Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Call 2 : THE SIGN

Hello Son, 

Dad and Mom met up with Aunty G and her mother at Heritage Hotel at 11:30am for an early lunch. During lunch, Aunty G mentioned that the night before, she happened to click on a button (that she's never checked before) while posting her blog, and was surprised to find that there was a report to show that she had some hits on her BLOG from US, Australia etc.

Mom wasn't even aware You could do that. Told Dad about it. Dad made a check and was very surprised to find that Mom's FOOD BLOG is receiving very encouraging number of hits. From 12 countries apparently. He added that, the highest number of hits was the entry on KINDY KIDS REUNION. :D

Oh really, Mum asked. Was clearly very surprised. Just wait till the parents hear about that. :D 

Anyway, didn't think much about it, was worried about the banned account. What was Mom gonna do about that? It seemed difficult to move away from the facebook when she's been spending so much time daily on Your site, for the past 8 months, like her life depended on it. Change is always difficult.

That evening, we arrived home in KL at about 9:30pm. Felt the BOND several times throughout the trip, will tell You about that in the next Call 3. 

(Sorry Son, not Call 3. Check Call 6 and 9. 
Notified on 27/9/2010 @ 7:38am)

That evening, Mum was terribly distressed, broke down and cried like a child. Didn't know what to do about the facebook problem. Dad also mentioned that if she continued to post in that suspicious manner, comment after comment after comment, might get the site shut down. Or something to that effect. Writing under Dad's account also was not a solution. But how would she move to a blog? Where's the sign for that?

The thing that frightened her the most was that, the communication between Mom and You was going to be cut - forever. Did God set a deadline? Why was this happening - and on your 21st too? She couldn't make sense of any of it. Meanwhile, Dad kept assuring, just move to a BLOG.

That night, went to bed with a heavy heart and puffy, painful eyes. It just felt so weird that this has happened. Surely You want Mom to continue writing to You, right?


Right, Son?

Was hoping that the next day, something wonderful would happen. A rainbow must appear after the heaviest storm. Usually, anyway.

And You know what, O-M-G, a rainbow did ...

Are You sitting down? 

Anyway, Mom woke up the next morning, and went straight to check her emails to see if the Facebook Team had responded to her request (to lift the ban). Nothing from them. Then, Dad who was on the desk computer suddenly exclaimed loudly, that there was an increase of more than one thousand hits on Mom's FOOD BLOG.


What? Mom was quite stunned. The day before, she had made NO entry on the BLOG. We were traveling. Dad showed her the graph and she saw a sharp spike going right up to the sky. OMG, on the day she didn't post any entry, and your 21st, her FB account banned, Dad going on and on about one thousand (words), and now a sudden steep increase of one thousand hits overnight ...

OMG, how could she not see it? Of course she saw it. She finally saw it. The light. The spark. The sign. You know when You put two wires together, and You see dat electrifying zzzzz spark? Well, Mom saw it right then. 

Her sign. 

A very clear sign to move to the BLOG. :D

Could almost hear You sigh out loud, Ahhhh, Finally Mommm ...