Sunday, September 26, 2010

Call 7 : STAND UP

Hello Son

Went to pick Justine up from church to send her to class. Was in the car about 9:25am. Tuned in to Mom's radio station 105.7 to see if there is a message from You. A song was finishing, and the next new song that filled the car was :-

I always feel like, somebody's watching me ...
Tell me, is it just a dream ...

Wasn't paying attention to it at first, until towards the end, when the lyrics of SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME kept repeating over and over and over. She just had to smile. Thank You Son, for the reminder. Had MICHAEL JACKSON only sang the line once or twice, she would have missed the message since it's really not one of your songs, but MICHAEL JACKSON repeated that SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME line more than TEN times.

:D Felt THE BOND right there. 

Now, who says we can't communicate with GOD's Angels? Nobody, in this whole wide world, not one person, no, not even the POPE would be able to say for certain whether we can or cannot communicate with GOD's angels. Or even know how to begin to do that. 

Thankfully, GOD has given us a way, and for that Mom is eternally grateful. After that song, there was some radio ads, before the next song came on, and O-M-G, this next song perfectly describes what Mom has been thinking about the past couple of days.


I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my maze has been solved
Finally ... Now my destiny can begin
Though it will have a different set
Something strange and new is happening 
Finally ... Now my life doesn't seem so bad
(Though) it's (not) the best that I've ever had 

Yeah, FINALLY Son ... FINALLY ...

Picked the above image to reflect that something new and strange is happening. :D Mom never thought the day would come when she would be able to see beyond the RIP. Making the move from your FB to the BLOG, and attending Mass at SFX yesterday would seem to be A New Beginning. Will always have fond memories of HRC. It's just been difficult for Mom to participate in the Mass at HRC when each time she is there, she sees your white casket at THAT spot, and then your farewell mass re-plays again and again in her head.

Anyway, after Mass at SFX yesterday, the Priest asked, "Anyone new today, please stand up?" 

Of course Justine and Mom did NOT stand up. After all, we are NOT new, we used to go to that church when You both were younger. So would You believe it when one of their committee church people came up to Mom and said, "Excuse me, are You new here?" (She was about to pass Mom some forms and leaflets) 

Was quite stunned why this person came up to Mom. There were 4 rows of 50 over bench-pews in each row, each bench-pew can accommodate about 8 people, inside the church, in such a packed environment, yet she was led to Mom. Even Justine found that strange.

You must be watching us and grinning, and sending out the thought, "I can see who's new here, Mom. You can't hide from me." :D

That's her only explanation. THE BOND. :D
Dad just came on line. He's in Sandakan waiting for his appointment. He asked, "What are you doing?" 

Mom typed right back, "Making a long distance call to Son." :D