Saturday, June 4, 2011

Call 229 : IDOL ZAPs

Hello Son,                                   (continue from Call 228)

Saturday, May 28

1. Scotty's Song

Mom had mentioned in Call 228 that she was sitting before the television, waiting for American Idol Finals (Rerun). She had the the day before saw Scotty on the front page and read that he had sang : 

I LOVE YOU THIS BIG as his victory song.

I Love You This Big ... that line itself sure brought your mother back to memory lane. For that reason, she wanted to watch the Finals. Since Idol Number 4, James, was eliminated, she must say she has not been following the show with the same enthusiasm. 

Call 205 : James Bunny

The real reason behind it if she's honest, is that she secretly wanted to check if there might be a second ZAP song by Scotty. Remember - we've raised the bar. One zap song is no longer enough. She needs at least TWO zaps from Scotty before she can be sure that that I LOVE YOU THIS BIG is really her son's message for her. 


Mom had her pen and journal ready by the telly ... She really did not know what to expect honestly, but she had them ready all the same.

Just in case ... 

Good thing she did too because ... 

OMG ... The performances, from beginning, middle to end, just had an uncanny way of reaching out to her and zapping her.

2. Born This Way


Would You believe? 

Your mother did not expect it but the very first opening song zapped her and made her see stars and fireworks. :D That first performance sure got her attention alright. That must be your way of making sure she stayed glued to the TV screen.

Born this way ...

God makes no mistakes

I'm on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Call 202 : Lady Gaga
Call 210 : Free Freeflies

Oh boy, did Number 4 James just showed the rock on sign? That is so something that You always do. You must have whispered to him to show that hand sign, huh ... to zap your mother. :D

Taken at Uncle S's waterfall resort ...

3. Metal Song

Dad saw Mom scribbling when Number 4 was performing a metal number with Judas Priest and said, "Don't write about that ..."

Huh, why? 

"These heavy metal people are anti-Christ ..." came his reply.

Pause ...

Oh -- kayyy ... 

No wait ... 

She has to say something here. 

Look, first of all, Dad can't just make a general rule like that. 

That's not fair. Secondly, she should know about these heavy metal people. They are not all anti-Christ. She was one of them. Don't get her wrong, she wasn't into the music too much ... although there are some really good songs ... the only thing she would be guilty of was to own a whole collection of HM tee shirts. How crazy was she to be proud of her um, small collection then ... Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Poison, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Nazareth ... 

She can't remember the rest. Oh, but she remembers that those tees were really cool. Awesome. You would have liked them. God would have raised an eyebrow though. Mama Mary would have fainted. Mom remembers sending a Cinderella tee to Aunty Jessie, who was studying in the US then ... and your aunt had told her later that a local guy had asked her where she got the cool tee from. :D 

Yeah, that one was really very cool ...

OMG, is that why those elderly folks used to give her cold stares in church? Because of her tee shirts?

No wonder ...

4. If I Were A Boy

Mom was zapped through and through when Haley sang the lines 


Oh boy, time stood still for your mother ...


OMG ... 

That was like your favorite song in the whole wide world for quite a while. Your family came to an agreement a few weeks after You left with Jesus that You must have known You were not gonna be a boy for as long as You would like to ... that those are just not God's plans ... and perhaps that was why we found You frequently singing that song.

Are we right, Son? 

5. Crazy in Love

All the girls looked really top form that night.

6. Waterfalls

 A lonely mother gazing out of the window ...

Staring at her son that she just can't touch ...

Oh Wow ... How deep are those lines? 

And the title : Waterfalls ...

Justine and You spent a lot of time at Uncle S's waterfall resort ...


Call 218 : Wink Wink

7. Live Like You're Dying

Live like you're dying ...

Scotty's singing this song???

O - M - G ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Wouldn't this be the second ZAP song that she was waiting for???  The Mary and Elizabeth coinciDANS???

She's right then, I LOVE YOU THIS BIG really is meant for her. It's not her imagination. It truly is a message for her, Mom had thought, hugging herself mentally ... :D

Honestly, did they have to sing a song with a title like LIVE LIKE YOU'RE DYING? How not to think of You, Daniel? That song is You. You taught us to live life to the fullest. Mom has often wondered gloomily to herself, at which point ... 

Yeah, at - which - point did You realize that you're dying? We certainly never talked about that at all ... We always talked about the things that we would do when You recover from each of your surgery.  

I'm getting better every day, Mom ...  

You would say cheerfully, even though Mom knows You would have forgotten what feel better feels like already, at that time ... especially the last 4 months before God carried You home. Sometimes, she knows You said that line just so she wouldn't worry.

Shortly after You left us, Justine showed Mom one day, one of your scribbles that she happened to come across in one of your rough exercise books. 

You had scribbled in pencil the words : 

I know who my enemy is ...

At first, Mom had thought that You meant a friend, but Justine soon explained that You were probably referring to the Green Day song that goes, and she sang the lines :

Do you know the enemy?

Do you know your enemy?

Well, gotta know the enemy

You know who your enemy is, huh ... 

You know, the movie I AM NUMBER FOUR is about a boy who is always on the run from his enemy. CoinciDANtally, the boy in the beginning of the movie, uses the name Daniel to hide from his enemy. What are the chances? A thousand and one names the producers and scriptwriters could have used and they picked your name? 

At least, that boy gets to run away from the enemy. 

What do You do when the enemy is in You?

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