Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello Son

The internet connection at our place has been a little bit cranky the last few days. Just to play THE CLIMB on YouTube yesterday morning took about half an hour. Mom posted that version of THE CLIMB (Miley singing in the movie) on Call 9 yesterday because the other HD versions of THE CLIMB have been posted on your Facebook site.Yes, she saw some mistakes on the lyrics, the most glaring was :

"The - pain - I'm - knowing ..."

when it should have been "I - may - not - know - it..."

Funny enough, if You think about it, those lyrics kinda work for her. Suited the emotion. Was it meant for her, she wonders. The connection was so SLoW that she didn't bother and didn't have the patience in checking the other THE CLIMB videos, just THAT one she randomly clicked. 

Yeah, the pain one ...

It's a really good song though, huh ...

So anyway, yesterday afternoon, Dad sent Justine for her class at 2pm. Mom thought she'd check on this NEW song she heard on the radio, that came on after I AM WHAT I AM on Sunday. Hearing the lyrics of that song, that she's never heard before, she figured the title would probably be ANY DREAM WILL DO since that was the only line that was repeated several times, It had a really nice and catchy tune to it too. Just so she wouldn't forget the song, she quickly keyed in the title on her mobile so she could check on it the next time she's on the internet. 

Which turned out to be yesterday afternoon ...

Google searched the tag words : youtube any dream will do lyrics

Two videos popped out along with the usual list of links. Picked the video with the black background, and clicked on it. When the song came on, she instantly fell in love with the voice. A different singer from the one on the radio. It was a rich, clear, happy, cheery voice. Several clicks later told her that this song is sung by LEE MEAD from ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER's West End Musical called JOSEPH AND THE TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.

JOSEPH and the rainbow-colored coat???

Why, Justine and You used to have a VCD called JOSEPH THE KING OF DREAMS when you both were much younger. Mom used to say that MIRACLE CHILD in that animation was your song. You can't blame her, Son, because having You alive and back to normal immediately after each brain surgery, were all the proof she needed that You are a MIRACLE CHILD
It would seem that Y e a R S later, Mom's MIRACLE CHILD has evolved and become GOD's Angel, so that now ANY DREAM WILL DO. Truly, she is at peace, in heart, mind and soul, and whatever GOD's PLANS are for her next, let it be done in accordance to HIS WILL

So in such a case, ANY DREAM WILL DO. Any dream that GOD gives her will do.This is reinforced by an unusual incident that happened next. It's just so weird that it happened at all.

This, Mom really has to tell You ... 
Yesterday evening, while Dad and Mum were in the kitchen preparing dinner, we heard Justine's shrieks and screams in the living room. Oh boy, thank GOD Dad was in the house, because Justine yelled that :
a BiRD FLeW iNTo THe HouSe!!!

Mom hurriedly took a peek out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was, and was taken aback when she saw a pair of WINGS flapping about first in the living area, and then in the dining area. Dad said it looked like a BAT because the wings were kinda large. 

BAT??? Like BAT-boy BAT???

Anyway, the bat-bird decided to perch on the fountain display table. From where Jus and Mom were standing, or rather hiding, in the kitchen, we couldn't see it anymore. Our condo is not a big place, so You can imagine how absolutely comedic we were ... Jus and Mom were like super-hyper kids who just SaW a BiRD at close range, in the kitchen, both peering excitedly through the the glass panel door, yelling instructions to Dad on how to catch the BIRD ...
Dad had a plastic bag with him, but before he could catch it, the bat-bird decided to spread and flap its wings and fly out of the window itself, just as easily as it came in.

Woahhh ...

That was kinda strange, don't You think? What was that all about? We have stayed in condos all our lives and we have never had a BIRD visit us. Or a BAT. Could not make any bat-bird's head or tail of that weird incident, so decided to just leave it. 

Until a few minutes ago ...

Mom played the MIRACLE CHILD video. The scene at the video time 2:10 to 2:13 ...

MaDe HeR GaSP!!!

It showed a flock of BIRDS flying out from the wheat field ... What? BIRDS??? OMG ... and at 2:13 the shape of the BIRD is OUTLINED as if to get attention, and THAT image which stayed momentarily on the screen although only for two seconds ... was enough to send SPaRKS flying in her head.

THAT was what Mom saw the day before, the spread of the wings. It was too fast, and she could not identify whether it was a bird or a bat. She was already quite terrified seeing the long wings. In the house.

Oh boy ...

Mom went through the video a few times, she thinks You are trying to tell her those lyrics yourself. Really cannot help thinking that the lyrics now somehow fit You perfectly, Son, especially the part where JOSEPH sings. Which brings Mom to this enlightenment :

Now that the animation JOSEPH KING OF DREAMS has evolved into the present JOSEPH AND THE TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT, and the MIRACLE CHILD has evolved into GOD's Angel, what is left now for Mom is aptly described in :

aNY DReaM WiLL Do  :D

Mom just cracked another code, didn't she? :D

Thanks Son, Mom can't believe You just sent her a message ... there is a reason why the BAT-BIRD flew in. To make the connection to the video and to get our attention to the message in that video.

It's amazing what Call-BLOGs can do these days. :D

Talk to You later, Son. <3