Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Son,                                               (continue from Call 231)

Friday, June 3

Dad, Justine and Mom were in the house that Friday morning. 

Something amazing would soon happen like You will not believe.

OMG ...

That morning, Mom wanted to go to IKEA

She wanted to get some ideas on designing a children's play area for the new kindergarten. We're relocating, You know that, right? 

When your mother has the time, she will tell You exactly how You helped her to find the new place. You brought her to a few places and gave her a few signs. 


Yes, You did ... and Mom received all your signs. 

One by one. 

When the school is ready, Mom will write about those inciDANS. 

For now, just know that you've been a really big help, Son. 

Even Dad said so ...  and ...

Grandma too. 

In fact, Grandma's actual words were, 

"I always hear yall talking about Daniel and his signs. 

Today, I see it with my own eyes. Now I really believe ..." :D

Pause ...

Only now Grandma believes? 

Aiyah ...

Oh well ... 

Never mind ... Not too late ... :D

So anyway, Dad didn't want to go with Mom. He was meeting a friend at lunch time. Justine was doing her work. As it was, she would be going out with her friends during the weekend already, so Mom did not want to distract her from her books that Friday.


Mom sent Aunty H a text message :

"hi aunty, u free today? wus thinking of going to IKEA. wana go with me?"

She had paused at the word free

Since the Free Fireflies' inciDAN, your mother sees this free word in an entirely different light. :D

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

The time of her text was 11:59 am. 

Shortly after, Justine said she was hungry. 

Mom told Jus she would drive out to the nearby shops to get her lunch. Normally, as You'd know, your mother would just take the lift downstairs to the cafe at the condo lobby to get lunch. She wouldn't take the trouble to walk all the way down to the car park at basement 4 ... basement 4 mind You ... to get the car and then having to drive round and round and round and round, up to the ground level, and driving to the shops ...  just to get lunch.

Today however, for some reason, she felt like she had to go by car.

You must have whispered :  

Take the car, Mom ... :D

Down to the basement car park she went. She got into the car, turned on the engine and drove out of the parking bay. The radio was on. A song had just ended. 

The next song came on : 

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag ...

Fireworks (Katy Perry)

Call 151 : Major Fireworks

The time was 12:15 pm. 

Mom saw her own fireworks exploding ... 

Oh Wow ... she had thought. What perfect timing. She had just got into the car, like 30 seconds ago. Had she got into the car 5 minutes later, she would have missed it. She was so so so meant to hear the Fireworks song. She couldn't help wondering if You were with her.

Oh, what is she saying? Of course, You were / are with her. 

Always, you're always with her, your mother. 

Everywhere she is, there you'll be, she knows that. 

You were probably saying HI. 

Mom had a big smile on her face. :D

She drove out of the condo. Upon reaching a T-junction, there was a white van which had stopped at the red lights. There were no cars on the road. Mom would have drove across. Don't follow her example though. The white van waited for the lights to turn green. Funny how the time for the lights to change was unusually long when there are no other vehicles on the road.

Mom found herself checking out the number plate.




Decode : 44

You must have wanted your mother to notice that angel sign, because just when she got it, the white van moved ahead.

Fireworks ended. 

The DJ came on and talked briefly about Alaina and Scotty

OMG. How queer ... 

The very news that Mom had told Dad 2 days ago in the kitchen while we were preparing dinner. Your mother had mentioned that Alaina had said in an interview, that Scotty may be her boyfriend, but "you have to ask him" ... Alaina had said apparently. Scotty, when interviewed, maintained that he is still single. Mom told Dad this lil piece of Idol gossip 2 evenings ago.

Today, in the car, she hears that same Alaina - Scotty news? It was the exact same news

Oh My ... What's that about? Mom surely felt your presence, Daniel. It's like You wanted to be in the conversation too, huh ... 

