Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello Son, 

Finally got the blog set up. Tuesday 21st, your 8th month with GOD, was a really confusing day for Mom. So many things happened she doesn't know how to begin. Dad and Mom were in Penang that day, if You remember. Anyway, early that morning, Mom uploaded your FALL FOR YOU video on your Facebook site.  It was easy to upload. No problem.

We checked out of the hotel at 10am, and went to Starbucks. Took out the lap top again and started to write an entry on your Facebook page, as she usually does every morning. When Mom was done, she clicked the SEND button. An immediate warning box of some kind popped out and said something about her account has been flagged as SPAM and contains abusive contents. Huhhh???

Tried again. Same box appeared. SPAM.

Tried a third time. Same thing.

Leaned over and read the message on the box again. It said to write to the Facebook Team and explain why the ban should be lifted. Mom keyed in her details, and under the box REASONS TO UPLIFT BAN, she wrote :  

I am writing a msg to my Son, and your Write Something box only has so much space. Please remove ban immediately! 

They did not.

Tried to send the entry another few times, but that irritating box kept popping up. Complained to Dad. Dad said, RESTART computer. 

Did that. Didn't work.

REFRESH the page, he suggested next. 

No, no effect.

RETYPE the message in a new box, he said at last.

Mom told him she couldn't re-type the message because the message was a beeeeet lengthy. About 20 lines in the comment box. Only 20 lines. Nothing to shout about. 

Dad said, I told You many times to transfer to a BLOG. Facebook is for one or two lines only. Not for one thousand words.

One or two lines? 

How do You write one or two lines? By the time, Mom is done with the Day, the Date, the Time, the three dots, and the Morning Son - that's almost one line already. 

Dad repeated, Facebook is not for one thousand words. If You want to write one thousand words, You have to go to a BLOG. You keep posting comment after comment after comment in the same link, people will think you're manipulating.  

Mom insisted, But that's how I've always been writing. To which Dad replied, Yeah and they've finally tracked You down. (Take note that Dad mentioned one thousand, 3 times. You will see the significance in next entry Call 2.)

Mom was very upset at that moment. It was your special day, couldn't You do something? Where were You when that was happening? Why did You allow her account to be banned? The sudden thought that "all communication is over between Mom and You" terrified her to the bones. 

Quickly, she made a call to Justine. Jus went to the computer and signed in under Mom's account, tested the posting and said it was okay. No problem. No ban nonsense.


After the call, Mum calmed down a bit and began to wonder whether this could be a sign that the moment for her to leave your facebook site and move on to a BLOG has come ...

Then again, she wasn't one hundred percent sure about that until ...