries section.

Mom strolled over to a cosmetics counter and stopped by to check out a range of new lipsticks. She was drawing her third pink line on the back of her hand when a man approached her and asked:

"Excuse me, can You help me? 

My wife wants me to get for her L'Oreal Whitening Toner

I can't seem to find it ..."

Mom offered a sympathetic smile.

"L'Oreal? You're at the correct counter ... Let's see ..." 

and she went through quickly the bottles and tubs of personal care products that were displayed on the shelf, starting from the top row, down to the next and so on, her finger moving from left to right.

Meanwhile, the man asked, "What's a toner?"

Mom replied, "A toner is ah, in water form." 

Not answering the question directly, but never mind.

The man asked next, 

"What's it for? 

The problem is, she's not precise in what she wants. 

She just said L'Oreal Whitening Toner ..."

Before Mom could answer him, she spotted the Whitening Toner on the second bottom row. She was now crouching as she pointed out the word on the bottle to the man ...

"Here it is ... L'Oreal Whitening Toner ..."

The man looked a little relief, picked up the bottle, and said, 

"Ah, looks like this is the one. Thank you very much." 

Mom found herself calling out,  just as he turned to leave,

"It's for closing up the pores after You cleanse the skin..." 

Her hands automatically went up to her cheeks, as she gave them a little pat.

The man responded with a friendly smile,

"These women's things ... very complicated."

The man left. 

Mom found herself staring at the L'Oreal counter for a while. 

Pause ...

What was that?

Did You send the man to Mom, Son? Did You? Because if You did, Mom didn't see any zap sign. It's not like he was wearing a bright orange shirt, nor was the number 4 anywhere visible on him ...

Hmmm ... Whitening Toner ...

He had asked Mom what a toner is ...

and she had given him a lame answer ... 

It's water, she had said ...

Water ...

Wait a minute ... she thought slowly ...

Water ???

Ee equals to am see squared began flickering in her brain.

Whitening Toner ...

Whitening ...  as in White ... as in Pure ...

and Toner ... as in Water ...

Pure Water in ...

Holy Water ... 

Like Lourdes Water ...

OMG ... 

Oh, calm down. Quit trying so hard. 

So a stranger had spoken to her. Was that unusual? 

Well ... Yeeeeaaahhh ... If, after he did, he made her think of 

ee equals to am see squared, she thought silently. 

If that was supposed to be connected to You, if it was at all

there should be TWO strangers talking to her. 

Remember, we've raised the bar. 

Let there be TWO stranger - zaps, and she'll know for sure ...

11. Carnations

Dad got his razor blades and some toiletries before we walked to the cashier. He paid for the toiletries on that top floor but was asked to go right down to the ground floor to pay for the flowers. We took the escalator down.

Dad was at the cashier. Mom was leaning against another counter that was closed at that moment, watching the counter boy counting her stalk of flowers. She had bought a dozen. The boy said something to Dad, and Mom overheard the word "discount."

She stepped forward and asked, "What discount?" 

to which the boy replied, "Buy 12 stalks, 10% discount."

Oh, good. She had bought a dozen. 

It suddenly struck her that the boy, a stranger, had spoken to her

Was that counted? 

Was it?

Nah, she decided, not counted. He was strictly speaking attending to Dad, and anyway, she had spoken to him first. If she had not asked him the question, he would not have spoken to her.

Not counted, she dismissed him from her mind.


Dad handed the plastic bag of flowers to Mom, whilst he attended to the payment. Mom took the bag and had taken like two steps forward when the cashier-girl on the next counter in front (there are 2 counters in one row) who was free (wink!) at that moment, struck up a conversation with Mom :

"Cantik bunga ... Kamu beli susun sendiri?"

(Beautiful flowers ... Buy to arrange yourself?)

Mom said, "Ya ..."

Her heart started to pound. OMG ...

The girl continued, "Bunga carnation ni cantik ..."

(The carnations are beautiful ...)

Carnations, but of course ... These were carnations, mini carnations, now that the girl has mentioned it. OMG, Mom wanted to know the name of these flowers and now she did.

It's so easy ... :D   she hears You saying.

"Murah kan?" the girl said next.

(Cheap right?)

"Ya, murah ..." Mom answered as normally as she could. 

Truth be told, she was exploding like ... fireworks inside!

OMG ... her TWO strangers. What are the chances?

A clear ZAP and a CONNECTION!!! :D

Incredible ... Totally and absolutely incredible!

12. Pink Vitara

We went to pick up Justine from college shortly after 11 am. Jus wanted to have something to eat, so we drove to a nearby coffee shop. Driving into an open space car park, the parking attendant waved at us, then pointed to where we should park the car.

Mom couldn't believe it when she saw an empty bay right beside a pink Vitara with her angel number. :D Pink? Was that specially for Mom?

The parking boy directed us to park right beside it.  

OMG ...

Call 233 : IKEA Receipt

13. Only Exception

After our food, we walked back to the car. Justine was reversing out, when the song YOU ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTION came on the radio. The time was 12:10 pm.

Decode : 4

Station 95.8. 

Mom instantly thought of the ONLY EXCEPTION inciDAN that happened several months ago, where Mom had asked You if You thought your sister was the only exception ... as in the only person we know who could get all trim and tone exercising in her room ... :D

Call 22 : Only Exception

My Oh My ... 

Was that another ZAP and a CONNECTION

Sure looks like it ... :D

14. Pussycat Again

After that song, the DJ came on and said something to this effect, "Who would You like to see as a judge for X Factor? Nicole from Pussycat Dolls or Cheryl Cole ...?"

Mom caught the word Pussycat and gasped. 

OMG ... Did You hear that? 

Two times - Pussycat - on the radio??? 

What an awesome coinciDANS ... 

The timing was just perfect. She was meant to hear it - again. 

Two times. Hellooo? 

Take notice.

Oh Wow ...

Oh Boy ...

Oh Gosh ...

What a day we've had, huh? Totally filled with zaps and connection. Just as You said first thing in the morning. :D 

You really really really are with us, aren't You, Daniel?  

We definitely felt your presence very strongly today. 

What an awesome day, Son ... :D 


Thank You Jesus for the mother - son connection ...<3

Love You so very much, Son  ... <3