Right after the DJ's brief announcement, would You believe it, because Mom could not believe her ears, but the DJ introduced Scotty's new song :


Call 231 : Track 14


You must have seen your mother looking quite stunned.

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

No way ...

Not possible ...

Are You kidding me - her?

Is this for real???



On the radio, right NOW???

OMG ... What are the chances???

The moment the first note hit the air and filled the car, Mom's eyes shot at the time on the dashboard. It showed 12:19 pm.



Decode : 4

That's YOU ... :D 

OMG ... Mom was totally overwhelmed. 

Totally. Totally. Totally.

It was unbelievable!

Call 228 : Queen Anne
Call 229 : Idol Zaps

Your mother was in a daze. Honestly, in a daze.

She drove very slowly to the shops ... deep in reflection. At the ticket dispenser, she pulled out a ticket, still mouthing the OMGs under her breath, in disbelief. The parking barrier lifted and she drove through. Glancing at the ticket, she noticed that the time was printed as 12:22 pm.

There were no available parking bays within her sight ... just as well. Scotty was still on. There was no way your mother would have parked the car, and turned off the engine before Scotty ended his song. She stopped the car at the side of a coffee shop that sold rice with a variety of dishes ...  listening to Scotty ...

Mom remained in the car. 

The song was coming to an end, when her handphone rang

She turned to look at her cell on the passenger seat. It was Aunty H. Mom had sent her a text earlier about going to IKEA. Aunty H is calling now, when Scotty is on?

Something's definitely going on ...

Mom could feel it ...

She quickly answered the call. 

Aunty H said she was free (there's the F word again) to go to IKEA. We confirmed a time to meet so we could go together. Shortly after, we ended the call. Scotty's song had ended moments earlier. 

Mom was about to turn the engine off when she happened to glance at the time.

12:24 pm.

W-what??? OMG !!!

12:24 pm ???

December 24 ???

Christmas Eve ???

Your birthdate ???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Your mother's pulse was racing. Fireworks were truly and definitely exploding before her eyes right then. She felt giddy and quite breathless as she turned the car swiftly into an empty bay that she'd spotted further up the lane, before hurrying out of the car and almost running to the coffee shop to get your sister's lunch. Mom couldn't wait to rush home to tell Dad and Justine. 


She can't believe it. 

Honestly, she cannot cannot cannot believe it.

It was surreal.

How is this possible?

I love You this big ... and then 12 : 24 ???

OMG !!!

Believe, Mom ... :D

Call 195 : Believe, Mom

Had Aunty H not call, Mom would have turned off the engine earlier since Scotty's song had ended earlier, possibly a minute before we ended the phone call. Had she checked the dashboard then, it would not have shown the ZAP time : 12:24 pm. 

This would not be the first time that Aunty H intervened in this manner.

Call 135 : Missing Shoe
Call 153 : Window Jam

After buying the lunch, Mom drove to the exit, and handed her parking ticket to the attendant. The barrier lifted. No charge? How nice. That would mean that, she had been at the shops for less than 15 minutes only. 

Parking is free if it's less than 15 minutes.

There it is again ... the F word.

Yes Daniel, Mom knows it's You. It's definitely You.

Nobody, nobody but chiu.

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

At home, Mom found herself speaking in tongues, so to speak, as she related the inciDAN to Dad and Justine, at one thousand words per minute. Before long, she was caught up with the emotion and was soon bawling and trying to talk at the same time. Tears poured down her face as she told her story. You must have seen your mother impatiently brushing away her falling tears with the back of her hands, as she sobbed away. Your father and sister were both quite startled with your mother's emotional outburst, but they knew that something major must had happened.

It was a powerful moment ...  that 12:24 pm.

Very precious. 

And overwhelming.

It's just incredible how You lead your mother step by step to get the message ...  

OMG ... Honestly ...

No words, Daniel. 

No words.  

Honestly, there are just no words.

Mom is speechless ... 

Thank You Lord, for the bond between mother and son.

(continue on Call 233)