Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello Son,

We left Ipoh about 2:30pm and was on our way to Penang. The radio reception was hissing during the journey so Mom switched it off. None of your songs had come on this morning. Not one. :( 

Opening the dashboard, she picked up her favourite compilation of CD that her kindy kid, Chloe, had given her, and slipped a disc in. Started to sing along and was immediately lifted out of the initial somber mood. Even Dad started to hum along.

Perhaps that's why GOD made You sing so much when You were here. HE had planned for You to leave earlier than your parents, and knew we would need to have something to hold on to. Now at least we have all these songs we are clinging dearly to. 

There are several nice songs in the compilation of 6 discs that are ... singa-ble

Is there such a word? 

The Rose, Against All Odds, Glory Of Love ...

All dinosaur songs ...

At this point, Mom's alarm rang @ 11:20am to remind her to pick Justine up from class which would end at 11:30am. She saved the draft, switched off the computer, and went to get the car. Okay, the next thing that happened, Mom HAS to mention. While driving out of the basement carpark, the second song that came on was Glory Of Love on 105.7. 

Felt THE BOND instantly. Just as she was preparing her "call" to You on the blog, the song came on like a respond. OMG. That was precious. A thousand and one songs could have come on, but it had to be Glory Of Love ... about 10 minutes after Mom mentioned it on the draft entry.

Picked up Justine and we went to Gardens Mall. Mom had left her i-book charger in Borders when she was there with Jus last Saturday. Didn't realize until Dad asked for it 2 days ago. Wasn't sure if the charger would still be there, since it has been exactly one week since she left it. While we were walking to Borders, Justine said, If the charger's not there, it's a SIGN that Dad has to get You another lap top. That's a good idea, Mom thought. Was half-hoping that the charger wouldn't be there then.

At the Starbucks counter, Mom told the first girl about the charger, she looked very blur, but the second girl, jumped up (she was sitting down doing some recording and heard us talking) and said, Oh yes yes, it's here, it's here ... and went to get it for us.

There goes Mom's new lap top.

Let's not tell Dad ...

Justine was like, Maaaaa-arm. :D

Okay, bad idea, Daniel will probably tell him in some way. :D

So anyway, we had lunch and Mom told Justine everything that happened under the sky the last few days. Mom took out her notebook and showed Jus the 3 songs that she'd jotted down during the trip, The Rose, Against All Odds and Glory Of Love.

Somehow, You have a way of communicating with us and things would turn out good and well in the end. Went to the supermarket and got a nice salmon fish to grill for dinner tonight. 

And came home.

Just checked the above YouTube Glory Of Love and am reminded that it is the theme song of Karate Kid, where Ralph Macchio played the Karate Kid whose name happened to be DANIEL in the movie. OMG ... It makes sense ... of the 3 songs Mom mentioned, You picked Glory Of Love for her to listen to just now. Right after she mentioned it.

How not to feel THE BOND ... :D

Thanks Daniel, You just made Mom's day. :D

Yes, yes, realised have side-tracked here. Will continue from the "dinosaur songs" on the next call later this evening. Need to get ready for Sunset Mass now.