Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Call 231 : TRACK 14

Hello Son,                                 (continue from Call 230)

Saturday, May 28


Mom was not quite so over with the Green Green lyrics ...

"Down the lane, I walk with my sweet Mary ..."

What are the chances of having the name Mary in this  

Green Green song, your mother would like to know ...

Honestly, had it been - 

Down the lane, I walk with my sweet Millie ... 

or Mandy ... 

or Monica ... 

or Macy ... 

or Mabel ... 

or heck, Madeline for that matter ... 

She would not have seen fireworks! It had to be Mary.

Had to. Had to. Had to.

Mom was so meant to hear that song, she knows ... and see that video, she's aware ... and be reminded of the time when she taught her kids the Green Green song ... She's been summoned to remember that Green Green moment ...

Hmmm ... 

You know, coinciDANtally ... 

Your very first favorite color was GREEN (You were in preschool then), whilst Justine's was ORANGE

That is the main and only reason why your mother had proposed an ORANGE & GREEN theme at one of our company's Family Day events, once upon a time (Year 2001 / 2).

You were in green and Dad in orange. You had your face painted. :D

11. Dream On

The next song that reached out to Mom was Steven Tyler's 

Dream On ...

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take You away 

Good Lord ...

One, in your mother's mind, would probably wonder, 

"What's with all the Green Green kinda songs?" 

Seriously ... 

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take You away???

What's that about?

Did Steven have to pick this song ? Of all the songs that he could have sung, he had to choose this one?

Notice how the songs are gradually building up to a climax ...

Dream on ...

12. Scotty's Song

You must have seen your mother watching Scotty intently as he finally sang his victory song, I LOVE YOU THIS BIG. She had been waiting patiently ... from the moment the show started some 2 hours ago. She listened quietly as she allowed a wave of nostalgia to sweep over and overwhelm her.

I love You this big ...

Is that a message for Mom, Son? 

She had wondered silently to herself.

Flashback ... to Year 1997 / 8

You were 3 or 4 years old ... 

Mom had playfully asked You one day,

"How much do You love Mummy?"

You were playing with your toys at the time, and did not respond. 

Your sister would not have hesitated and she would have said aloud, "I love mummy like that ..." and stretch her hands out wide. You however, were not familiar with the rules of the game ... :D You did not stretch out your hands, and nothing came out from your mouth ...

Mom asked a second time. 

How much do You love Mummy, Daniel?

Nothing in the world would have prepared Mom for your abrupt answer. You stopped playing for just a moment, and said, believe it or not, but You said, very CLEARLY, a mono-syllable :

"Fourteen ..." (14)

There must have been a surprised pause before Mom laughed heartily. 

"Fourteen, Daniel? Only fourteen? 

Daniel loves Mummy only - fourteen?"

Not I love You like that, or I love You this much, or I love you this big? No? No further replies from You and no more communication as You turned back to your toys and appeared to be explaining something quite excitedly to your sister. 

Mom told Dad about it later. 

Dad remarked that 14 is a lot for a little boy ...

About the same period, an American friend whom your parents met at their network marketing company event (1 + 1 memory jogger), had sent your mother a TiTANiC CD

Titanic was officially released in December 1997 (according to Wikipedia). Mom had heard about Titanic at the time, but had not watched the movie then. Neither was she aware of the hit song by Celine Dion. The friend had emailed Mom and asked her to look out for the parcel, and when she received it, to listen to :

Track Number 14 ...

teng deh tenggg ... (Bollywood sound effects)

Yup, You heard right - Track Number 14 ...

Do not expect your mother to exclaim at that time ...

"OMG, OMG, Track number 14???" 

like she would, if You asked her now. 

Mom wrote a reply to the friend and said, 

"Track number 14? What a coincidence. I asked my son how much he loves mummy and he said 14. He must have learned that number in school that day."

The friend replied back, "He's a clever boy."

Mom had related to Aunty Y over the phone a day or two later, about the Titanic CD, and mentioned about track number 14 ... to which Aunty Y said, 

"That's - My Heart Will Go On."

Coming back to the present ... 


Scotty's I LOVE YOU THIS BIG song means more to your mother than he will ever, ever know. Coincidentally, the American friend who gave her the Titanic CD, had also lost a child several years before they met.

Take a moment to reflect and join the dots, will You please ... 

See a picture?  

Any picture?

How not to feel your presence, Daniel? Even watching American Idol, your mother finds herself receiving a message? 

OMG, how is this possible? 

It's unbelievable ... totally, totally unbelievable!

Believe Mom ... :D

Call 195 : Believe, Mom

Scotty McCreery 

Tuesday, June 7

OMG, what are the chances ...

Mom prepared this draft last night, and was looking for images to add in the entry this afternoon, when she received an email from Aunty B @ 3:17pm. 

Aunty B had forwarded an ANGEL poem written by an 11 year old girl, which she said reminded her of YOU ...

Angels surround us no matter where you go

Angels are around us, don't you know?

Angels will be strong for you

Angels will belong  to you

Angels will survive for you and protect you

No matter what you do

Angels will be there in time of need, and 

Angels will never leave as long as you believe.

(Jessica, 11, Maryland)

Oh Wow ... Would You please read that last line again ?

Angels will never leave as long as you believe ...

You really do know what's going on, don't cha? Deep in your mother's heart, she knows this to be true. Why else would she be writing and communicating with You? Every day, You give her a little something to say. The distance does not matter, because our souls are locked together. 

Besides, what are the chances of Mom receiving this email about ANGELS before she publishes this entry? Especially when she's expressed that the American Idol inciDANS were just so unbelievable. Good God, everything's just so connected! It takes an eleven year old to reassure your mother about her angel ... :D 

You must have whispered to Aunty B to forward that to Mom ... this would not be the first time ...


Plus, on top of that - Hellooo ... Maryland???


Mary's Land? 

Mother Mary's territory?

That is so You giving us a clue ... that's Loots, for sure. 

Our Lady's Grotto. 

We all remember how You spelt Lourdes, Daniel ... and it never fails to bring a smile on our faces when we think about it. :D Just so You know, Lourdes is not pronounced as Loots, but Lorrr-dehhh ... :D

Our (your parents') mistake, Son ... 

We've always pronounced Lourdes as Loots. 

Chuckle ...

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