Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello Son

Forgot to mention in yesterday's call that, at the end of the mass at SFX on Saturday, after the "Anyone new today, please stand up?" ... Yup, after all that, the Priest announced, "Those of You who are sitting for public examination, please step forward for special blessings." 

Mom was like, Go Jus go ... Justine stood up and went forward with the rest of the teens. Mom watched from where she was sitting and thought, What a strategy, Son. After the special blessings, Jus would feel welcomed here. Indeed, when we were walking to the car, Jus said, I'm glad I came here today. :D 

Thanks Son, for giving us the SIGNS and making the transition easy for us. We both got our SIGNS. Mom, the "Excuse me, are You new here?" and Jus, the "Special Blessings." :D 

Talk about fairness.

Oh before Mom forgets, yesterday (SUN) the 2 song-messages that came on, SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME and FINALLY ... 

Well, just when she thought there couldn't be anymore song-messages that day, this song, I AM WHAT I AM, popped up when Mom went to fetch Justine back from class. It came on at 2:32pm (SUN) @ 105.7. A very powerful song. Felt like You were cheering Mom on. 

First, You assured her ten times over that Somebody's Watching Her, and then the immediate next message, Finally, something new is happening and her destiny can begin (whatever destiny that GOD has planned for her) ... 

and then the reminder that, We Are What We Are. Yes, You, an Angel, and Mom, just a Mom ...  After all, Life is not worth a damn until we can shout out loud, I AM WHAT I AM. <3

Will continue from where Mom left off at Dinosaur Songs (Call 6) in the next Call.

Love You Son. <3