Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello Son,                                  (continue from Call 232)

Friday, June 3

How amazing is that? 

Can You imagine how Mom was feeling right at that moment? It was powerful. Really powerful. How You brought Mom, from one baby step to another, and leading her up to the victory song:

I LOVE YOU THIS BIG @ 12:24 pm ...

Oh boy, Daniel ... 

This is something Mom's not gonna forget easily. Why, Scotty had sung at the American Idol Finals (his victory night) the following 3 zap songs :

1. Live Like You're Dying ... (Attention, please!)

Call 229 : Idol Zaps

2. Green Green Grass of Home ... (Cage Zap)

 Call 230 : Spiderman Zap

3. I Love You This Big ... (12:24 Zap)

 Call 231 : Track 14

It's incredible, Daniel ... 

Honestly, step by step, You lead Mom ... 

First Zap, Get the Attention, then Whoooosh ...  another ...

TWO Take -Notice - Scotty - Zaps!!!


TWO ... Like Mary and Elizabeth's ... :D

"Everywhere I am, there You'll be ..." <3

By Faith Hill

So anyway ...

Dad dropped Mom at Aunty H's house, before driving off to meet a friend in PeeJay. It was about 2:30 pm when Aunty H and Mom reached IKEA.

Here's Aunty H. We were walking around and browsing, absorbing ideas from the colorful 
environment. Mom thought those yellow dividers are kinda cute. What do You think? :D

Aunty H bought a curtain rail and 2 packets of curtain rings. As she was waiting in line to pay for her stuffs, Mom told her she would get some curry puffs from the food - counter that was situated right opposite the payment counter ... some 20 walking steps away.  

There was a short line. 

Mom joined the queue. She bought half a dozen of curry puffs. Walking back to Aunty H, Mom noticed that Aunty H appeared to be searching for something in her bag. She had just paid for her stuffs, because Mom saw a receipt that was laying on the counter. 

Picking up the receipt, Mom handed it to Aunty H, asking at the same time, 

"Are You looking for the receipt? Here ..."

Aunty H took the receipt and stuffed it into her purse, almost muttering to herself that she had dropped some money. 

"Two red notes," Aunty continued, looking all flustered. That's twenty ringgit, by the way, in case you've forgotten. :D

"I gave the girl a fifty dollar note. She should give me back twenty-something back. I only kept the coins. I think I must have dropped the notes. How careless of me. Tsk tsk tsk. I was holding too many things, I didn't realize ..."

Mom began looking around, on the floor, here, there, everywhere that was within a reasonable distance from where we were standing. No red notes were in sight.

Aunty H asked the cashier, "You gave me my change, right?"

The cashier - girl nodded and said, "Yes."

Aunty H looked at Mom and remarked in defeat, 

"Never mind la. Let's go. It's gone already."

You must have known that Mom felt really, really bad, hearing that. She couldn't help sending her son a telepathic message of complaint expressing her disappointment ...

"How could Aunty lose her money, Daniel? Mom asked her to come here. Otherwise, she would be at home. Her red notes would still be in her purse ..." :S

Walking away, Mom suggested that we go for a cuppa tea. We were enjoying the yummy curry puffs as we took our time to stroll to one of the cafes on the second floor. We had three curry puffs each. Can You imagine our faces ... chomping chomping chomping? :D

Anyway ...

Interestingly, just before we reached the cafe, we passed this art and craft shop below. We stopped by to read the banner.

Mom thought it strange that the advertisement is targeted at 4 year olds. Ideal for 4 year olds? Now, why would these people want to restrict their market to only 4 years olds? Parents with 2 and 3 year olds, or those with 5 and 6 year olds, would just walk by this place, without a second glance. 

Unusual, huh ...

But perfect for her all the same. Her angel number 4 is loud and clear. You are near. You are, aren't You? Well, You should be ... Mom's just sent her complaints straight up to heaven a few minutes ago.  :D

We took a small table and ordered our milk tea less sugar - hot. :D

While waiting for our tea, Mom said, "Check your bag again. Maybe You stuffed the notes in your bag."

At first, Aunty H hesitated and said that she would check when she got home, but Mom insisted that Aunty H checked right then. Mom watched your aunt rummage through her bag. 

Then, all of a sudden, Mom blurted out :

"Take out your receipt. Let me see your receipt."

Aunty H  brought out two small receipts and placed them on the table. They were GUARDIAN receipts. Aunty H went through her purse again and finally produced the IKEA receipt.

Mom picked it up from the table, and scrutinize the small print.

"Eh, it says here, the balance is 30 cents ..." Mom commented as she was going through the itemized receipt. "It's correct la, Aunty. The amount is RM49-70. You gave RM50. She gave you back 30 cents change. It's correct." Mom was grinning as she passed the receipt back to Aunty H. :D

Aunty H expressed genuine surprise when Mom pointed out that the 2 small packets of curtain rings actually cost RM12-50 each. :S

Your mother was so extremely happy to find out that your aunt did not drop her money that day. Mom was quite sure You had whispered to her to ask Aunty H to check her bag again. 

Ask aunty for the receipt, Mom ... :D

On her own, without any angel's intervention, she's pretty sure she wouldn't have known how to insist on having a look at the receipt. She would have said, "Yeah, okay" when Aunty H said that she would check her bag at home. 

Instead, Mom surprised herself that she had been firm in wanting to see the receipt. 

That was YOU alright, Mom knows. :D 

Just then, Mom heard the song FIREWORKS that came on the mall's PA system (from the ground floor), and exclaimed excitedly, 

"Eh, FIREWORKS ... Hear that???" 


Call 151 : Major Firewoks

Mom grabbed her handphone to check the time. 

It showed 4:14 pm.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Call 43 : Angel Sign

Oh Gee Wow ... You must have seen your mother excitedly showing your aunt the time. Yes, Aunty H saw the time. :D

You were / are definitely near. :D How wonderful. Mom felt your presence very much, Son ... 

It was awesome ... :D

CoinciDANtally, Fireworks had also come on the radio in the car this morning, when Mom went to get lunch. 


Anyway, we left the mall after tea. In the car, shortly after we drove out of the car park, it began to drizzle.

Justine sings on your 13th month

Call 156 : Valentine Song

The time was 5:09 pm when the gentle rain first hit the windscreen.

Decode : 14


Mom's Number 4 is certainly with her / them that day. The gentle shower made Mom think about the song Justine had sang for your on your 13th month in heaven. :D

We were talking about Suzuki Vitaras on the way home. 

Mom said she hasn't seen that many Suzuki Vitaras on the road lately. Aunty H said there are plenty on the road. Mom thought Aunty H must be referring to a different model because Dad had said there are no new Suzuki Vitara models.

Immediately at - that - instance, a white Suzuki Vitara appeared by our side. :D  What a coinciDANS! :D

We couldn't stop laughing, Son ...

Shortly after, a big bus went past us. Mom caught the words FREE HOLIDAYS on the side of the bus. You couldn't miss them, they were large block - fonts at the front side of the bus, like the Malay words PERCUTIAN PERCUMA You see at the back of the bus. 

Mom gave a lil yelp, when she saw the word FREE

OMG ...

D329 ... 

Hey, that's D14 ...

Like - Hello? It's Me ... :D 

Two Vehicles On The Road During Jam  -  ZAP???

We certainly took notice of that, Son  ... :D

You were with us the whole day, weren't You?