Sunday, January 1, 2012

Call 307 : THE MESSAGE

Hello Son,                                         (continue from Call 305)

So anyway, Mom went back to what she was doing the whole day that day ... printing out Aunty J's worksheets.

Print Print Print ...

About 6 pm, the intercom buzzed. 

It was a mother with her son. She had registered her child earlier and had now come to collect the uniforms. In the school, mother and son were communicating in Mandarin.

Mom, for some reason felt the need to assure the mother, casually mentioned that the son's class teacher is a Mandarin - speaking teacher.

The mother stopped short for a moment. 

Turning to Mom, she said, "His previous teacher was Indian and she'd talked to him in English ..."

Oh ...

Oh, wait a minute ...

The mother continued, "I'm sending him here because I want him to learn more English." :D

Mom broke into a wide smile, "English is our expertise. I'm glad you told me because I thought you wanted us to prepare him for Chinese school." Several parents had expressed their concern about that.

The mother said he's had enough Chinese exposure at home. :D She turned to her son and said in Mandarin, "Teacher Lynn cannot speak Mandarin, you have to talk to her in English, understand?"

Mom watched the mother as she tried to make her point clear to her son, who was very excitedly going up and down the play climb at the time. 

"You have to speak to Teacher Lynn in English because she cannot understand Mandarin. Understand?" the mother repeated.

Oh Wow ...

Well, well, well ... what d'ya know ...

Your mother just discovered a uh, strength, she never knew she had.

A weakness in Mandarin.

Ah, so that's what the Bible means by, 

Let your weakness be your strength ... 

something or rather.

Powerful ... :D

Mom told Dad later that Friday night, 

"I was so worried about the Mandarin tutorials, but Son is telling me to do English instead. You saw right? He sent me two Indian girls, THREE times, this afternoon. They came in one after another. You see how he communicates. 

First, he sent two. Second, he sent another two. Third, and another two. All in the same manner. Each time, two appeared, one applicant and the other companion. Two ... There must be TWO, remember? That's my understanding with him. 

Otherwise, I won't take the inciDANs seriously. Then, at the Fourth instance, THE MESSAGE came! OMG! He - just - sent - me - a - message ... I can't believe it! "

Do English tutorials la, Maa ... :D


Woah Son, that was some sign You sent Mom. Even Dad believes You have something to do with that ... because it wasn't a usual occurrence. Thanks for showing Mom a lil sign, Son. Now she's not that stressed. 

"And so that's how he helps me make my decisions ..." 

Mom told Aunty J. :D 

It was suddenly clear to your mother what she must do and what steps to take next. Yeah, You could say she saw the light when she was in the dark at first. Truly, she was completely confused in the beginning. There were several routes available to her but no clear path. By the way, this is with regards to the extra afternoon classes. 

It really is awesome how You're able to guide Mom, Son ... :D

Will tell You in the next call entry how You made your presence felt on New Year's Eve, yesterday, and even managed to wish Mom a Happy New Year. 

OMG ... That was really awesome ... :D