Friday, June 17, 2011

Call 237 : FREE BUFFET

Hello Son,

Friday, June 10

1. Morning Zap

Mom was writing Call 234 : Paper Message when she stopped, saved the draft, and went out with Grandma. If You remember, that's the entry about "Getting Zapped & Getting Connected." 

It was about 12:30 pm. We were supposed check out some stuffs for the new school at Viva Homes Mall.

So anyway, Grandma had called and asked Mom to go down to the lobby "now" ... and Grandma would pick Mom from there. So of course Mom went down almost immediately ... right after she put down the phone.

At the lobby ...

She waited and waited and waited. 

Obviously, she has forgotten what Grandma's "now" meant ... 

You must have seen your mother fidgeted here and there, leant first on this pole, then the other, dragged her feet to the fountain, bent to sit by the side of the fountain pond, then almost immediately, getting up when the sun shone through the clouds. 

Was that You? Did You blow the clouds away? Was that your way of saying HI? Where is Grandma?!

She was standing at the lobby, facing the entrance / exit of the condo, when a 4 WD drove through the barrier. Mom found herself watching the car stopping in front of the barrier, the barrier lifted and the car drove through, passed her and went off towards her left. She had a glimpsed of the number plate. 

It was a simple 2 digit number : 22


She checked the time. It was 12:49 pm. Hmm, not her usual angel time. Still, that didn't stop her brains from zapping about with her Fireworks Equation :

Ee equals to am see squared ...

Pause ...

Wait a minute ... 

The - sun - shone - through - the - clouds? 

She meant, her SON shone through the clouds. 

Why, she had walked to the fountain pond, sat down, got up when the sun came out, walked back to the shaded porch, saw the 4 WD drove in and lo and behold : 

Her Angel Sign : Number 4.

The timing was just too perfect not to be angel - intercepted. Suddenly, everything was nicer and brighter and the world around her sure felt like a good place to be in ... :D There was a reason for all the delay. Had Grandma picked her up "now," she would have missed that morning ZAP! She had been waiting for almost 20 minutes.

She knew ... Of course she knew ... Once she got her zap, Grandma would be there very shortly ... Even before she finished that sentence in her head, there Grandma was ... Mom saw Grandma's car approaching from the next block.

A smile appeared on your mother's face. 

You're good, Son ... :D

You're really good ... :D

2. Parking at the Mall

At the Viva Home Mall parking level ...

We were surprised to find the parking quite filled up with vehicles. Being a new mall, we didn't expect it to be so busy. Mom drove around the large parking area, twice. Every bay was fully occupied. 

Strange ... 

She normally gets her parking like - that! 

(Snap your fingers, please!)

Where Daniel? Where's Mom's spot? She's very sure You have a bay for her, but where is it?

Be patient la, Maa ... :D

So anyway, after going around twice, we came to a spot where there was a left turning.  We had gone straight earlier.

"Let's try over here," Mom said, as she turned the steering wheel to the left. As she was turning, two girls happened to walk across our path, to their car which was parked at the first bay by the corner ... about 10 steps away from us. Oh Goody ... 

Thanks Son ... :D

Mom drove nearer to the spot and waited by the side, her signal was on. The car reversed out and she saw the 3 digit number plate: 


ZAP!!! Her eyes shot to the dashboard. 

The time was : 1:38 pm.

Decode : 444

Before we got into the car this morning, her morning zap was the 4WD No. 22

Now, she sees another 22?

The manner in which she saw this 22 was similar to the one she saw in the morning. She had to wait and wait before the 22 appeared at the lobby this morning. 

Now at the parking mall, she had gone round and round the parking level, before she saw the 22

Two times Wait - And - See - 22

Two times? 

A definite coinciDANS. :D

A ZAP and a CONNECTION alright !!! :D 

No doubt about that. Yayyy! :D

Call 234 : Paper Message

3.Bird Cage

We walked into the mall.

The first store we passed from the entrance that we came in from, believe it or not, had two bird cages and a picture of two angels.


Yup, Mom noticed too that the door is ajar. Like our lil cage at home. :D

The symbol of freedom huh ...

No, not trapped anymore ... Free free free !!! :D

Call 134 : Bird Cage

June 15 @ 7:50 pm ... 

Katy Perry is singing FIREWORK right at this moment on telly. :D  You must know Mom's on call with You huh. Must be your way of getting her connected ... :D


4. Spiderman

We walked around the mall and soon came across these air-filled punching bags. The middle one sure reminded Mom about her entry Spiderman Zap that she posted on Monday, June 6 ... 4 days ago.

