Saturday, June 18, 2011

Call 238 : FEATHER ZAP

Hello Son,

Mom's got to put down her work this Saturday morning and make this urgent call to You. :D Before she tells You what just happened a few minutes ago, let her tell You first what happened yesterday (Friday). 

OMG ...

1. Police Road Block

Yesterday morning, Justine and Mom were about to leave the condo for college, it was about 8:45 am or so since we normally leave home about 15 minutes before her class, when Grandma called and said she and a bunch of ladies were stopped by the police.

Grandma's voice was kinda frantic, 

"The Police stopped us and asked for our IC ... I forgot to bring my IC ... Can you go to my bedroom, and get my IC? Quick! It should be in the other handbag? Quick Quick ... Hurry up ... I'm waiting here ..." and she hung up.

W-what the ...

Mom called Grandma back.

Grandma immediately answered the call with a, 

"Found it? Quickly bring it here ..."

Mom asked, "Where are you? I don't have your house keys ..."

Silence for just two seconds.

"You don't have my house keys, meh? How come you don't have my house keys? I gave you my keys ... You should have my keys..."

"Yah, you gave me a key, and it couldn't open the lock, remember? I can't get into your place. Where are you?" Mom asked impatiently.

"I'm just here ... here only ... We just came out of the condo," Grandma's voice was getting all hyper.

"Where is here? Near the school, issit? Or you went out of Taman Desa already?" Mom felt like she was talking to a teenage child.

"Just come out of Taman Desa a little bit ... the Police are all here ... Quickly ..." came her hurried reply.

Justine appeared from the corner with the car. 

Mom hopped in and briefed your sister, 

"Amah got stopped by the Police. She forgot her IC. We have to go to her, get the house keys, come back to the condo, get the IC, and bring back to her ..."

Justine groaned. She didn't have all that much time to spare since her class would start at 9 am.

Mom couldn't help thinking that everything had sounded ...

Strange ...

Very strange ...

Grandma had called early this morning and told Mom that she (Grandma) and some senior friends from church were taking a trip to Batang Berjuntai (about an hour from KL) ... can't remember for what now.

Grandma was on her way to the meeting point in church when the Police stopped her, right outside Taman Desa.

"That must be Daniel," Mom said out loud to Jus. 

"Your brother knows Amah is going outstation, and she's forgotten to take her IC," she added with a knowing smile.

You forgot your IC, Amah ... :D

You must have said ...

Yes, that was You. 

Definitely You.

Obviously You.

Nobody else but You.

Mom knows ... :D

The timing is too angel - perfect. 

Your grandmother had just driven out of Taman Desa, so it was still convenient for her to get her IC. God forbid had she been stopped at Batang Berjuntai ...

We were just about passing the school then (about 100 meters from the condo guardhouse to the school gate), when Grandma called again. 

This time Grandma's voice was one of relief.

"Lynn, no need already ... No need to come ... The Police let us go ... I'm going back to the house now to get my IC ... No need to come anymore ..."

And she hung up ...

A smile appeared on your mother's face. 

Surely You saw that.

Mom said, "You see? The Police let Amah go. Daniel was telling Amah she forgot her IC." :D

Justine nodded with a wide grin.

We drove out of the Taman Desa exit, and yes, we saw several Police Officers with dark sunglasses by the side of the road, on the prey. There were two vehicles that had pulled over by the side, and the two Officers appeared to be writing out a summons. 

We passed them by. 

"It was Daniel, I tell you ..." 

Mom said again to your sister. Grandma told us later that night that she was stopped by the Police for not strapping on her seat belt. :S

2. Nobody Nobody

Just then, barely 2 minutes later, whilst we were still on the stretch of highway, NOBODY came on the radio.

Pause ... 

It has been a long time since we heard NOBODY on the radio... 

The station was on 95.8. Your sister's station.

Decode : 4

Our angel sign. :D


All of a sudden, your mother had that familiar electrifying and enlightening FIREWORKS ZAP ...

OMG ...


Mom's eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

She pointed and exclaimed, 

"8:49 (am) ... That's 21 ... It's him ... I knew it ..."

Justine saw it. Mom made sure she saw saw it. It's always good to have a witness. Your mother was delirious.

21 ??? On angel station number 4

That was clearly YOU ...


Nobody, nobody but chiu ... :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

By the way, your 21st is just round the corner ... 

3. In School

There should be two song zaps for this to mean anything.

However, no other zap songs came on ... but did your mother mind? 

Nah ... of course not. Today, she's gonna bend the rules ... 

Yup, today would be the exception. :D 

The inciDAN was already too incredible for it not to be a coinciDANS.

Mom dropped Justine off at college and she went to school. 

At school, she had barely sat down at the admin desk when she heard Teacher E called out:

"Daniel, don't take your food yet. We'll eat a bit later ..."

Mom couldn't help but smile ...

A secret smile ... 

