Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello Son,

After finding those boots, Dad and Mom left the house. This was Monday Sept 20. We reached your Memorial Garden about 9:30am. Saw from a distance, two stalks of roses that were left on the flower bed. The rest has been removed. That's okay really, it's good to know that there is somebody out there at the Memorial Garden who appreciates your flowers, and indeed had the courtesy to leave two stalks standing nicely in the middle of the flower bed. The flowers were removed after a lot of thought, we could tell.

Dad spotted some food wrappers around your site, and he figured that perhaps the caretakers took their lunch break sitting at your garden admiring your flowers. That's nice, huh. :D

Anyway, this time Mom bought some purple colored flowers. Justine was in school, and did not follow us on this trip up north. So, Dad attended to the flowers, otherwise Justine would have taken care of that. Mom was giving You your monthly uh, facial. The headstone after Mom was done, was spotlessly clean and flawless.  

Your site was pretty clean, except for some leaves that had fallen from a nearby tree. Dad and Mum did a bit of cleaning up. Lighted some candles, sang some songs, two in particular : For Those Tears I Died and Fall For You

Yup, in that order.

Mom's strength is not like yours, Daniel, and she broke down halfway through the second song. The line that goes : I always swore to You I'd never fall apart ... that did it for her. 

Ironic, she knows, to break down at THAT line. Her sniffs were contagious and got Dad going as well. We continued the song until the end, yeah in between sobs. You must have been watching us and shaking your head, going, Aiyoh Dad Mommm, why so much drama ... tsk tsk tsk.

We sang like nobody was listening, although Mum was pretty sure You would have heard our every line. Painful memories flooded back, and reminded us of how brave and at peace You were at every step of your last few months with us. Of course, at THAT time, we were not aware that those last few months were gonna be the last few months

From where Mom was sitting at your memorial site, she looked up to the sky, and snapped a photo of You peering down and watching us from a cotton cloud. With JESUS and MOTHER MARY by your side. 

Because, everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Let it stay that way, okay. By the way, THERE YOU'LL BE will be your next video. 


What's that???

And Daniel goes, Aiyohhh, so boringgg ...

Well, too bad, decisions on earth, You have no control. :D

At the time of posting this entry, Mom is not able to upload that photo she took of You on the cloud, not that You're gonna miss any spectacular photographic skills. So will post the above image instead, taken from your FALL FOR YOU video.

Justine should be home any time now.

Love You, Son. <3