Friday, September 24, 2010

Call 3 : DAD'S BOOTS

Hello Son,

This is the entry that Mom wrote in Starbucks, Penang that was refused posting. Will post it here :

Tuesday 21/9 10:19am … Hi Son, Dad and Mom are now at Starbucks, New World Park, Penang. Meeting with Aunty G at 11:30am at Heritage Hotel for chicken pie. :D Yum. Will drop by Kapitan after that to tapau Justine’s Lamb Biryani before we go back. :D

So yesterday (Monday) morning, before we left the house, Dad was hunting for his biking boots. High and low. Couldn’t find. He was like, where are my boots? I left them HERE. Did You put it outside? Are they in the store room? Etc

Mom was vacuuming at the time, so didn’t quite bother. It was definitely in the house somewhere. No one can take those boots away. They are so heavy and gigantic. After about half an hour, Dad was still going, where are they, where are they … and Mom was like, aiyah, slowly find la. 

Dad was all, the boots are very expensive, cost me RM1,000, where did You put them? Like as if Mom wanted to hide them.

Anyway, Mom continued tidying up the house, and then prepared an over night bag for our short trip. Packed your flowers and brought out your Memorial Box (where we keep all the candles and matches and rags, Justine’s mosquito coil etc) and was quite ready to go.

Dad was on the sofa, strumming the guitar, trying to play your song FALL FOR YOU.

Mom asked, Have You found your boots?

Dad said, No. Will come back from Penang and look for them again.

Mom immediately retorted, Oh no, we’re gonna find your boots before we go.

Otherwise Dad will be worried about his beloved boots throughout the trip. You know that, right?

Mum called out, St Christopher, and then to You, DANIELLLLL, help Dad look for his boots!

Dad put away his guitar, went into the bedroom to get the overnight bag when Mom heard him exclaimed, “FOUND IT, they were in the …”

She didn’t bother to listen further. 


Grinning to herself, went to Dad, took him by the crook of his elbow, and marched him to your portrait on the wall. Dad was chuckling when he said, Thanks Son. <3

Yeah, Thanks Son … 

Mom just KNEW You would bring Dad to his precious boots. :D