There were 14 kids in this class, and she had to call your name. It was a bit later in the day that Teacher E told Mom that she (Teacher E) now had 14 kids in her class. Mom did not ask. 

That information was just presented to her ... :D

Was that counted?

Was that another ZAP and a CONNECTION? :D

She thinks so ... :D

4. Lunch Zap

Your mother drove back to the college about 15 minutes before 11 am to pick Justine up. 

Your sister hopped in the car. 

We decided we were full ... still quite full ... but we would still gonna go to JoJo Noodle Cafe anyway. :D

It was still early. Not lunch hour yet.

There shouldn't be a congestion. 

However, turning into the lane of shophouses, there was already a line of vehicles parked by the side of the road. We drove up the lane, observing the line of cars on the right ... 

Finally, we spotted one empty bay in between two cars up front. It was after we had parked the car that we realized that we had parked directly IN FRONT of the cafe. (The parking spot was on the right, the cafe on the left.) Justine pointed that out as we got out of the car. 

Thanks Son ...

Justine's having her ice milk tea less sugar ... :D

See the two patrons at the table up front?

Well in front of them, is our car ... 

For some reason, it can't be seen with all that bright dazzling light

that can only come from the uh, Son ... :D

Your sister with her herbal noodles. The car still can't be seen in this photo ...

We were on table number 4 ... our favorite corner spot.

We are now walking out of the cafe. Ah, there's our car. Can You see? There's a nice space between our car and the one behind. Good Good. Plenty of space for Justine to reverse and drive out. Otherwise, Mom will not allow her to drive the car... :D

5. Radio Zap

Jus reversed the car and soon we were on our way home.

The song on the radio was about to end. The next song came on :

Today, I don't feel like doing anything ...

The Lazy Song.

Your sister's song.

"Your brother is saying HI, Jus ..." Mom said with a chuckle.

Justine replied, "Yeap ..." and flashed a grin. :D

It suddenly occurred to your mother that this would be the 

second song - zap today. :D

Yes, yes, it is ... :D

It definitely is ...

Oh, how wonderful ... 

She didn't have to bend her rules after all. :D

Two song - zaps to mean "TAKE NOTICE, it's ME ..." :D

Perfect ... <3

6. One Feather

That Friday evening, at home ...

Mom was washing some cups at the kitchen sink when she suddenly noticed a white feather that had somewhat found its way to the glass panel by the window. It was all ruffled up like it had survived a tornado.

A white feather ???

She called out to Justine, "Jus, there's a white feather here ..."

Justine replied, "Really?"

That was it. Your sister remained at her desk and continued her work. Mom continued her washing. 

It was just ONE wild-looking feather. 

Still ... That didn't stop her from recalling all her feather inciDANS.

Was that counted?

She sighed inwardly in defeat.

No, she didn't think so ...

Mom let the feather be ... there, on the panel. 

She didn't pick it up ...

Didn't make a fuss ...

Didn't coo ...

Didn't awwwww ...

Didn't OMG ...

Didn't take a photo ...

Didn't paste it in her journal ...

Somehow, it didn't quite have that ZAP this time ...

Yawn ...

Besides, for her to TAKE NOTICE, there should be TWO feathers, right? No, she's not gonna bend her rules again. If she did, she'll always be ding-donging between ONE and TWO Zap - InciDANS.

We're raised the bar. 

There must be two ZAP inciDANS.

Yes, there must be two feather inciDANS before she knows for sure it's a ZAP - CONNECTION from You ... :D

Fair enough?

7. Feather Zap

Which brings Mom to the inciDAN this Saturday morning ...

OMG ...

She was at the kitchen sink this morning when she spotted a SECOND feather.

Mom immediately found herself yelling for Justine. Dad's in Singapore, by the way.

Your sister hurried to the kitchen.

OMG ...

Would You look at that?

Two feathers? 

Last night, one ... and this morning, another one?


What a coinciDANS !!!

Call 128 : White Feather
Call 178 : Manga Message

 See the wild-looking feather of Friday night on the left, 

and the perfect one of Satuday morning on the top right?

Oh My Gosh ...


 Mom picked it up ...

Awwwww Son ...

She felt your presence alright ...

 Carefully, she placed it over a colored paper ...

... and taped it down with cellophane tape in her journal. 

She did the same with the wild one. 

The feather on the pink paper is about 3 cm.

Call 178 : Manga Message

OMG Son ... That was totally awesome !!!

A definite ZAP and a CONNECTION ... 

Call 234 : Paper Message

Every day, You give us a little sign that You are near ...

Thank You Jesus for that ... <3 

GOD sure loves You very much.

Be sure to tell GOD that Mom said that.

Love You Son ... :D

Miss You heaps and heaps ...

Talk to You in a bit ... 

Still owing You so many entries ...

Have to go finish up some work now ...

Keep the ZAPs coming kay ... :D

Be good ...