Friday, June 10, 2011


Hello Son,                                  Tuesday, June 7

1.The Sun Paper

This morning, despite being in the middle of her semester break, Justine had a class at 9 am. Your sister went to the basement to get the car. Mom told Dad she wanted to go for her eye check-up that morning. She had been putting it off for the past few months already. Dad agreed to go with her.

At the lobby downstairs, Mom walked over to the guard house to get a copy of the SUN PAPER ... 

Oh, which is free, by the way. :D  

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

Your mother was happy and light-headed this morning ... and all because she thought of the 4 letter F word ... :D 


Mom took a copy of the paper and walked back to the lobby, just about 10 walking steps away. This is where she normally waits for your sister, as You'd know. The paper in her hand was folded. Mom glanced at the top half portion and caught the word :

Zapped ...

on the right column ...

Zapped ???

First thing in the morning ??? 

Ooohhh, how in - te - res - ting. 

Oh, but wait ... 

Calm down. Don't get too excited. We've raised the bar, remember? For this word to mean anything, there must be TWO zap words on this page. 



Now why did she have to go raise the bar? 

For a moment there, she actually regretted setting that Mary & Elizabeth's higher standard. 

As it was, she was already so happy seeing the word Zapped

It already felt like it meant something. 

She could already feel your presence. 

That was probably your Good Morning, Mom ... Zap, she could have sworn. :D 

Now, there is a chance she might find that there's no second zap word, and she'd have to tell herself that,  

that word Zapped doesn't - mean - a - thing

What - Just because she might not find TWO, that Zapped word in the paper is not connected to You? :(

Did she really have to make life difficult for herself ? :( 

Don't You answer that ...

Shaking her head, Mom flipped over the paper. She's gonna thoroughly scan the page until she finds a second zap word, she muttered under her breath ... because this Zapped word surely and definitely means something ... one thing ...

YOU ... <3

Nobody, nobody but chiu ... :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

You must have seen your mother gasped, as she turned the paper to look at the other side. She did not even need to scan the page, as she intended earlier, as her eyes fell immediately on the words in red: 

Get Connected.

see the blue box ...

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

Get Connected?

Zapped and Get Connected ??? 

My Oh My, what are the chances ??? The Free Fireflies' inciDAN instantly sprang to mind. There were TWO zap words on the front page of the paper too, that day.

You're good, Son, always on the front page ... those zap words. :D You really know how to get your mother's attention. Dad was walking over to the lobby. Justine was just about stopping the car for us to hop in. 

In the car, Mom opened up the paper in full for Dad, and said excitedly, 

"See here ... Son's message for the day ... 

Zapped and Get Connected."

Dad turned to look. He gave a lil chuckle before he took the paper and began flipping through. Justine was concentrating on the road. Mom leaned back against the back seat with a contented sigh and allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the moment. 

2. The Climb

As we were leaving the condo, Miley Cyrus came on the radio with THE CLIMB. Mom took a peek at the dashboard. 

It was 8:45 am.

Decode : 44

Call 43 : Angel Sign

A smile appeared on her face. 

You must have seen that, huh. What a coinciDANS. :D She had thought for a moment earlier, that she was making life difficult for herself by raising the bar. But Yeah ... It ain't about how fast she gets there ... and it sure ain't about what's waiting on the other side ... since she already knows what and who's waiting on the other side ... :D

It's The Climb

How apt. The Climb. 

Were You connecting with your mother at that moment? :D There's always gonna be another mountain. She's always gonna wanna make it move ... 

Today, today is all about getting zapped and getting connected.

You said so, Daniel ... Yes, You did, and Mom's gonna wanna hold You to your words ... :D

Miley Cyrus

3. Eye Date

After dropping Justine off at college, we drove to the train station. Dad wanted to get his coach tickets for down south. Mom stopped the car by the curb at the station. Before Dad got down, he said, 

"Call the doctor and make an appointment."

So, Mom made a call to the Eye Specialist Center. She was quite overdue on her follow-up check up since the last time she checked her eyes. She wanted to go that morning and not delay anymore.

The receptionist answered the call, with a friendly greeting before the formal "How may I help You?"

Mom said, "I'd like to make an appointment to see Dr Z today."

The girl replied, "Today cannot. His schedule is full."

Yeah right ...

Mom continued, 

"Can You just squeeze me in at the end? I'll wait."