Call 230 : Spideman Zap

The middle one looks familiar to You?

We bought this cup for You during our trip to the USA in 2004 ...
It's been with us all these years. After You followed Jesus home, 
Dad kept your cup in the glass cabinet.
Only recently Mom noticed the Spiderman on the cup. 

Yup, on the day we went to get your flowers (Tues, June 7), 
while waiting for Dad, Mom had picked up the cup to have a better look ... 
SpongeBob and Spiderman on one side ... 
and guess what's on the other side?

Call 235 : Whitening Toner 

 Green Green uh, Monsters ...

Shrek and Hulk ... 

TWO Green Monsters ???

Call 230 : Spiderman Zap

Wow ... Is that another ZAP and a CONNECTION? :D

5. Queen Anne

As we walked to the center court, at a distance, Mom spotted the word QUEEN ANNE quite instantly as she happened to looked straight ahead before her. Those two words kinda jumped out at her. She thinks her eyes had either scanned the sea of words and rested on QUEEN ANNE or You had whispered to her.

Look up, Mom ... :D


Mom thought of the entry QUEEN ANNE that she had posted on your blog on Thursday, June 2 ... 8 days ago.

Call 228 : Queen Anne

6. Bird Cage Again

We were on the first floor when we came across this shop with a very pretty display window.

Mom noticed the two bird cages immediately. :D 

Again? What a treat ... :D

Grandma spent an awfully long time in this shop.  
She told the salesgirl that she wanted to get the whole set to replace her old bedroom furniture.

 Grandma walked to the next cubicle and changed her mind immediately. 

Now, she wanted this set of furniture. :D 

Mom left Grandma with the sales girl and strolled out to the front of the shop.

Stopping by the display window, she took out her camera-phone 

and took a photo of the two bird cages ... this time, from inside the shop. 

She couldn't help it ... they look so pretty. :D

7. You Are Not Alone

After taking two shots of the display window, Mom stepped out of the shop. It was barely 30 seconds, when she heard the song lyrics:

You are not alone, I am here with You ...

suddenly came blaring from the PA System in the mall.

You must have seen your mother let out a muffled gasp, as she stood very still by the side of the ledge.

Though we're far apart, You're always in my heart...


Would You check out the timing ... Mom had just snapped two pictures of the bird cages, stepped out of the shop, walked to the ledge that was like 5 walking steps away, turned around to lean against the railing, when that line came on. 

Isn't it strange that the song had started in the middle (the chorus) and not from the beginning (Another day is gone, I'm still all alone...)? There was definitely no music before that line. 

The stillness of the new mall was interrupted by MJ at the chorus :

You are not alone, I am here with You ...

OMG Daniel, that was a really precious moment, Son ... <3

The timing and the message couldn't have been better. You really are with Mom, aren't You? Yes, she knows. It's a mother - son thing. :D

8. Rainbow

Mom was pretty much in a daze ...

She was humming along under her breath, as she found herself almost floating to the next shop on the left. Her heart certainly felt very light and happy. :D 

Oh, no need to hold back ... 

She was practically over the moon ... :D

It is a children's furniture shop.

Your mother was very moved by the message when she suddenly noticed the color theme of the next shop. She stopped abruptly in her tracks.

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

Gasp ...

Rainbow ...

Rainbow ???


Call 174 : Rainbow SpongeBob



OMG ... Was that another ZAP and a CONNECTION ???

9. Free Buffet

Just then, a young girl approached her and handed her a flyer. It was a promotional flyer of some kind for a restaurant. Mom glanced at the flyer disinterestedly. The girl spoke in Mandarin. Mom's eyes were on the girl as she tried to make out what the girl was saying. Needless to add, your mother could not understand a word - not a word - the girl said until ...

OMG, until the girl mentioned the word FREE.

That got your mother's attention immediately.

Free? Mom had repeated.

The girl pointed to the word on the flyer and said, 

"Free Buffet ... bla bla bla ..."



How a 4 letter F word could get her so excited she will never understand. Mom looked again at the flyer, with fresh, keen eyes. 

No, not because of the free buffet ... 

Just the word free.

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

If that is not a ZAP and a CONNECTION, honestly, she doesn't know what is! That was awesome, Daniel ... <3

10. Orange

Mom went back to the first furniture shop to get Grandma.

