Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello Son,

So as Mom was telling You (continue from Call 6), Dad and her left Ipoh after lunch at 2:30pm that Monday (Sept 20th). The radio was off, the CD was on. Was singing in the car like no one was listening. As usual. :D That's the only way we should always sing.

You taught us that. :D

Started to wonder if there was a karaoke version of your song FALL FOR YOU. Mom was going to upload that video on your FB site the next day (your 2st), and that morning before Dad and her left KL, we had stopped by your Memorial Garden, and sang this song at your site (as well as FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED). So the song was pretty much in the head.
Speaking of SITE ...

Your FB SITE and your Memorial SITE. 

Both the RIP SITEs. 

At the point of writing this, Mom can now see that You want her to move away from the two SITEs. "It's been 8 months, Mom, it's time to move to the next level, You can't stay in the same level forever."

Aren't these your famous words when You're on the video games? Well, those words were ringing in Mom's ears.

Okay fine, so she hears You. She's moved out from the first SITE, the FB, and plunged head on to the Call-BLOG. Even the BLOG-template and the BLOG-title have a story to it. Will tell You that later. 

By the way, just so You know, Son, You may be able to persuade Mom to move from your FB SITE, but you're not gonna stop her from going to your Memorial SITE. Yes, yes, Mom knows that the day will come when she will be okay visiting your Memorial Site Once A Year. On that Memorial Day in November. But THAT day has not come, and THAT day is not anywhere near, she can tell You that right now. So don't try to make her. It's not like You'd be able to close the gate to the Memorial Park anyway. :D

Besides, she's just a MOM, and She - Is - What - She - Is. 

Grin. Didn't see that coming, did You?
(See Music Video : I Am What I Am in Call 8)

Anyway, was thinking out aloud, whether we could get a karaoke version of FALL FOR YOU. Then, remembered that C's mummy had mentioned somewhere in your FB SITE that newer songs are hardly ever on karaoke. Only dinosaur songs. She had commented after Mom posted THE CLIMB video on your FB SITE. Mom had suggested that they do THE CLIMB at their singing session. That's why she replied, that newer songs would not be on karaoke version yet.

Mom asked Dad whether it was possible to just bring our own FALL FOR YOU video in a thumb-drive to the next SINGING session.

Yup, SINGING session. Justine says, karaoke is too corny. Only la-la people do karaoke, she says.

Asked Justine, actually what is la-la.

She said, rather impatiently, THAT kind la, THAT kind of people la.

And so, Son, bottom line is, from this line on, we cannot and must not say the Karaoke word anymore ... because we are not la-la people.

It'd just be plain (YAWN) - SINGING.

Or we could say, our QUEENs' session. 

Freddy won't mind. Will he?

To cut a long story shorter, Mum's question on Monday Sept 20 : 
Whether we could get a K version for FALL FOR YOU.

You gave her The Answer the next day. :D ... because ...

The next day, your 21st, your 8th month, Mom uploaded your FALL FOR YOU video first thing in the morning. After that upload, all further entries BY MOM were banned, believe it or not. Yes, BANNED and flagged as ABUSIVE and SPAM.

Of all the !@#$% ...

Not gonna go into this again, because it was meant to be.
See Call 1 & 2. Of course now, she's cool and composed, haughty, high and mighty, and all, as she assures with an air of pretend grace :

Oh, it-was-meant-to-be ... but let Mom tell You, at THAT time, she was utterly distraught and emotionally in a turbulence. 

Anyway, everything turned out better than expected in the end. Remember? We have to trust GOD that we are exactly where we are meant to be right now, and experiencing what we were meant to experience right then.

So, Dad and Mom went about doing whatever we had to do that Tuesday. Mom was in fact with Aunty G at J.Co, Queensbay Mall, Penang, when she received a TEXT MESSAGE from C's mummy at 3:41pm.

Her TEXT MESSAGE read : Because You Love Me in on lite fm now jus thot of you guys singing it the other day.

Immediately thought of our K session during the Kids' Reunion. We had so much fun that day. :D

Text back : A sure sign we have to do round 2.