That was what she did the last time she went. In fact, she'd just walked in that day. No appointment, and they managed to squeeze her in at the end. So there. It's better not to make appointments, sometimes ...

The girl answered, 

"Today's really tight. He's leaving the clinic early."

Oh, darn it. The one free (wink!) day she thought of seeing her eye doctor and he has to leave early? :S

Mom asked, "Can I see him tomorrow then?"

The girl replied, "Sorry, he's going on leave. He won't be around until next week. That's why he's leaving early today."

Double darn. How convenient for him.

"So, when can I see him?" your mother asked, the friendly tone in her voice earlier was fast disappearing.

Get ready for the reply your mother's about to get. :D 

Are You sitting comfortably on a fat cloud? 

OMG, You're not gonna believe this but ...

The girl suggested, "How about next week, on the 14th?"

W-what did she say?

Mom paused for just a second to suck air into her lungs.

OMG ... What did she say?

Mom repeated unnecessarily, "14th ?"

"Yes, 14th ... at 4:30 pm?" came the reply next.

You must have heard your mother echoed that line, 

"On the 14th at 4:30 pm?"

The girl said yes. Mom did not know what day the 14th was, but did she asked? No. Of course not. She quickly confirmed the appointment. :D 

Grin. :D

Dad only left her for less than 5 minutes and she got herself nicely ZAPPED and CONNECTED !!! All by herself. :D

One thing's for sure ...

You're near. Very near. 

Mom felt your presence instantly (snap your fingers, please) ... :D

4. Sukiyaki

We drove to the Bangsar coach station next. The tickets at the train station were sold out, if Mom remembers correctly. On the way, Mom was excitedly relating to Dad about the phone - zap just now. 

"You see? Son zapped me and we got connected," 

Mom laughed triumphantly at the end. Dad smiled. Were You smiling too?

An old song had come on, SUKIYAKI, but Mom was not really listening to it, until she heard the line :

But You disappeared

Now my eyes are filled with tears

The time was 9:12 am. 

Mom repeated those two lines loudly to Dad. At the same time, she slowed down as we reached a set of traffic lights at the turning into Bangsar. Almost immediately, she spotted an orange cab with her angel numbers.

Oh my, did she just get another ZAP and a CONNECTION ???

It must be. It must be. Of course, it must be. The timing of those two lines in Sukiyaki and the cab position is too perfect not to be coinciDANtal. :D


Check out the angle of the cab ... 

Mom could have easily missed her angel numbers ... 

But, she didn't. :D

SMS from Eye Center

5. Text Message

Friday, June 10

Mom saved her draft at this point and shut down the computer. She's about to go out with Grandma. We're gonna go for lunch and then go check some furniture for the new school. 

Mom went to the room, got dressed, came out, plonked herself on the sofa, stared into space for just a few minutes ... when her handphone beeped. 

There was an incoming text message

Mom got up from the sofa, walked to the computer table, picked up her handphone to check the message. 

She read the contents and gulped.

OMG ...


It was from the Eye Specialist Center. 

The text read :

Reminder : Dear Lynn ... 

Your next appointment ... is on 14 Jun 2011 at 16:45 hrs.

Time stood still for your mother.

Oh my goodness. 

You have got to be kidding. 

You read your mother's mind ... 

Mom had thought to herself, after she wrote about the date and time of her eye appointment, that the time 4:30 pm didn't look quite right. It should have been just 4 pm, she had thought mentally, or at least have two number 4s in it. 

The time 4:30 pm, she felt, was just a tad too weak from a ZAP point of view. The date 14 th on the other hand, was perfect, since it already means something. No awards for guessing though what the something is. :D

Honestly, she'd just shut the computer like 20 minutes earlier, before the text message came in. What are the chances? Check out the new appointment time in the text message. 

It's no longer 4:30 pm as confirmed earlier, but 16:45 pm.

16:45 pm ...

(i) Decode: (445) (13) : 4 pm ... or

(ii) 4:45 pm (that's two number 4s)

That ... is exactly what Mom was thinking ... that the appointment time should have been just 4 pm or have two number 4s in it.

OMG ... It's unbelievable! H-how in the world ...

Believe, Mom ... :D

Call 195 : Believe, Mom

Note the time the sms was received :  

11:54:56 am.



OMG Son ... 

Was that another ZAP and a CONNECTION ??? :D

Gosh ...

You weren't kidding, huh ... 

You -- really -- weren't -- kidding ...

(continue on Call 235)