"Let's go," Mom had said. Grandma took another 10 minutes or so before she finally stepped out of the shop, promising the sales girl that she will "come again." 

Mom was silent about the zaps and the connections in the last 15 minutes or so. Those moments were for her and for her only. She knows, the moment she utters the inciDANS out loud, she would sound ridiculous. She's just gonna keep those beautiful, precious moments safely in her heart. 

We walked on and stopped by another furniture shop. Mom saw the raised platform and pointed it out to Grandma. That gave her an idea for the new school. We went into the shop.

Grandma asked to see some flooring samples.

The sales lady showed us a variety. Grandma commented that the colors were too dark and a tad too dull for a kindergarten, and asked if she might have any "bright colors."

The shop lady said, "Let me ask my Supplier." 

She got on the phone. Mom heard the lady said over the phone:

"bla bla bla ... Do you have bright colors, like ORANGE?"

W-what ???

Orange ???

OMG ... Grandma DID NOT ask for orange, only for bright colors. The shop lady could have mentioned bright red or yellow or green ... but did she? No. 

She had to mention ORANGE. :D

Smile ...


It was time to go home. We went to the auto pay machine to pay for the parking. Being a new mall, there was no charge on the parking. 

It was pretty much FREE. :D >.<


We walked out the EXIT ... 

Mom saw D26 in bold print on a pillar right in front. 

That's D4, she smiled to herself. 

Boy oh boy, You gotta admit ... Today has been incredible! You were literally shopping with your mother. Honestly, You were with her the whole time. :D Everywhere she is, there you'll be ...

We walked straight ahead. 

The car was parked some 30 steps away. 

Something totally amazing was about to happen, so listen carefully, and don't fidget, kay ... :D

We reached the car. 

Grandma got into the passenger seat. 

Mom opened the car door wide. She was standing in between the car and the door, keying a short note into her cell phone when ...








Baby, you're a firework ...

(magnify that to 100 X)

that boomed through the parking floor.

W-what ???

OMG ... You have got to be kidding her.

Mom checked her handphone immediately. 

The time was 5:37 pm.

Decode : 4

Her angel number. That moment was just perfect.

Pause ...

Mom stood absolutely still as the song went on.  The sound system was faulty, and there were scratchy sounds that followed. Nevertheless, it was perfect for your mother.

OMG ... 

She couldn't believe her ears. 

Seriously ... FIREWORK ???


Seriously ???

You must have seen your mother shaking her head in total disbelief. 

Believe, Mom ... :D

Call 195 : Believe, Mom 

Gosh, what are the chances? She was definitely meant to hear that. Just as we were about to drive home too. Had she left 5 minutes earlier, or later, she would not have heard that Katy Perry's song.

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...


At the point of writing this paragraph, Mom is just about realizing now that, FIREWORK had come on in the middle of the song, at the chorus

Like MJ's YOU ARE NOT ALONE that had zapped your mother earlier. 

Both songs had come on at the chorus ... when there was NO music before that.


Her TWO inciDANS. You remembered to give Mom her TWO inciDANS. How cute is that, Daniel? In your mother's excitement, she had in fact forgotten about her new standard of, uh, proof. :D For her to take notice of that first zap - song (You Are Not Alone), there must be two zap - songs. Right? Those are the rules ...

The manner in which both songs had come on over the PA system, was exactly the same. At the chorus. What a coinciDANS ... Your mother's so gonna take a long time to get over this.

Is this not another powerful ZAP and a CONNECTION ???

12. Car Sign

When the song was about to end, Mom got into the car. She was just so overwhelmed by the inciDANS of that day. Can You blame her? She mumbled something about having to take a call. Grandma didn't think anything unusual had happened. That's good. It would take a really long time to tell Grandma ... She wouldn't know where to start.

Mom reversed the car out of the bay, and followed the arrows leading to the EXIT.

As she drove along the lane, she was soon following a car in front of her. 

77 ?

Hellooo ... That's 14.

1 AM NUMBER 4 ...

Call 43 : Angel Sign


Mom grabbed her handphone and snapped a photo. Did You notice? When we arrived at the mall, there was a car with her angel sign that had greeted her ... and now as she was leaving the mall, she sees another car with her angel sign. What a coinciDANS ...

Grandma asked curiously, 

"Why are you taking a photo of that car? 

Jay Jay Seven Seven ... What's so special about that?"

Mom said with a secret smile, "It's a long story ..."

Today was incredible ... 

Totally ...

GOD is good and GOD is faithful ... <3

Truly ...