Her next TEXT MESSAGE said, that she was singing her lungs out in the car and rocking about, and a man in the car next to her had looked at her and smiled. Then, she said, the next song that came on was EMOTIONS. Haha.  

A smile broke out as Mom text back : "U're just like me. i must tell my hubi i'm not that weird after all." Suggested that we have a name for our K group.

C's mummy replied : "The Wailers or The Banshees."

Grinning at Wailers, though unsure what Banshees meant, Mom thought of, THE QUEENs ... simply because she was at QUEENsbay Mall at the time the TEXT MESSAGES were going back and forth. :D

At 4:36pm, C's mummy sent yet another TEXT MESSAGE. This was the one that made Mom sat right up, causing her to mumble an extended O-M-G in disbelief, in the company of Aunty G at the time. 

She said :

"Wooo hooo, i jus found THE CLIMB buying the karaoke now  lynn i gotta tell u sumting so strange i am at tesco xtra in tmn midah looking at some karaoke vcds n the first one i took up among about 50 others actually had the song u uploaded for daniel as i happened to go to his site tis morn n i checked ALL yes all the rest of the cds there and tat ONLY ONE had Fall For You by secondhand serenade! but i did not buy that cd as the rest of the songs were not that gud in there i couldn't believe it n jus froze there such a coincidence n i seldom go to sites in the morn and picked today :))"
THE BOND that had been seemed to be in hiding all morning THAT day on your 21st instantly forced its way back in an unbelievably intense manner. Mom was completely SIGN-struck by the O-M-G enlightenment. Mom too would frequently freeze on the spot when THAT happens.

The realization that A Message had arrived (for Mom) can be overwhelming. The two wires. The connection. The spark. THE SIGN. The feeling, the EMOTION that swept through her was over-powering, to say the least. Especially on THAT day, THAT morning, when everything had gone wrong. What's with the banned account nonsense, she still demands to know. In her 8 months on your FB SITE daily, never once has she encountered that. On top of that, she was at STARBUCKS, for cryin' out loud, where everybody else appeared to be okay with their internet connections.


On hind sight, that was meant to be. So meant to be. Don't interfere with GOD's Plans.

Mom understood perfectly well when C's mummy said, "she FROZE" ... and Mom believes her when C's mummy said, "I seldom go to (FB) sites in the morning." Most of her entries and emails that Mom remembers receiving from her, would have the time stating, between the hours of 10 pm to 1am.

Mom was with her friends, and really had no time to reflect or connect with You on that day. Your 21st. Somehow, You must have picked up her yearning for that precious connection - that BOND.
So, that TEXT MESSAGE really, really made her day. Was thankful for THE BOND. Truly, the feeling of reassurance is indescribable.

To sum up, during the 2 day trip last Monday and Tuesday, Mom received TEXT MESSAGES from 2 friends. Of course, not counting Justine's.

From Uncle JC (See Call 5) and C's mummy.

No one else. 

It has just dawned on Mom that C's mummy's initials are also JC.

O - M - G ...

AWESOME (You would say) ...TEXT MESSAGES from Uncle JC and Aunty JC, at a time when Mom was feeling pretty much downright EMOTIONal, vulnerable, in despair, hopelessly lost and totally confused.

And get this ... She received Aunty JC's TEXT MESSAGES, all of them, while she was at J.Co.

Bewildering, wouldn't You say?

Woahhh Son ... wait a minute ... Did Mom Just crack a Code somewhere? Hmmm ...

Just Checking ...

Something's making Mom write this next line : Justine's Counted.

Did You just whisper that to Mom? You've always hero-worshipped Justine ... Of course Son, Justine's Counted.

O - M - G ... With all the JCs, Mum thinks You want her to know that, at a time when she was totally down, lost and confused, GOD is all around her. That's the message, right? Oh My ...

Well Son, we should hang up now. This Call is longer than expected. Run along then. GOD would have some chores for You today.

Love You so much. <3

Over to You ...  <3